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The Episode starts with Geetha putting her name drawing on the wall and scaring the other girls. She goes. Chakor comes there and they ask who is she. Chakor says she is Chakor and got admission today. They make fun of her name. Chakor asks their name. They ask her to read. Chakor says its good that names is written near the beds, and reads Kusum and Vasanti. She asks whats this. Kusum says this is painting. Chakor says its bad, my friend Vivaan makes good painting, I have one. Kusum asks her to remove that and throw it, and paste her painting.

Vasanti says yes. Chakor says Vivaan’s painting will look good here. Chakor removes Geetha’s name and throws it. Geetha comes and looks on angrily. Geetha scolds her. Chakor says she is Chakor. They don’t understand each other’s language and argue. Chakor

asks did she make this painting, it was not good, and shows Vivaan’s painting. She says Vivaan made a horse painting before and it looked dog. Geetha says is she calling her a dog and pushes her. Chakor asks did she not understand, even she knows to push. Chakor pushes Geetha and Geetha does not move. She pushes Chakor again.

Chakor fights with her. A warden comes and says shame on you Geetha to fight with little girl. Geetha says she has thrown my name plate. Chakor asks what, is this not painting. The lady says this is her name. Chakor says what did I do, sorry, I did not know. She says they told me that this is painting. Kusum and Vasanti lie. Chakor says they told me.

The warden says she will punish her next time. Chakor apologizes. Geetha asks what did she say. Chakor explains. Kusum scolds her and takes Geetha. They push her and leave. Chakor says I think they are fighter cocks.

Babu meets Bhaiya ji in jail and talks about Chakor. Bhaiya ji says he wants to see Chakor killed, he is here because of her, work should be done, he will pay him any amount. Babu asks will he give any amount. Bhaiya ji says 20lakhs, 40 lakhs…. Babu talks to him. (mute) Bhaiya ji gets shocked. He asks Babu does he know whom is he talking to, his word is final. Babu says fine, sleep peacefully, Chakor will be gone.

Babu calls his goon and asks him to find Chakor. Imli gets sad recalling Chakor and says she will not eat food. Bhuvan says Chakor will get good food there and asks her not to worry. Chakor gets plenty of food and says she can’t eat it. The warden asks her to finish it, as she has to run. Chakor hides the food and eats some. Geetha and Kusum see Chakor hiding the food and think to use this to trouble her.

They call the warden and Chakor says she has eaten. They say they did not see her eating food. The warden sits and asks her to finish the food. Chakor starts eating. They laugh on her that she will become round now.

Babu comes to kill Chakor. Chakor is unable to sleep. Babu enters the room. Chakor sleeps till then.

Update Credit to: Amena

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