Udaan 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor crying. She says whatever Bhaiya ji does tomorrow, I will make sure you get food, sleep in my lap now. Suraj gets stomach ache. She sings lullaby and makes him sleep. Imli and Vivaan see them and feel bad. Imli says enough of Bhaiya ji’s tortures, I can’t see Chakor and Suraj in this state. Vivaan gets call and tells Imli that it was call from clinic, they called me to take reports. Imli says I wish everything is fine, I will come along. He says I will get reports, you be here with Chakor and Suraj. She says yes, don’t know what plan that devil made for them.

Its morning, Bhaiya ji tells villagers that today they will decide, you maybe getting pity seeing Suraj, think what tortures he did on you, I will give him food, but he is bandhua and there is a law, bandhua

will get food when he works, I think there are 3-4 wells in village, they are in bad state, Suraj will repair wells and paint them, then I will give him food. Chakor says its justice. He says Suraj did injustice, do everyone remember, Suraj has put kerosene oil in wells to keep you thirsty, he got ration stolen to keep you hungry, remember now decision is your hands, to help Suraj or not, living him hungry and thirsty or not, don’t give him food, if he does not do work, he won’t get food.

Suraj says I don’t have strength to repair 3 wells. Chakor says give him food first and then he will work. Bhaiya ji says think what they decide. Chakor says villagers are not stone hearted, they will not stop Suraj, they will help Suraj. He says we will see. She says you are thinking wrong, villagers will surely help Suraj, he got punished already, villagers have forgiven him, everyone is not like you, we are poor but have big heart. He says you have belief, Suraj did wrong with you also, how did you forgive him. Chakor says Suraj lost his love, child and self esteem, what can be bigger repentance, you just do to do sin, you can never repent, I m sure Suraj will win in this last test, as I m with him, and my Lord is with him. He asks are you done, pravachan over? Its already 12, we will see what you and your Lord does in 5 hours. Bhaiya ji and Ragini leave.

Chakor goes to Suraj. Suraj sits to repair well. Tejaswini cries and says I think no one has forgiven Suraj. Chakor says don’t worry, if villagers don’t help him, they will not stop him from work. She asks Suraj not to lose courage, you can do it. She hugs him and cries. She says humko mann ki shakti dena…. She asks him to use his will power. Servant asks Chakor to get away. Chakor says I will get water for you Suraj, keep working.

Vivaan asks what, how can this happen, its impossible. Doctor says calm down, sit, we have checked it twice, same reports have come, your fertility is less, can’t father a child ever. Vivaan asks how did this happen. Doctor says there are many reasons, harmonal imbalance, stress, there is treatment too, but no guarantee, if you both want a child, I advice you to adopt a child, these days, sperm donation also happens. Vivaan says no, I can’t imagine my wife to have someone’s child in her womb, I won’t be able to accept that child, why did this happen.

Doctor says don’t feel sad, I guessed this would happen. Vivaan asks what do you want. Doctor says you were on drugs since nearly 9 years, this is the big reason. Vivaan gets shocked and cries. He leaves. Chakor runs and meets Imli on the way. She asks why did you wear old clothes. Imli says Bhaiya ji crossed limit, I decided to stop him, I took my old avatar back, I will end all this, I m going. Chakor says you won’t do this, wrong is happening with Suraj, if you do this, don’t know what will happen, Suraj did not have food since 10 days. Imli says its enough, I can’t see him in this state, don’t stop me. Chakor stops her. She says if you want to do something, do what I ask you.

Suraj paints the well. Tejaswini says don’t lose, you can do it. Kasturi says yes, there is still time. Chakor says anything wrong can happen, we can’t make mistake, we have to think well, control anger and help me. Imli asks how. Chakor says I was going to get water, I want food for Suraj, I don’t believe Bhaiya ji, he won’t give him food, help me in sending goons away. She tells her plan. Imli says I have my helpers, Suraj will get food today. They join hands. Chakor says four hours are left. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…..plays………..

Suraj says I m getting dizzy now Chakor, I can’t do this. Vivaan hits car to a tree and falls on steering. Suraj falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ParulRajput

    I love sukor hug and i think soon this torture drama will be end as imli was in her old look in today episode soo definately udaan cast was not shooting any flashbacks scene they are shooting upcoming scenes and may be next weak too suraj will be back in his old look like before..,as vj is posting his old look pics in insta so may be soon this torture will be end and today chakor and imli conversation and imli also said her man will be here soo this time they will save suraj from kn clutch…lets see hope what i m thinking will come true..

  2. Janani9789

    ohh uff can’t able to see this torture now!!!
    only sukor hug is like cool breeze in this suffocation….
    can’t see suraj in this state….
    i thought this track will end before Valentine’s day but i will drag more now i think….
    chakor should something…should stop crying and make some plan….should think how make suraj free…
    kn is such a cruel,witch….
    iam seriously fed up of this torture on suraj,only watching sukor scenes….
    now both vivaan and suraj are in serious trouble….suraj fained!!!
    only want this track should end!!!

  3. Chakor k dimaag pr bnduhwa ki stamp lg gtyi hai suraj k hath ki bjaye… Totrure cell…
    Ex player ko media hlki ce coverage B ni deta….. K. N IKK political personality tha jail mai b rha… uska father in law b political personality hai… Aditiya b media personality tha… Arjun sir b gayyab…. Ye log front pr na sahi back per sukor ki help kr skte hai… Na, sahi koi K. N k zulmo ki video social media pr post kr de… Media social media sb ko chatt patti news ki talaash rahty hai…. Lgta drama 16 ya 18 century mai chal ra hai… K. N K KUCH DINO KU CHUP CHUP KR VIDEO BNA KR SURAJ K STH BURE SALOOK K SATH EXPOSE KIYA JA SKTA HAI….. ABB NI SAHA JA RHA YE BKWAS BECHARA GHATA TRACK…. ITNA SAD ROMANCE….. SUKOR KI BILKUL PERFECT Love STORY CHILA DU….

  4. Episode was good as I think now when both the sisters have joined hands suraj will surely get something to eat. I also liked the first part when suraj was sleeping on chakor’s lap and she was singing lullaby.

  5. And guyss I think as imli came back to her old attire now after this well painting sequence suraj will be also seen in his old attire as per the latest instagram pic posted by Imli.

    1. Do you know why imli is going back to her old attire what if after she finds out vivaan cant be a father would she want suraj back??

  6. I think chakor is gonna have a big plan and suraj will get released but i dont understand why imli and suraj are gonna go back to thier old attire i think vivaan can still be a father cuz the doctor said he stil has a chance with treatment this is why i think ragini and her goons told the doctor to say all this so that vivaan can join and work for kn becoz ragini wants vivaan with her so she is trying to make vivaan hate tejwani becoz she gave him the drugs and the latest spolier is that the villages chook suraj in the well and chakor jumps in the well to save him becoz chakor asks villagers but they refuse to help her but imli calls vivaan and he rescues chakor and suraj

  7. In villagers..ko toh,,uthha k phek dena chahiye.
    Besharm kahin k..
    itti help kri hai chakor ki..pr ye log..ko to??

  8. Inn villagers..ko toh,,uthha k phek dena chahiye.I can’t tolerate them anymore..??
    Besharm kahin k..
    itti help kri hai chakor ne inki..pr jb inka turn aata hai to puri duniya ki baat sunte hain..pr chakor(inki masiha) ka saath chhod dete??

    blo*dy fools..

  9. starting was very nice,how suraj sleep in chakor lap they hug each other.guys there is good news for all sukorian that this track is ending very soon still we have to wait some more time bcoz i saw in news that they take the interview of imli,so she tells that suraj will get freedom &all of them have big celebration…i hope for best

  10. Janani9789

    i think now imli will take help from his men and help suraj from releasing from cluches…but after that well scene imli will change her getup after helping chakor,suraj from well,…
    iam also think the same that doctor said a lie because of ragini…if imli again joined to help suraj…their clossness will surely make vivaan insecure and angry on suraj…so he will join ragini…it may ragini plan…

  11. Monu can u give imli interview link

  12. Tooo good epi.m happy to see that vimli also wona help sukor.varji jama imli k rivolvr rani look.sad 4 both bros.i hope so janu k ye bhi ragini k koi chal hogi bt janu app janti ho ki ragini vivan se krvana kya chahti hain.

    1. Janani9789

      aanya iam still having doubt only because ragini is following vivaan like shadow so….i having doubt that may be threatened doctor to tell vivaan that he can’t become father…
      there is more reason for her to do this because.. teju is the one who ragini hate more than others…because of her ragini ran from her house…
      she also wanted to separate vimli,sukor unity….
      both ragini and vivaan hate teju equally she make their childhood hell..ragini well known vivaan hate teju…ragini wanted to vivaan
      work for her….if this reason makes vivaan will surely get furious on teju.. if imli again become revolver rani….tosupport suraj make him insecure because he can’t become father…surely he start to hate suraj and teju..and join to ragini…its my guess…
      but aanya if imli support suraj…chakor will surely get jealous….

  13. Guys udaan trp 6 position mei hei….8 pe tha ..aaj 6 pe hai..

  14. I don’t think so janu bt agr chkor unse(imli se) chidegi to ismai bhi benifit hai sukor bcom more closer wt u think pr mujhe nhi lgta esa khuch hoga hua to bhi best.n thnx cat 4 the trp update.thnx janu wt i wona ask kya kam not kyun dear thnx.

    1. Janani9789

      o hmm sorry,i didn’t see properly

  15. Siyarao

    Knock.. knock….dekho kon aya hai?I’m finally back,hi guys Angel, janu,aanya,kushi Kaise ho sab??my practicals are completed finally,aate aate mai ne kamaal news laya tum sab ke liye
    Mai kuch nahi bolne wali ho,but zaroor dekna???

    1. Janani9789

      welcome back sia!!!!
      iam good…sia…kaise ho aap??
      and sia thank u so much for the link sia!!!!

      1. Janani9789

        kaise ho tum???how u did ur practicals???

  16. Hi sia m happy to see u again there is nting without u gys iss hfte kitna bor rahi hu main finly u come back janu,angel bhi conti.thi bt angel is also busy .u know sia iss week coments bhi 20 se uper nhi gye.n please us link ke bare mai bta do mai vo nhi dekh paungi.mene tume bhut mis kiya i wish baki sb bhi jldi conti.ho jayain.aap ka practicl kesa hua i know acha hi hua hoga ya bhut acha.i wish jinke bhi exm hai sb abov 90 percent hi score krain.

  17. Thank u siya…wat a scene cant wait……

  18. hey sia please tell

    1. Siyarao

      Kriti I meant to see the link which I gave,i want to make you all excited about the next scebe,so open the link and find out?

  19. Hi sia m happy to see u back dear.aap ka practicl kesa tha i know acha ya bhut acha hi hua hoga.u know sia iss hfte mai bhut bor hogai 20 se uper coments gae hi nhi.there is nthing fun without u i wish baki sb bhi jldi aajaain.n pleas uss link k bare main bta do kyou k mai nhi dekh skti.i wish k jinhone abhi exm deyai hai sb jitna apna score chahte hai usse panch percent jyada hi ho.sia mane aapko bhut mis kiya.baki sako bhi kr rahi hu.angel n janu conti.the.angel is also busy new loog ake gyb ho gae.n at the last sb iss track se nakhush hai.bt m happy like alwys.i lov u all sory bt not more then udan.

  20. Siya awesome link yaar I am really very excited to see this sukor scene .thanks siya for d link and u know one thing u always come with a bang.

  21. Hai All sukorians…
    I want to tell my feeling for this bandhua track. Actually even it is sooo sad but I like when Chakor and Suraj become closer. I hope this will be the starting poin of their bond to become stronger. I reallt want their love story to be more romantic and sweet. Someday sukor will become one strong couple that the only way to defeat them is seperate them, in next track when they become real husband wife, please make them to face that new track in unique way. After this bandua track, I hope chakor will say to save suraj because she can’t life without him, not because she want to win from kn. Real love please come by unique way, like what team udaan always do. I will always be patient for sukor.

  22. Gys mujhe bhi bta do esa kya dekha aapne trs khao gys mujpe pleas bta doo apko udan ki nhi sukor ki ksm.aaj fir dodo cment ho gye.

    1. Siyarao

      Aanya sukor in well,and nhok jhok with cute sukor hug and eyelock??

  23. Siyarao

    Guys I’m fine,i was also missing you all and I done the practicals well,bahut loose tha and exp bi bahut easy hi aye the first batch Na so was very easy
    And guys thank you and u are welcome and Im also excited for the next week yaar?

  24. cant wait for that episode.. thnkz siya for the link
    Hope all this tortures will end soon..
    Waiting for that moment when our sukor will tell I love you to each other.. Kaash yeah valentines day mein eisa ho jaayega.. Fingerscrossed

  25. Thnx fr the link sia. It was jst amazing.glad to hear tht u did well in exam. Coming to the epi love 1st part n last , sukor hug . Jst hope this track end soon like every n says.

    1. Siyarao

      Guys you are welcome?

  26. Hi can i join the discussion im a slient reader and i love udaan and can any 1 share why imli is gone bk to her old attire and why is suraj also bk to his old attire and i think vivaan is gonna turn evil becuz he gonna hate tejuswani and imli will work with suraj becoz vivaan is really insecure so he gonna ragini and he might torture suraj and chakor in the future and i think in the well suraj and chakor gonna spend the night there and imli calls vivaan to rescue them and he does

  27. U r write tippu m also think.bt imli sukor ki help krna chahti iss liye vo apne old look mai bapis aai per chkor ko theek nhi laga.vivan abhi naraj honge bt i think sukor n vimli ek dusre ki help jrur krainge.i don’t think so k iss hfte mai serial dekh bhi paungi bt i don’t wona mis udan.nhi dekha to coment bhi nhi kr paungi.love u udan.

  28. Hii…siya thanx for the link,so much excited to watch this epi in udaan.i hope this bandhua track ending very soon,as we will see only sukor romance,i saw news on tv that imli aka vidhi pandhya tells that suraj will get freedom &all of them have big celebration…how was ur practical exam?

    1. Siyarao

      Ur welcome monu,really vidi ne aisa bola!!!!!I’m more excited now,thanks for sharing?
      My exam was good,i have done both well and paper was easy?

      1. ParulRajput

        Hey sia wlcm back dear good to know ur exams did well and happy to know that suraj will get freedom..

  29. Monu pls send the link of that news

  30. Thnx fr such a great news monu, nw eagerly waiting fr tht to hpn. Thnx cat fr sharing trp position as well.

  31. Siyarao


    Guys wakth hai kuch hot dekne ka!!!!!

    1. Siyarao

      Hi angel,where were you??see the link I’m dying for this???

      1. ParulRajput

        Siya i m busy in my counselling thats why i was not active and i have seen that link and exciting for it..

    2. Thanks for the link

    3. Hotness filled in well.

    4. Janani9789

      thanks for the link sia!!!!
      excited!!!! bahut hot hai!!!! scenes!!i think this track is ending soon…

  32. Hey siya muze link to nahi pata par vidhi ka tv pe interview to dekha toh bahut zyada khushi hue…finally suraj ko azadi milegi aur hame sukor ka romance dekhne mile ,wellwale epi main bhi sukor ka romance,eyelock ,nok zok dekhne ko milegi,..much excited to watch this!

  33. Thnx fr the link sia, exciting to watch these episodes,n to see hw this current track gonna end

  34. Guyz.. Koi. Plzz mjhe bta sktaya h Sukor ki first meet.. Plzzz if…

  35. An plZ. Share.vidhis interview

  36. Janani9789

    Chakor motivates Sooraj to finish his tasks. Meanwhile, Vivaan meets with an accident after he learns that he cannot father a child. The villagers do not allow Chakor to give food to Sooraj.
    Episode – 715
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 07 Feb Set Alert
    04:30 AM – 05:00 AM, 08 Feb Set Alert
    11:00 AM – 11:30 AM, 08 Feb Set Alert
    01:30 PM – 02:00 PM, 08 Feb Set Alert
    04:30 PM – 05:00 PM, 08 Feb Set Alert
    More show timingsCollapse

    Bhaiyaji asks the villagers if they want Sooraj to eat or die of hunger. Later, when one of the villagers throws mud on the well, Sooraj gets angry.
    Episode – 716
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 08 Feb Set Alert
    04:30 AM – 05:00 AM, 09 Feb Set Alert
    11:00 AM – 11:30 AM, 09 Feb Set Alert
    01:30 PM – 02:00 PM, 09 Feb Set Alert
    04:30 PM – 05:00 PM, 09 Feb Set Alert
    More show timingsCollapse

    When Chakor jumps into the well, Bhaiyaji thanks God for fulfilling his wishes. Later, Bhaiyaji announces that Chakor needs to come out of the well on her own.
    Episode – 717
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 09 Feb Set Alert
    04:30 AM – 05:00 AM, 10 Feb Set Alert
    11:00 AM – 11:30 AM, 10 Feb Set Alert
    01:30 PM – 02:00 PM, 10 Feb Set Alert
    04:30 PM – 05:00 PM, 10 Feb Set Alert
    More show timingsCollapse

    Bhaiyaji tells Ragini that he plans to kill Sooraj with the help of villagers. Meanwhile, when Chakor tries to make Sooraj realise his mistake, the latter gets angry.
    Episode – 718
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 10 Feb Set Alert
    04:30 AM – 05:00 AM, 11 Feb Set Alert
    11:00 AM – 11:30 AM, 13 Feb Set Alert
    01:30 PM – 02:00 PM, 13 Feb Set Alert
    05:00 PM – 05:30 PM, 13 Feb Set Alert
    More show timingsCollapse

    Chakor and Sooraj try their best to keep the fire burning. Meanwhile, Tejaswini apologises to Vivaan for giving him drugs. In angry, Vivaan tries to kill her.

    upcoming spoilers guys…

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