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The Episode starts with Chakor going in training ground for practice. Rathod says I m rude to you and did not value your talent, I m sorry, you returned to ground after getting discharge, we can keep your practice separately. She says no, I will practice here. He asks her to take rest for a day. She says no, I will take rest here on ground, not on bed. He says that’s the spirit, come. Tina looks on angrily.

Imli recalls Suraj talking to Rina and is sad. Suraj comes there. She says you here, what are you doing. He says I want to you this, don’t you have work. She says I ended all work. He asks about making bandhua big pits. She says that’s also over. Suraj asks who will I scold if you do work so soon, I did not give you any prize since many days, come, sit, I will take you in jeep. She says no,

I m fine. He asks will you not come with me, I m seeing Tina, that’s why. She says you are Maalik and can see anyone, you did a lot for Tina, you worn new jacket for Tina, she did not care. He smells and asks is anything burning. He says girls always get jealous and says I forgot you also love me, you got my name on your hand, you are jealous, I can love you, if not by heart. He gets close and holds her. She gets away. He says I was giving love when she was asking love, did I do any mistake. Servant says no, this girl is silly.

Ranjana asks Vivaan is he joking, did he really leave drugs. He smiles. She says I m very happy, did you give this news to Chakor, she will be glad. He recalls Chakor’s words. He says I will meet you later, I got some imp work. He leaves.

Rathod praises Chakor and asks her to have energy drink. She refuses for it and runs. Tina looks on shocked. Rathod says wow, her speed is increasing. He tells Chakor to take rest. She says no, I don’t want rest and runs again. He smiles. Chakor practices running till night. Tina hides and looks on. Kusum comes to Tina. She says Chakor will not lose easily, she is total mad, she lost to you and now she will make you lose. Tina says no one can make me lose, it will be fun to compete with her. Kusum says yes, but it will be tough. Yeh houslon ki udaan hai…………..plays………. Tina thinks how to stop this running machine. She sees Chakor running barefoot and asks Kusum will she run barefoot in finals too. Kusum says she always runs barefoot, I did not see shoes in her feet till now. Tina asks really?

Chakor goes to rest. She cries recalling Vivaan. Udaan hai…………….plays……………. She goes back to practice and continues running.

Vivaan goes to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks where did you go, you troubled all of us. Vivaan says I went to leave my friend forever. Bhaiya ji says I heard you are going close to someone whom I dislike, see what you did in childhood, I ignored, now you have grown up and know good and bad, I don’t want you to be after Chakor. Vivaan says Chakor does not matter to me, she was my past. Bhaiya ji asks are you saying truth. Vivaan says yes, trust me, forget Chakor, as I forgot her, can I ask you something. Bhaiya ji asks what. Suraj comes there. Vivaan asks can I work with you as Suraj works. Suraj gets angry. Bhaiya ji stops Suraj.

Ranjana and Tejaswini come there. Bhaiya ji tells Vivaan that he wants stone hearted man like Suraj, and why shall I trust you, you have friendship with my enemies right. Vivaan says forget it now, your enemies are my enemies now, villagers are just bandhua for me. Ranjana and everyone get shocked. Vivaan says bandhua labor, our servants, I know my weakness and how to control it, if you can’t believe how can I help you, see the accounts of last 5 years, there are many mistakes, the profit could be triple. Bhaiya ji asks what do you mean. Vivaan explains him. Suraj looks on shocked. Ranjana smiles. Bhaiya ji looks at Vivaan….. as he explains the profit methods.

Tina sees Chakor running. Tripti asks her to come to have dinner. Tina asks her to see Chakor, how she is practicing without food, how does she get so much energy, just go. Chakor stops and sees bleeding in her feet. Tina sees that….. and recalls Kusum’s words. Tina smiles and calls her dad. She asks for his help. She thinks to see how Chakor wins marathon now.

Rathod tells Chakor that its rule that all marathon runners have to wear proper gear. Chakor wears shoes and her timing gets bad. Rathod asks her to practice for next marathon. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  6. love u vikor 🙂 pls dont join sukor …

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