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The Episode starts with Chakor seeing junk water bottles being sold for money. She gets an idea. Chakor talks to the man and says she will get water bottles. She asks how much money will she get. The man says he will pay 5rs for one kg bottles, and it will be 20-25 bottles. She calculates and says she has to get 125rs. The man says she does good calculations. She says she can help him in calculations. He asks her to leave. She starts leaving. He says if she gets glass bottle, it will be heavy and get more money. She goes and thinks where did she see glass bottle. She recalls the car guy who had wine bottles.

She says he was much drunk than Manohar, she has to find plastic bottles now. She gets many plastic bottles. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………… She talks to a dad and says she has to arrange

money, if he was Sheru, he would have helped her. She recalls Sheru. She says she needs a bag now to take bottles. She gets a rope and ties all the bottles.

The villagers comment on Kasturi being stubborn and not accepting Chakor’s death. Imli says even she does not believe Chakor’s death. Bhuvan asks them to accept the truth. Abha comes there and informs that Chakor is alive. They get glad and asks her again. Abha says yes, she is alive and they all smile. A woman asks Chakor to give all bottles. Munna says Chakor is very smart and getting saved always. Chakor asks the woman to leave the bottles.

The lady says its his area and she pays hafta. Chakor kicks all the bottles and asks her to take the bottles. Chakor says she took it and thrown now. The woman asks her to leave. Chakor goes. Munna comes and Pappu shows Chakor’s pic. The woman says she was just here, catch her and take her. Bhuvan apologizes to Kasturi for not believing her. They see Imli. Kasturi asks Saroj not to believe that Billu is not alive, maybe Billu is also in Mumbai. Imli says yes, mum is right. They all decide to pray for their kids’ safety. Billu is also taken to Mumbai. Chakor thinks they are bandhua of money here.

Chakor sees her face in mirror and cleans her face. She says this glass is bad, and cleans it. She sees Munna and Pappa coming there and prays to Lord. Chakor hides in the same tempo in which Billu is caught. Munna does not get Chakor. He gets Babu’s call and says I will come. He tells Pappu that another kid has come from Aazaadgunj. Babu and his goons reach place to get Billu. Chakor comes out and does not see them.

Arjun tells Abha that he did not see Chakor. The car stops and Chakor comes infront of the car. Arjun and Chakor see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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