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The Episode starts with Imli saying I did big mistake, I have to go to Vivaan, maybe he will trust me by hearing doctor. Chakor says don’t worry, everything will get fine with time, Dadi used to say, when river has tides, we will not take the boat, give some time to Vivaan, tell me what will you have. Imli says I m not hungry. Chakor asks her to say, we will get your fav chaat along with food. Imli looks on. Chakor orders food.

Imli asks does Suraj know we are here. Chakor says no, I did not get time to tell him. She thinks why is Imli asking about Suraj suddenly. Suraj asks for Chakor. Kasturi asks where is she. Bhuvan says call her and see. Suraj says I called her, Imli is released from lockup, are they together, Chakor should have called me. He gets Chakor’s call. He asks where are you, what, Lucknow,

Imli is with you, fine, is she okay, everyone was worried here. He ends call. He says Chakor took Imli to Lucknow, Imli is fine.

Chakor feeds food to Imli. Imli also feeds her food. They smile. Chakor says we used to tell all day happenings to each other. Imli recalls childhood. Chakor says why don’t we lighten our hearts again, and share everything.

Imli gets angry. Chakor says I trust you, how will I help you without knowing complete thing. Imli says its Vivaan’s child, how many times shall I say. Chakor says you won’t get solution this way. Imli asks why don’t you believe reports are lie, you believed your drugs reports are fake, I believed Vivaan when he was blamed for rape, did I question you two, no, its because I trusted you two, why are you asking me, doctor said that reports are fake, its made on someone’s saying. Chakor gets shocked. Imli says I will find out. Chakor says you are right but… Imli says enough, leave me alone. She goes.

Its morning, Chakor wakes up and says I m with you Imli. She sees Imli gone, and calls her. She asks reception about Imli. She says where did Imli go. Suraj comes there and says I thought to get you and Imli. Chakor hugs him and cries. He hugs her and asks what happened, say something, where is Imli. She says Imli went, I tried to explain her and help. He says she will be here, she will come.

She says no, I have seen her everywhere. He sees a letter under pillow. Chakor reads it. Imli writes, forgive me, Vivaan has to believe me, I have to make him believe he is the father of this child, none can make my baby away from his father. She says Vivaan does not trust Imli, how will she make him sure, will he agree to her, I have no solution of Imli’s problem, I lost. She cries. He holds her face and says you can’t lose like this, you will win, stop crying, we have to reach Aazaadgunj before Imli, get ready.

Chakor and Suraj come to haveli and see villagers. Kasturi says we are called here. Vivaan and Ragini come there. Vivaan scolds Suraj. Chakor asks are you shutting silk factory. Ragini says yes. Suraj asks why. Vivaan says I thought to start new business that we get rich soon. Chakor asks what business. Ragini says I will say and aims gun at her. Suraj says lower the gun. Ragini shoots and smiles, saying its empty, very soon it will have bullets, you all will make guns, this is our new business. Vivaan says Aazaadgunj will be known for guns. They all get shocked.

Chakor argues. Ragini asks who will stop us, don’t forget they all are bandhuas. She scolds Chakor. Suraj says many people get harmed by me, Vivaan I did many bad things, but don’t do anything to put village in risk, you are going to play with fire, don’t do this. Vivaan pushes him and says don’t call me brother, you and Imli ruined my life, I just have one dream, money, I want to earn so much money that it never ends. Chakor asks how will money come, police and army won’t buy guns. Ragini says you act smart, you think we will sell guns to police and army, we will sell it to other buyers who pay us any amount. Chakor says I will not let you two make an illegal gun factory, I will ruin your dream, if I fail to do this, my name won’t be Chakor. Suraj holds her hand and says I m with Chakor.

Chakor talks to villagers and asks will you all support me in this protest. Imli says there is no other way. The lady says this bad woman made Vivaan from Ram to Raavan. They all throw stones at Imli. Chakor asks them to stop and gets hit by stone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. plz writer that is enough…apko kisi ladki ki ijjadh sries ki trp ke lie nehi girana chahie..too much dragging…imli ki najar me vivan bohut gir chuka hea and fan bhi vivan ko pasand nehi kar rahe hea..suraj ke character ko uthane ke lie vivan ks character ko girane ki jarurat nehi hea..we love sukor..but imli ke sath jo ho raha hea its not good..asal ur hakikat ke sath series ka kuch toh mil hona chahie..koi itna toh kabhi nehi gir sakta..plz vivan ke samne ragini ko expose kije.. we want our old vivan..he is caring and loving boy..

  2. Ok episode, we have sukor together but yesterday’s episode was more fun.

    I felt sorry for Imli when she asked why can’t vivaan chakor believe her, like she believed them. I’m sad to see Chakor doubting why imli is asking about Suraj.

    I liked how Suraj told Chakor that she can’t lose and how he tightly held her hand when he said he’ll be by her side. His words to Vivaan were great and showed his concern for him

  3. Imli was right about vivaan rape case and chakor drug test but the problem is that vivaan went to 4 different doctors that all say he is impotent and i understand why chakor was curious about why imli asked for suraj even though chakor trust’s them there wil always be some doubts as they have had a child before and wen people accuse imli that she has suraj child she just stands thier silently that would make any1 doubt her and chakor is right imli should find proof and show that she is independent but she is running after vivaan like a lap dog iv had enough of this track seeingthis i think sukor will get separated wen suraj says he is the father i dont think suraj will tell anyone i dont like vimli there problmes r effecting sukor ik sukor are the main couple so the focus should be on thier life wen vimli confessed thier love sukor helped them but wen sukor confessed they are bombarded with thier problmes im jus gonna watch the old episodes from now on and yesterday wen imli called jagat maatha i didn’t like i only like it wen suraj says it and i really wanna dee suraj old attitude character again it was so fun now he just standing in the coner and chakor is trying to make imli understand but she after vivaan who has no trust in her and vivaan is after ragini who is the main one that wrecked his life up wen i watch this track i feel like the kamal returing track and the bundua track was a diffrent serial this track does not fit in and im only gonna reas the updates il start watching wen sukor come bk together

    1. Chakor is wrong . imli is quiet with villagers but when she is still telling chakor that vivaan is the father. So Chakor can believe her when imil is telling her so many times. So chakor is horrible sister.

      1. I agree with you sharmila, imli is only quiet in front of villagers because of her shock, but she repeatedly said it’s vivaan’s baby to vivaan ,chakor and her parents.

        Chakor’s love for suraj and her insecurities about his past is clouding her judgement.

  4. After watching the episode i liked sukor scebe how suraj surprised her they should have made it more romantic and even though ragini is a villian ahe looks really pretty in her new look i liked sukor unity against ragini and vivaan but i want suraj to be a bit like his old avtaar wen he had a bit of ego and attitude that character really suits him and guys imli is illiterate how can she write a letter and iv noticed she is starting to lose her baasti accent and i think the track might get interesting and ragini is using vivaan wen vivaan says his only goal is money she smirked i think the villagers wont listen to chakor cuz of imli imli supports chakor but the baasti dont like imli but chakor trust’s imli so the basti may turn against chakor and listen to vivaan

  5. Shreya.

    Hii everyone….I really loved dis episode….. our Suraj Babu weared his jacket na…handsome hot charming Suraj babu????…even he looked so handsome in tat blue shirt also…loved it…nt only suraj our chakor also looks Soo beautiful cute nd gorgeous????…soon Suraj will turn to his old avatar…. bt dis tym our Suraj will help nd think abt others only……nd in dis episode when imli asked tat I support nd trust u both (chakor nd vivaan) when they create a problem lyk fake drug reports nd rape blame thn y don’t u both trust me…after hearing dis I really felt very bad for imli…imli is ryt in her point of view…nd at d same tym chakor also ryt in her point of view…after tat I really loved when Suraj worried for chakor nd go nd search chakor in bhuvan kaka kasturi kaki’s home when chakor told tat v r in Lucknow after tat only he relieved a bit…nd hw suraj enters nd said surprise..cute budhu??… nd hw chakor worries for imli nd hw she hugs Suraj nd tells imli is not here… nd when they came back to village when ragini puts gun on chakor’s forehead tat tym Suraj panics nd asks her to lower d gun..really loved it…nd Suraj told na tat am with chakor tat tym hw they hold their hands tightly loved it…nd I feel sad when imli asks abt Suraj tat tym chakor thinks na y she asks abt Suraj??….

    Thn tdy’s episode vivaan is too much hw dare he call Suraj as bandhua??..I just want to smash tat stupid vivan’s face…..tat vivan is ragini nd ranjana’s pupet…it’s better to live as bandhua instead of someone’s pupet..guys I really loved vivaan bt in dis episode I don’t lyk him…nd I really want both ragini nd vivaan bcms bandhua…am waiting for tat day only…

    nd guys aanya, aqua, divya, dil d, tapa, zoya, mama, philo, janani,sruthi, sia, aria try to cmnt here yaar…

    1. How can Chakor be right when she is wrong? Chakor is wrong in this case by doubting her sister

      1. Shreya.

        Welcome sharmila…in my point of view both imi nd chakor r ryt…don’t know y am thinking lyk dis…tat y only I told chakor also ryt in her point of view…

  6. Shreya.


    Some of our sukor’s eyelocks…hope u all lyk dis…

  7. I liked today s episode because finally chakor understand that imli says the truth. I liked when imli says chakor that she believes her and Vivaan when they had troubles in fake reports. Well said imli?
    I liked suraj s tensions when he searches chakor and I liked the way he came to the hotel room and says surprise…. And how he console her…
    And i liked how he holds chakor s hand tightly and says I’m with her.. ??

  8. Chakor is the worst sister sometimes.

  9. Sukorian

    ya its a Suraj plan

    Sorry but I dont like tjis vimli track @Tippu I do the same watching the old epi.

    1. Shreya.

      Sukorian don’t believe these type of informations mostly these all r fake…many times serial gossips, tv serial news etc etc always give wrong informations dr..so don’t believe dis nd don’t take tension dr….nd I think telly reviews gives true informations always…

  10. Tippu, I don’t like how they reduced suraj to Mr. Chakor, just a supportive husband. This won’t last long because once MU track starts he’ll have to act on his own.
    I’m still watching the show, I’ll wait and see what they’re planning after suraj tells this lie and then decide whether to continue watching or rely on WU.

    Shreya, thanks yo so much for lifting our mood every day.

    Shreya and Sruthi sukor’s scenes were fantastic, Suraj’s care and support for Chakor is impressive. Tippu, Chakor was crying her heart out, more romance would look off.

  11. Hii!sukorians i am a silent reader here.i noticed comments are decresing.i think cuz of this imli track.but no there is another reason.i want to ask uu somthing.serial is mor importent for you or a comer. And who the bldy hel is this ananya.on 2nd may udaan page there are mor comments for this dmbo ananya then serial.leave this dmbo and consntrate on serial ok.

    1. Sukorian

      Who the hell r u a silent reader keep calm Aanya is a nice person u dont know her don’t call her something comments r less mot bcz of her but bcz many r students n learning for exams n some r working so don’t blame a person!!! one more thing we r concern abt her n missing her but it doesn’t mean we have no right to share our feelings on the udaan page.

  12. The problem with WU is that it doesn’t tell you how good the scenes are. A scene may look ok on paper but when you watch it, you love it, that’s why i still check the episodes.

  13. Divyashankar

    It’s nice but soon should end imli track

    1. I don’t want them to drag it either. There has been no new spoilers this week so we don’t know what happens next.

  14. Sruthisreeya

    Sadhna we agree that it’s udaan page but this page gives us many new friends and we always chat here and discuss about udaan and about ourselves sometimes..and we are very attached and care every member of this group.. So it’s obvious that when one of our friend is in a problem don’t we care them and asks what happened to them.. That was happening here also. We miss her so much and we don’t like to lose a friend like her. We don’t have any other options to contact her. So we did it here. sorry if our actions make you feel disturbing, just ignore this and enjoy udaan….

  15. Hey uu mind your tng ok and don’t give much importence that dmbo ananya ok.

    1. You’re doing the same thing you’re complaining about. Instead of abusing people you don’t know, may be share with us what you think of the episode.

  16. This week’s TRPs increased to 4692 (2.13) and is in 7th position and also slot leader.

    1. Shreya.

      Thanks for d trp information nemo…nd these type of videos makes me happy tats y only I shared these all to my loving frnds so no need to say thank u dr…

  17. Yes every1 i agree with u guys but one thing i agree with chakor is that imli should give vivaan some time becoz everytime imli goes by him he gets angry and frustrated and chakor doubting imli i think will be part of sukor separation cuz chakor doesnt know about how imli and suraj were togethet and i agree i want suraj back i can’t see him standing in the background and just being a supportive husband and guys theres a new spolier i read that vivaan throws sukor out the village cuz they supporting imli and it was werid seeing chakor doubt imli cuz she asked for suraj i think with this track we will see a more emotional side to chakor i don’t think chakor is a bad sister she just misunderstood imli cuz in the precap chakor stuck up for her and now realises that imli is right and yes every1 theres no new spoliers i think cuz something big will happen and everyone commenting should not be rude about others who also comment on this page

    1. Shreya.

      Thanks for d new spoiler information tippu…

    2. Yes, imli does not know how to give someone space, she should wait until everyone calms down before returning, but she never listens to chakor’s advice.
      I guess it’s good that they’r showing chakor’s emotional side instead of making her perfect, anyone in her place will get affected by all these accusations.

      1. Yes i agree i think makers will show chakor getting affected about the imli suraj rumors and they will show a more emotional side of chakor cuz in most serials the protagonist is always right at everything but udaan is different in many ways and i think writers will show that no matter how good the person is in heart in life doubts can occur such as chakor is now starting to get a bit of doubts about imli and suraj and i think suraj bringing bk imli is all his plan on his own so we will see a separation track but i know there will be love scenes as they both still love each other im glad they starting the gun track as now sukor will be shown doing more action and now will work together

  18. Sukorian

    I think big think is Suraj fake confession so no new spoiler but I still dont l7ke to watch it… ? Maaza nahi aata

  19. Shreya.

    Welcome sadhna…u told tat u r a silent reader ryt…so I hope u must read all of our cmnts everyday if u read dis thn u won’t talk lyk dis…bcz v all r considering all d people’s those who r cmntng in dis page as our friend…nd v respect their feelings.. v know dis is not a personal site even though v all r sharing our personal prblms feelings etc etc for dis reasons only k…thn Haan u asked one qstn na tat is which is more important udaan r commenter…both udaan nd frnds (in ur point of view commenters) r equally important for us k…

    Thn one more think dnt u dare talk abt our aanya lyk dis k…..if ur parents, teachers r teach dis to u..I know after reading dis hw was ur reactions…bt don’t forget first u r d one who talked lyk dis way…so before blaming others u must check urself…(don’t frgt Newton’s third law also sadhna)

    it’s ur wish if u cmnt here abt udaan r not…bt don’t frgt tat u hv no rights to use these type of words abt our frnds k…

  20. At least sometimes Chakor does become a horrible sister

  21. Shreya.

    Am really sorry all my dear frnds, silent readers…I know am also did d same mistake…sry for tat behaviour guys…

  22. Shreya, Sruthi, sukor scenes were nice, suraj has changed to the better. I love his support and care for Chakor, but I’d like to see some hints of the old fierce Suraj.

    Thanks Sukorian and Tippu for the links, let’s hope they don’t drag this track. My disappointment is we should have had more Sukor scenes before they started MU track. CVs like to rush good tracks and drag the torture.

  23. hello all crazy udaan fans
    Aanya didu,,,,,,Ammi,,,,,Angel,,,,,Aqua,,,,,Aria,,,,,Dial.d,,,,,,Divya,,,,,,Janu,,,,Memo,,,,,,,Philo,,,,,Shreya,,,,,,sia,,,,Sruthi,,,,,Sukorian,,,,,Tippu,,,,Zoya, n all my sweet frnds
    whatk happened guys if u r not liking this track then say that na bt plz keep cmnting , this silence is really killing me
    n best luck to all who r waiting for result or having exams
    SADHANA u just hold ur tng sorry hold ur hand n don’t wrote this type of cmnt OK . Srurhi was saying to in a very polite way bt u don’t deserve tht . If we gave importance to her then wats ur problem . btw ur both cmnt is also about off topic not about show n I think ur next cmnt will be also off topic

  24. Go to hel with that dmbo and don’t drag my parents in this mater understand.i like udaan.its betr to continue with silence.go to hel you dmb people.

  25. Hi Tapa, we missed you this week.

  26. Sruthisreeya

    Hey tapa welcome back dear and how are you
    and if there are no other spoilers regarding udaan after suraj accept that it’s his child… If you get any spoilers please share here

    1. Sukorian

      no new spoiler. I sure on Saturday they will be new ones

  27. Tippu, I agree with you about Chakor, it’s good that they’re making like normal people. The separation track will be sad but it we will get to see Suraj doing everything he can to win her back and he will show intense emotions so I’m hoping it will be sad for a few episodes then things will improve,
    I’m glad they’re showing the gun factory track too.

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