Udaan 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abha asking Arjun to take Bhagya. Bhagya holds his hand. Abha says take her soon, and the kids start discussing. Chakor hears some sound and hides Bhagya. They see Lakhan. Arjun says get to work, and they tell Lakhan that they will make wall soon. Vivaan says Chakor did this to save them. Ragini jokes on him as he always praises Chakor. Chakor gets Bhagya back in temple. Bhavani asks where did she go. Chakor says she went out, why does she not take care. Bhavani says I take care, thanks a lot that you got her back. Lakhan comes there and greets Bhagya. Chakor greets him and runs.

Imli says she wants water and goes. Chakor says we got saved. Some men take her and Imli sees the men kidnapping Chakor. She cries. Abha says where did Chakor go. Imli comes crying and they ask what

happened. She says someone kidnapped Chakor. They are shocked. Vivaan says he will not leave Lakhan. Adtiya says no, why will he do this. Abha says yes, Ishwar has done this. Vivaan says what. Abha says Ishwar’s men have kidnapped her. Arjun asks how can she say this. Abha says Chakor is helping us in making Bhagya run, he did not wish this to happen. Arjun says sorry, but I did not know Ishwar can fall so low. Aditya says why did dad do this. Abha says its enough, I will find out get my phone.

Ishwar fixes a camera and thinks to collect the proof against Bhaiya ji. He says if I pass today Abha, I will gift you on our marriage anniversary, your old Ishwar. Abha calls him and says she could not think he can fall so low. He asks what did he do. She asks is he not ashamed to kidnap Chakor. He says what. She says she is ashamed to be his wife and cries. He gets sad. She says its still time, send Chakor back in one hour, else I will report in police against you. He looks at their pic and recalls her words.

Arjun asks her what did Ishwar say. She says Chakor will come back. He asks is she sure. She says yes, I m sure. He says fine. Chakor is brought to some place. She asks them to leave her. She asks who are they. The men say she will know when time comes. She says she will go and they hold her. Ishwar comes there and asks them to leave her. Chakor hugs him. She asks are they your men, why did he get her here, why did they not tell them, she would have come here silently. Ishwar calls Abha. He says talk to Chakor. Chakor says don’t worry, I m fine with Ishwar. Ishwar says he did not kidnap Chakor.

Chakor asks him why is he crying. He says why will I cry, something went in my eyes. He asks the men not to do anything without his permission, and not get this girl. The men say sorry. He asks Chakor to go back. She hugs him and says she does not know why they caught her, she trusts him, what he will do is for good, he will do everything right, take care. She leaves. He thinks she trusts me, and wishes the result comes today.

Chakor comes and hugs Imli. Aditya and Chakor argue over Ishwar. Arjun asks them to stop it, they have to dig tunnel. The men ask them to leave. Chakor says we will do for some more time. Abha says no, we should go, we will work tomorrow. Abha says we should go, else they will doubt. Arjun says yes, and we should cover the tunnel so that no one knows. They hide it and leave.

Ishwar comes to haveli and Lakhan asks him to sit, Bhaiya ji will come. Ishwar hears Aditya being angry on him, as Abha cried because of him. He says its their marriage anniversary and Vivaan explains Chakor. Chakor says its big day, Aditya should be with his mum. Aditya says no, I can’t go to her, I will get angry on dad if I see her sad face. Chakor argues. Vivaan asks them to be quiet. Bhaiya ji meets Ishwar and sends the kids to their room.

Bhaiya ji gives the money to Ishwar and asks him to become bandhua, and work at the university. Lakhan comes and Bhaiya ji asks him to take him, and do what he wants. He sends Manohar along. Chakor looks on and asks Ishwar to stop. He gets tensed. Ranjana says she will get proof today, another man is going to become bandhua today.

Chakor tells Dadi about the mute man. Baa says he will speak out one day. Ishwar gets the bandhua tattoo made on his back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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