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The Episode starts with Ranjana mixing Chana daal in Tejaswini’s dish to trouble her more. Laali sees her mixing it and asks why is she doing this, this will make Tejaswini’s gas problem severe. Ranjana taunts her about stealing nail polish from Tejaswini and leaves. Chakor eats food and talks to Sheru. Ranjana sees Tejaswini getting unwell and calls everyone. She says she can get heart attack too. Manohar is shocked. Ranjana says I will call doctor from Sitapur. Tejaswini says call doctor fast. Chakor recalls her Dadi having chest pain and Kasturi giving her kada. Dadi felt better having it. Ranjana says doctor is in Aazaadgunj, he is coming. She asks Manohar to send someone to get Bhaiya ji.

Manohar says I will call Bhaiya ji, when you see him, you will be fine. His phone is off and he throws

it. Chakor says I will get him. Bhaiya ji is troubled by mosquitoes. Chakor comes there and calls out Kasturi, saying she needs medicines. Bhaiya ji asks for whom, did my mum going to heaven. Chakor says no, someone else. Kasturi asks what happened. Chakor says give me medicine, Tejaswini has chest pain. Bhaiya ji is shocked. Chakor says don’t worry, my mum’s medicines will cure her. Kasturi goes to bring medicine. Bhaiya ji says I have to go haveli to meet Tejaswini. Chakor says no, then you will lose the condition. He says don’t give this medicine, I will call doctor, but my phone is off.

Chakor says my mum’s medicine is better than doctors. Kasturi says yes, its very effective. Bhaiya ji says fine, run fast to haveli. He worries for Tejaswini. The doctor checks Tejaswini. Girja asks does she has just gas. Ranjana asks her to shut up. The doctor says it can be gas or heart attack, we can’t go anywhere, get ECG machine here. Ranjana says it means she is getting heart attack, call Bhaiya ji fast. Manohar cries. Ranjana says Bhaiya ji has to be here. He says I will get him. Ranjana thinks Bhaiya ji will lose condition and election too. Chakor comes and brings medicines. Ranjana asks where is Bhaiya ji, you went to take Bhaiya ji.

Chakor says no, I went to take this medicine, this happened with my Dadi too, I saw her and understood she has gas. Ranjana asks Tejaswini not to have it. Tejaswini says she won’t eat it. Ranjana acts sweet. Manohar comes and tells Bhaiya ji about Tejaswini’s heart attack. Bhaiya ji is ready to leave. Bhuvan reminds him the condition. Bhaiya ji says I can’t risk her life for elections. Ranjana says why did Bhaiya ji not come. The doctor checks her. Chakor asks her to trust her. Girja says lets give the medicine, it won’t harm.

Ranjana scolds her. Manohar and Bhaiya ji come there. Chakor is shocked seeing him. Ranjana smiles. Bhaiya ji sees Tejaswini and says let the condition go to hell. Ranjana says my work is done, as Bhaiya ji has come. She leaves. Chakor hears this and worries. Kasturi says tomorrow don’t know what will happen, when villagers will not get Bhaiya ji here, when they know he went at night and lost in elections. Ranjana asks her men to tell everyone that Bhaiya ji has run and could not stay for a night. Chakor hears her plan.

Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini that he has come, he did not know this will happen if he goes. Girja prays for Tejaswini. Chakor comes to her, and asks her to mix the medicine in water. Girja says if she knows this, she will kill me. Chakor asks Laali what is she doing there. Girja scolds Laali. Chakor mixes the medicines in water and smiles. The villagers come to Kasturi and asks about Bhaiya ji. Kishori tells about Bhaiya ji not keeping promise and she won’t give him vote. Kasturi says Chakor trusts Bhaiya ji, he will make our kids get education. She says if we don’t give him votes, he won’t help us. Chakor has worked hard and got him here, you want to ruin it.

Kishori says I don’t know whats your benefit, but he is not doing anything, he has gone from here, it means we can’t trust him now. Bhaiya ji makes Tejaswini have water. Tejaswini says there is something in water. He sees it and asks Girja what is it. Girja says nothing. Chakor says I have mixed medicine in it. They are shocked. Tejaswini says whats happening to me, the room is rotating, did she give me poison. Bhaiya ji asks doctor to check her. Manohar says if anything happens to Tejaswini, I will kill you.

Tejaswini says she is feeling better now, I m able to breath. She tells the doctor that she is not having pain. The doctor says it means it was gas pain. Bhaiya ji laughs and says you scared me, I felt you are leaving me and going up. Tejaswini says not so soon, I have to light your victory diyas. Girja says this miracle happened by Chakor’s medicines, her mum makes good medicines. Chakor says Bhaiya ji come to village soon, else you will lose the condition. Ranjana says no need to go, as Tejaswini is just fine, and he has lost the condition already. They are shocked. She shows the sunlight by the window.

Laali tells Girja that she has seen Ranjana taking chana dish for Tejaswini. Chakor hears this. Baa asks Chakor to tell the villagers truth, else Ranjana will win by cheat and her dream to educate kids will be incomplete.

Update Credit to: Amena

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