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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji posing for pics while digging the soil. The people cheer for Bhaiya ji. Chakor looks on. Vivaan comes there and laughs joking on Bhaiya ji. Suraj says I will bury him today. Tejaswini comes and asks Vivaan to come with her. She takes Vivaan and goes. Suraj tells media that Vivaan has habit to joke. Bhaiya ji resumes digging. Media compares Bhaiya ji with Gandhi ji. Bhaiya ji thanks them. Suraj asks media to come and see the marks of other wells. Bhaiya ji says yes, go and see, I kept my promise and I m making 10 wells.

Bhaiya ji asks Chakor can just you use media, my character and image got more clean now, just clothes got spoiled. Chakor says you said media likes breaking news and they forget this next day, but water and well will be always remembered, think who won.

Udaan hai…………plays…… She smiles and goes. Bhaiya ji falls in the pit he has dug. He cleans his clothes and leaves.

Ranjana sees the news. Bhaiya ji and Suraj come home. Ranjana asks Girja to get water and towel. Bhaiya ji asks am I kid, will you wash my face. He gets angry and says Chakor is failing me, I m standing quiet, my family is laughing on me. She asks who. Suraj says Vivaan. Bhaiya ji says Suraj, when media is around me, I don’t want Vivaan with me. He asks Ranjana to see his state and blames her. He says I have dug 10 wells, its my loss, Chakor won. Ranjana shows news of Bhaiya ji getting good name. They smile. Ranjana asks Bhaiya ji what was he saying. She says your spoiled clothes are cleaning your image. He salutes Ranjana and laughs. Suraj turns his face away seeing them. He says I will not leave Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks him not to do anything till media is here. Suraj says fine and goes. Bhaiya ji goes to hug Ranjana. She asks him to wear clean clothes first. He laughs.

Chakor and Aditya see the news. Chakor worries that media is giving good name to Bhaiya ji. Aditya says its good that wells are dug in village by Bhaiya ji, who has made villagers bandhua on water. She says if wells are not dug completely. He says Bhaiya ji has to do it, think of next plan. She says our plan won’t fail and they laugh.

Ranjana scolds Vivaan. Vivaan argues with her as she married Bhaiya ji. He says your end is not so far, I can see, you have turned blind. She shouts Vivaan…. And raises hand on him. Tejaswini holds Ranjana’s hand. They both argue. Ranjana asks Vivaan to defend her. Vivaan says I m getting fun and laughs. Tejaswini drags Ranjana outside. Ranjana says you made my son mad. Tejaswini says I have helped an innocent boy, whom his mother did not help. She goes.

Bhaiya ji is happy and singing. Deshmukh calls him and tells some news. Bhaiya ji thanks him for giving this news. He calls Suraj in his room. Suraj asks what happened now. Bhaiya ji says Chakor is getting letter from sports ministry. Suraj asks what letter, how do you know. Bhaiya ji says I know, we should get that letter before Chakor, I don’t know whats in that letter, Chakor is sports start, that letter won’t be ordinary, we have to end her Udaan and get her on ground. Suraj says I will do this work, and goes.

Imli plays with Kanche. Chakor says I m glad seeing this. Imli says I m practicing my aim and takes gun. Chakor comes infront and asks Imli how did she get hurt. Imli recalls Suraj’s anger. Suraj beats the post officer guy and asks for letter. The goons check for letter. The man checks the register and tells Suraj that postman just left with the letter. Suraj asks when. The man says 15mins before. Suraj slaps him and says I don’t like to hear bad news, I will get that letter any how.

Suraj tells Imli to get that letter coming for Chakor. Imli asks Chakor to come with her to market. Chakor gets glad. The postman comes there. Imli sees postman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    I Want Chakor to Defend Bhaiyaji and wins Vivan’s Heart

  2. What a rubbish………. every time bhayaji will be win plzzzz do’nt drag the serial and plzzz change vivan character i want chavan………….

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