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The Episode starts with Chakor thinking did Vivaan hear me. Imli asks her to go and apologize to Suraj. Chakor refuses. Suraj collides with her. The kids pick the fallen chocolates. Suraj and Chakor sit to pick chocolates and have an eyelock. She apologizes. He does not forgive her. They argue. Imli says stop fighting like kids. Chakor says he is calling me selfish. He says yes, you left me alone in the fair to do good to world, could you not wait for one day, you won’t get forgiveness. She asks how will I get then. He says you have to play game with me, you will get forgiveness if you win. She agrees. Imli thinks who will call them husband and wife, they are like kids.

Vivaan recalls Ranjana and Manohar and cries. He says Vivaan is a cheater and murderer. Ranjana says I have burn that file which

Chakor showed me, else none can save me. Vivaan shouts you have no right to live. Ranjana says where would be that file, it will be in Suraj’s room, I will go and see. She comes there. Vivaan gets angry seeing her. She asks what are you doing here. He says same thing for what you came here and shows the file. She gets shocked.

He throws the papers and says look carefully, it has your crime proof. She says what are you saying, I will leave. He scolds her and holds her neck. He says I will kill you, you killed my Papa, the papers can lie, you can’t lie, I heard you telling Chakor that you killed my Papa, I will not leave you.

She says Chakor stopped me from telling you. He leaves her and asks what did you say. The man says you have to throw ring on the thing, if ring falls on toy, you will get it. Suraj asks Chakor to throw ring at love monument Taj Mahal, if you win, you will be forgiven. Chakor says fine, I will give you love sign. Imli says you can win. Chakor throws ring on the Taj Mahal and wins. Imli says now forgive Chakor. Suraj says this is cheating, maybe you have played this game in childhood, this won’t work, I will give you three chance, you have to win two. Imli says Chakor won, you are cheating. Chakor says let Suraj cheat, what’s the next game. He asks her to come.

Ranjana says I will tell you what I went through, you were young, you will remember your Papa was a servant in this haveli, I stayed in this haveli, but like a poor relative stays, your Papa has no status. Vivaan cries. She says I tried hard to explain him, but he did not understand, I was scared for your future, so I killed your Papa. He gets angry.

Suraj gives the toy gun to Chakor and asks her to shoot 5 balloons, you will lose if you miss one. She asks shall I shoot by right or left hand. She shoots and wins. Suraj sneezes and moves her. She misses aim. He says you had a miss, you lost. She says you intentionally pushed my hand. He says no, I really sneezed, you lost, you still have a chance to apologize. She says take this, enough of your game, I don’t want your apology.

Ranjana says I did what a mum should have done for a son, I killed your Papa just for you. She cries and says yes, I have hidden this truth, I was living with big guilt, but Chakor stopped me. He asks why did Chakor stop you. She says I don’t know, she is your best friend, she kept proof in this file, she is planning something, she never does anything without thinking. He says I will see Chakor later, but you ruined my and my Papa’s life, it has just one punishment. He locks her in room and goes. She asks him to open door.

Vivaan comes back with water pot. He breaks the pot and takes round around her. He says I will do your final rites with all rituals, my mum died much before, that cheap woman died today who killed her husband and also only son’s dreams. She says I will explain. He asks her to shut up. He drops the pot and says I did your final rites, you are just Bhaiya ji’s wife from now on, I m orphan from today. She gets shocked. He leaves. She cries and says what did you do Vivaan.

Suraj asks Chakor did you get scared of small challenge. She says fine, this time game will be mine. He says tell me the game, even I m not scared. She says I will say. They smile.

Ranjana shouts Vivaan. She gets angry and says this happened because of Chakor, she wanted to make me informer by threatening, what will she do now, its Chakor’s turn now, I will snatch Chakor’s happiness, I will never forgive you.

Vivaan says I called you here, you have to help me in Chakor’s murder. She gets shocked. He says one who snatched my smile has no right to smile. Suraj and Chakor have a cycle ride. She asks him what did he want to say her. He thinks to tell her I love you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    Nice epi. but the vivaan story took alot of time space ? Suraj n chakor eyelook n hand touch scene were so cute n romantic ???. The games were fun Suraj was just ? she win. Than he starts to cheat ?? But pyaar ka thofa mila. Imli was gud usual nowadays. Ranjana is playing very bad… dont think she will leave this she will definitely take revenge but if kn is really changing the side to sukor than it will be very interesting to watch. Sukor bonding is strong.
    P.S. I have writrn a Sukor FF its called Sukor a new journey start hpe it will be online n would be nice if u will read n comment on it it is just an Intro yet.

  2. hi guys !!!! I am new to write comment n it is because of my friend as this is her favourite serial…i am not a regular viewer of it but sometimes i watch it when it seems to be interesting…i like his change i.e. From bad to good..i also like chakor as she helped in changing suroj..overall i like their chemistry…not only i but also you all like it.

  3. Janani9789

    Amazing sukor parts…. More than sukor parts there is vivaan and ranjana scenes are more… ??..
    Suraj??how he wants chakor to apologize to him… Very funny….
    Their eyelock gosh… ???
    Suraj still like a kid… Chakor also equal to suraj in this???
    Imli… ??she is right no body will tell that they hubby and wife… ???fighting… Always??
    Their challenges to eachother was.. simply Waah… Old sukor is back… Their tashan… nok- jokes, are amazing.
    . ???
    Vivaan how can he forgot all the good things that chakor done to him?? He became totally villan and selfish… Vivaan is not acting he is totally changed in villan.. Even kn is better… Than this vivaan…???.. The way he is angry while seeing Chakor smiling… In Precap To want to smash her smile… Even kn doesn’t do it…
    I felt really bad for imli… Vivaan become money minded, selfish, now villan who want to kill his childhood friend itself…. ??..
    Ranjana I hate her…. ???
    Precap sukor in cycle??this is more exciting than while they travelled in Jeep together..
    Finally they have some time to spend alone.. By eachother side… ??waiting for that cycle scene…
    Then this week fully idiot vivaan track only????

  4. Awsm epi.suraj babu’s anger n killer smile……bt today i like ranjna ji she did wondeful.n vivan vo to ‘tu-tdak’pe aagye awsm.i feel very bad for imli.n imli unhe khuch pata hi nhi vivan k saath kya ho raha hai.precap was awsm.egrly waiting for their cycle rid n vivan’s next step.

  5. Awesome episode…. Hi all have been a silent reader but have always liked all your comments especially Jannani…. Too Good…cute sukor… Let them fight…. Do whatever but cos no separations pizz… Just more of bonding and trust and of course the cute romances…
    Waiting for the confessions which should be aaaawweh feeling for all sukorians. Waiting for the cycle scene….

  6. hi aanya,tapa, dil d, sukorian, shreya, I wanted to tell u all something I have wrote a shayari so can I post here if u guys have no prblm or allow me to post it.
    reply soon guys.

    1. Sukorian

      Do it waiting for ur shayari?

  7. Please zoya post as soon as u can.gys i wona say smthing that i want vimli back as lov birds n sukor nok-jok more then their romance becz m afraid to their patcup bcz hero-heroin’s patcup means end of the story.n i wona see udan for long time.n nobdy becm a best vilin like sai ji.

  8. today’s epi was awesome bt waiting 4 da cycle ride too romantic

  9. U r right janu pr pata nhi sb dekh k bhi mnn ye manne k liye ready nhi k realy both kn ji n vivan could becm change like this.n u know gys sukor ff ki to raining ho rahi hai bt i lov komaljanu’s ffs.gys u should read all this ffs by sukor,komaljanu,sukorian n others.

  10. Hii evryone……. S ofcourse zoya post ur shayari….v all r waiting dr….thn tdy epic was awesome I mean sukor parts tat eye lock, hand touching scenes r simply superb and both suraj & chakor acts lyk a kids nyc yaar thn ya which imli told about our sukor is 100% true……thn am waiting for tmrws epic tat cycle ride….thn y vivaan changed dis much….he trust evryone blindly if anyone came & told anything he will trust them fully omg wat a character yaar….am sure definitely one day vivaan regret for his behaviour…..waiting for tat day….and aanya am totally agree with ur points even I want vimli back as love birds & our sukor nok- joks….bt u knw wat aanya udaan will end in 2018 dnt knw whether dis information is true r nt bt I read dis information in old udaan page….. Thn zoya plzz post ur shayari as soon as possible….

  11. Yar shreya m also afraid and u make me more.please dear don’t saylike this.it couldn’t hapen.who told u dear.thats y i lov to see only s.i.movies not these serials kabhi bhi khuch bhi jata hai.i promise after udan i’ll not watch other serial.acha tha mai phulwa k baad koi s erial nhi dekhti thi.pata nhi kyoun sai ji ko first epi.mah dekh k iss serial ki ltt lagali.soooooo sad for me gys jiss baat ka dr tha bhi ho raha hai.it couldn’t hapen.realy so sad.gys aap sb log jante ho isse liye coments km ho gye na.not good.i lov udan please please mtt end kro please.

  12. Sreya thode smye phele hi page pe unhone lov confasion k bare mai pucha or aap se yeh news mil gye.wht hepening gys.shreya,janu,tapa,zoya,dil d,laaraib,sukorian,shruthi n other gys u should coment there.

    1. Janani9789

      Don’t believe all this guys…. And aanya don’t worry yaar… It will run more over episodes…. Show will be run more…. It’s not confirmed… So don’t worry..
      Even I also love sukor nok-jokes more than romance… So I want CVS to never stop their nok-jokes…

  13. Hey guys do u all remember me or not..? Hey I am afraid that udaan will end.. Plss udaan zindagi bhar chale it’s my favorite serial..
    Coming to the episode I loved their bacho Wale fights, hand touching scene and the precap is Simply awwwwww..

  14. Hey guys can u all tell me who all are from Mumbai..

  15. Sukorian

    Y would they end the drama? Example sasural simar ka is still running ? n udaan has a fresh start with new faces n a different storyline. I hope they dont end it n specially not like swaragini ??

  16. Janani9789


    Upcoming guys chakor Fooling suraj… For April fool??suraj get angry??

  17. Am really sry aanya dr…..even I want too see udaan a long tym….. V hope our udaan team will not end dis serial & each and evrydy they will make something interesting for our (their fans) happiness….thn aanya dr I read tat infrmtn in old udaan (2016) page…..some one told tat page “udaan team already fixed their show ending which is in year 2018″….. Bt I hope dis is nt a true infrmtn so plzz dnt b afraid dr…..nothing will happen ok…. Thn aanya I dnt knw wat u r write in hindi… (” sreya thode smye phele hi page pe unhone lov cnfsn k bare mai pucha or aap se yeah news mil gye”- I try to understand dis dr bt am nt sure….. so can u plz translate dis in english also)…..aanya I just say wat I read in old udaan page tat doesn’t mean our udaan is going off-air soo plzz dnt feel…

  18. Epi was good bt it take more space fr vivan n ranjanana thn sukor which I dnt like. Love sukor parts. Wht happen to vivan ? He easily believes Wht his mum says . I hate vivans character now a days , and feel so bad fr imli. Specially the way he thinks in precap. I jst hp he realise his mistakes. On tht day he ll regret more. Excited to see sukors cycle ride.so sry I guys I gt late to reply bt Wht abt others? Shreya is tht news (udaan will end ) is true? N tht also 2018. I hp it wnt.

  19. sruthisreeya

    Actually I couldn’t watch it on yesterday and now I’m watching its retelecast on 4.30pm … It was a nice episode ihate vivan.. How can he believe that blo*dy ranjhana and doubt his childhood friend… He knew her since childhood then how can he do this to her…
    I like the precap of sukor cycle ride waiting for that.
    And yes zoya you can write your shayri here…

  20. Janani9789


    Another one same chakor Fooling suraj…

  21. Zoya of course post it soon. Waiting fr tht. Aanya why do u say tht hero-heroins patch up means end of story. I dnt think it will happen in udaan cz it has different themes which creative writers culd gt into to nt like other serials . In other serials it is nly n theme which thy r into n thy mk it long with different themes which r nt connected to the main.. Plus in udaan their creativity is unique which thy cn lead into many themes interconnected to main . So I jst hp like other serials thy will nt end after hero-heroins patch up which will tk away their uniqueness.

  22. Thnx janu for the link n u r right that i shouldn’t belev.i know gys i becom ur headace on this page.m an idiot who always make truble others.n shreya dear no need to say sory.n i said in hindi that befor smtime they asked about sukor lov confasion on this page n then i got this news from u.n i think u all should coment there.n i said after this serial i’ll try not to watch other serial.m ok with my s.i.movies.sooooo sory please forgive me gys i don’t wona hurt anybody.

  23. U r right dil d n ofcose sona i couldn’t forget anybdy.actualy m hapy that u all gys coming back.gys my exams are going to start again on 1st may.please gys sia,angel,keema,nitz,varshu,aqua n others come back soon.serial becom intersting day y day.please gys.

  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhV4iiBTi2I
    Chakor made suraj april fool where as being fooled he was planning to give chakor phool out of the money he gets after filling water. so innocent suraj!!!

  25. Noo aanya nthng lyk tat….u jst say wat u feel….u never hurt anyone dr….and no need to say sorry also…..nd tanx for d link janani & subi…and dil d & other guys dnt b afraid i just say wat I read in tat old udaan page….v all r cmntng dis page na similarly on tat old page some people say lyk tat which is nt cnfrmd….so dnt b afraid guys….and i really agree with ur cmnt sukorian tat stupid ssk is still running thn y nt our udaan…finally. if anyone hurt by my cmnt which i snd before am really sry for tat guys……..

  26. No aanya dnt think like tht it isnt a trouble infact i like to read every ones comments. No need to say sorry aanya neither shreya . Its gd tht u guys r commenting otherwise its becoming less comments n no topic to talkas well. Dnt feel bad abt it

  27. Divyashankar

    Hey don’t worry udaan trp is good it won’t end it’s run longer time dis r all rumours don’t believe dis till last moment I wait for swaragini but I don’t know y it’s end without any confirmation from team leave tat one vote for udaan and sukor I don’t know in colour page all r voting for meghana and surabhi not for chakor even best jodi hayya and transhi tat dis etc so I don’t know who win but I want one or 2 award to udaan

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