Udaan 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Chakor plan a trip

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The Episode starts with Chakor praising Suraj. She says Chagan will learn from Suraj and support Gauri. Kaki says all men are same when its about wives. Tejaswini says its good Gauri agreed to go, you two also go Mumbai. Chakor says we can’t go without Saanvi. Tejaswini says I will take care of Saanvi. Chakor says I won’t be able to go without her. Tejaswini insists. Chakor says I want to be with Saanvi. Tejaswini says every mum is same, I also worry for my Suraj. He jokes all mums are mad like her. She says think how to get Chakor to Mumbai. He asks her to help. Kasturi blesses Gauri and asks her to work hard, make village name shine. Kaki says let her husband permit her first. Chagan comes and asks what’s happening. Ladies leave. Gauri asks how was your day. He says same, tell me what’s going on.

She says Chakor has sent my artwork to Mumbai, they selected me, read this letter. He throws the letter and says wife’s duty is to look after family, don’t listen to Chakor, she is filling poison in your mind. Suraj comes and says no, she is giving her wings, other girls will take inspiration, won’t you like it if Gauri makes her name, ask Gauri if she wants to go, you won’t stop her. Chagan asks Gauri is she happy now, she can go Mumbai and see value of her artistic pieces, she has to manage house after she returns, I came home tired, atleast ask me food. Gauri goes. She works hard and prepares clothes. Ladies look on. Chakor consoles Saanvi. She calls out Suraj. He lights candles and says I was removed the fuse, Saanvi will celebrate with us. She asks why. He says this distance will get us closer, we will stay together. She asks how is this song playing, Saanvi won’t sleep. He says no, I also worry for Saanvi, music pacifies babies and other benefit is baby’s mum and dad get a chance to dance on music. Mere mahiya….plays…. Suraj dances with Chakor.

Saanvi smiles. Suraj says Tejaswini helped me a lot. Chakor says yes, we don’t do anything for her, she asked me to go Mumbai, but I refused, would she feel bad. Suraj says no, one mum will understand another mum, so are you coming Mumbai with me. She says I won’t leave Saanvi alone. Suraj says yes, we will take us along. Chakor asks really, our Saanvi will have an outing, you are best husband. Suraj says you are best wife and Saanvi is best daughter. They smile. The driver asks why did we take this route, its not a good route, we shouldn’t take risk. Imli says I know what to do, what shall I answer in ashram, don’t worry, this route is right. She acts to vomit and makes him stop the car. He says I will get water for you. He helps her. She throws water on his face and strangulates him. Imli drives the car and says I hate people who advice me, I m coming back to make Chakor’s life hell, I will rule again and Chakor can’t do anything.

Suraj kisses Chakor. They smile. Chakor asks Gauri about her work. Gauri says tea fell over the work pieces. Chakor says I will fulfill my promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukor dance with Saanvi was unique and beautiful, they’re so happy now. Chagan is throwing tantrums.

  2. SuKorVi ???
    Loved their scenes and Chakor is so cute.
    Chagan is really irritating me

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