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The Episode starts with Vivaan and Imli coming downstairs. Ranjana asks Imli what is she doing and who told her. Vivaan says I told her to come in Haryali puja, she is my wife. Tejaswini gets Chakor there. She says Chakor ended ties with her Maayka, whats the need now, she is our bahu now. She asks them to start puja. All the women do the aarti and puja. Tejaswini asks women to come and they will do ritual of sitting on swing. Girja asks Bijli to come, she will get married soon by this rasam.

The lady asks Tejaswini to make Chakor sit on swing, and where is Suraj. Tejaswini says Suraj did not come. The lady asks her to do rituals with Vivaan and Imli. Imli sits on swing. The lady asks Vivaan to come and do rituals. Biji tells Chakor that someone called and did not talk. Chakor sees Vivaan and Imli

doing rasam.

Suraj drinks and angrily shouts. He says I will play the game now, none can save you tonight. He goes out and sees Chakor. Imli sings Sawar lun…….. The lady asks Chakor to sit with Imli, Vivaan is making Imli swing. Imli goes and Chakor sits on swing. Vivaan gets away. The lady asks who will make Chakor enjoy swing now. Suraj says I will do it and walks downstairs drunk.

He slowly tells Chakor that she will get punished tonight and she won’t forget it. Chakor says you are drunk and came in puja, its sin. Imli gets dizzy. Vivaan cares for her and asks her to come to room, and rest. Imli says no, I will go on my own. She stumbles. Vivaan takes her. Suraj lifts Chakor infront of everyone. Chakor says leave me. The ladies laugh. Suraj takes Chakor upstairs to their room.

Vivaan asks Imli to take care of herself and baby. He makes her drink water. Imli says there is much difference between you and Suraj. Suraj throws Chakor on the bed and shuts the door. She says you are not in senses, open the door. She tries to open door. She says leave me, else I will shout. He asks did you feel you will win after saying truth to Vivaan and Imli. She says you stopped me from saying them truth till now, so I did what I should have done before, let me go. He pushes her. She cries and gets back.

Vivaan asks Imli to lie down, and feeds food to her. She says I don’t feel good, I will eat, you also have some. He says I m not fasting, you have food. She eats food and he makes her drink water. She says you did big favor on me, that you have held me and took care of me, I had to teach lesson to Suraj. He says someone always says bad things are ended by being good. She says Chakor used to say this.

Suraj gets close to Chakor and says I know I did mistake, I thought if you tell anyone, no one will believe you, I will shut your tongue today. She pushes him away. He makes her fall, tries to molest her and says even police can’t do anything.

Vivaan makes Imli rest. She holds his hand and asks him not to go leaving her, she is not feeling good, she has fought many fights alone, now she feels all her inner strength got over, she feels like a doll who has everything but not life. She cries and says I m missing Kasturi, she would have made me sleep in her lap and sing lullaby. Vivaan smiles and says I can’t sing lullaby, but I m here, sleep now, I will not go. She sleeps. He thinks if Chakor and Suraj’s marriage is a mistake, why did Chakor not give him divorce, if she helpless, I have to find out reason.

Suraj asks Chakor why is she trying to fly when she came in his trap, now no one can save you. She says you fell so low. He says you made me helpless to do this. He gets close to her and stops, seeing Imli in her. He says Imli…. and leaves her. Chakor gets knife and shows him. Suraj leaves from the room. Chakor cries. She goes out and sits crying. It starts raining. Chakor says how did I fall so weak that I could not protect myself today. She recalls Suraj and cries. Vivaan sleeps by Imli’s side.

Its morning, Chakor beats the punching bag and recalls Suraj’s bad deed. She gets angry and says I will become strong like before, so that Suraj can never do this with me, I will not get afraid of anyone, this is my promise.

Chakor goes to Vivaan’s room and sees Vivaan and Imli sleeping. Suraj says I agree it swapped brides, but why did Chakor refuse to take divorce. Vivaan asks Chakor to say, else it would mean she loves Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. plz update episode quickly,
    now the episode go very interesting

  4. Can anyone plz tell why is chokhor not divorcing suraj

  5. How is suraj blackmail ing Chokhor

    1. jaya suraj is threathening chakor becoz of bhaiya g death he is saying if u will give divorse i will send imli to jail

  6. Chakor vivan ko galr samjegi aur badme surako pyar karegi like thapki

  7. Delshad saifudeen

    I Luv this equations..plz make chakor- sooraj and Imli-vivaan couples..plz writers it’s my request…I luv sooraj and chakor…plzzz.?

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