Udaan 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor learns about Naina

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The Episode starts with Imli behaving mad. Chakor says she isn’t seeing us and she is still the same, do you think she is acting. Vivaan says don’t know I can’t believe Imli. Chakor says I have an idea, I will give you a spy cam, you can keep an eye on her and know if she is acting. He likes the idea and says I also want to see if she stays mad all the time. He checks the lock and goes. Naina comes to the temple and prays. She checks the aarti plate and finds kumkum missing. She asks Chakor can she give a pinch of kumkum. Chakor say sure, everyone has a right on it. She gives kumkum to Naina. They both pray together and do the aarti. Chakor sees Naina. Pandit says I m seeing you since you were 12 years old, you are praying for Colonel’s long life, he will get immortal now. Naina says yes, I wish he always

stays fine. He says every kid prays for him, he is a blessing for everyone. Chakor hears them. Naina thanks Chakor.

Chakor says its a trivial thing. Naina says yes, but this word is big and makes new relations. She goes. Chakor writes down in the diary. She says Naina is coming here to pray for her dad’s long life, I have to go to the self defense class and see Naina. Naina tries to punch and kick. Trainer says come on, you can do it, relax, close your eyes and think about something that makes you angry, vent out anger on this punching bag. Chakor is also there and kicks the punching bag. The lady asks where is your focus, think of something that angers you, then just vent out anger. Chakor and Naina close eyes and think. Chakor thinks of Colonel’s truth. Naina misses. Trainer asks don’t you get angry. Naina says no, I like everything, I got angry on cousin who had drank my share of milk in childhood. Trainer laughs.

Chakor kicks the punching bag and drops it. Trainer asks Naina to be strong like that girl. Naina says that girl has anger, what can I do if I have no anger, dad asked me to attend this class, else what do I need. Trainer says you need it. Naina says this is difficult, can’t I learn by dance or music. Chakor says Colonel is planning to kill people and he is protecting his daughter here. Naina talks to some kids and cheers up. Chakor looks on and notes down. Naina says I can’t stay here else who will take cae of dad, we shall dance now. They dance on itti si hasi…. Chakor smiles. A guard looks on and asks who are you, why are you following Naina. Chakor gets a call. She turns to the guard. She disconnects Suraj’s call. Suraj worries. Vivaan asks why are you worried. Suraj says Chakor went to follow Naina, she isn’t answering, I m worried that Colonel’s man caught her.

Vivaan says no, she is smart, call her again. Door bell rings. Suraj says I will check, Colonel’s men can reach here. Vivaan says you are worried, why will we come here. Suraj says he is dangerous. They see Girja. Girja asks what happened, where is Chakor. The guard asks Chakor to say the truth. Chakor asks who is Naina, I don’t know. Abhay comes in disguise as blind man and this girl got me here so that I can get my son, no one helps blind people, why are you punishing this girl, she is with me. Guard says sorry and goes. Abhay says this boy agreed to help me, go and report at base. Chakor goes. Chakor comes to meet Abhay. The man asks her to stay alert, she has to get info but cleverly. She says I understood what you said, but you didn’t understand.

Abhay says we have to make Suraj meet Naina, what’s the plan. Chakor says we have to hide this from Suraj. Chakor hugs Suraj and wishes all the best.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ok episode, but too much Naina and too little of Suraj. Naina is so sweet and care-free, I think she’ll either die saving Suraj or will help Sukor foil her father’s plans.
    Loved how Chakor kicked the punching bag.
    Poor Suraj, his nerves are wrecked even before starting the mission.

  2. I don’t like this track
    They are playing with Naina’s heart :/

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