Udaan 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Roshni calling Chakor bandhua hen and everyone is shocked seeing this. Chakor smiles. Imli asks everyone do they need to see anything else. Suraj comes and asks Roshni what is she saying, and manages the situation. Lakhan shows a hen and Roshni says oh, that’s the bandhua hen. Roshni says sorry Chakor, I thought you were making me eat hen, and hugs Chakor. Chagan asks Imli did she get them to show this. Imli says no. Chakor tells everyone not to trust Roshni, as she is trapping her.

The principal comes and greets them. He says Ram Navami wishes and smiles seeing the kids. Chakor and everyone greet him. Kishori says she will tell him to take Chagan and remove Chakor. Kasturi cries and says they will trouble Chagan also, don’t say anything. Kishori argues and tells the principal

to give admission to Chagan and cancel Chakor’s admission. She says she did not keep her promise and cheated them, by not teaching any kid of the village.

Lakhan asks what is she saying. The principal says this can’t happen to remove someone and get another, she is smart and will teach everyone, I assure this on her behalf, she has exam pressure and she needs some time, she has to study a lot in less time, pray for her. Tejaswini thinks Chakor will study when she lets her. Its night, Chakor sits to study. Chakor feels sleepy and shouts. Laali puts water on fire by her shout, and scolds her.Chakor goes to wash her face. Laali ignites fire by Chakor’s books. Chakor runs to her and takes it. Her hand burns and Laali asks is she mad, who will ignite fire now. Chakor argues with her. Laali says go from here and study, if Tejaswini gives any work, then how will she study.

Chakor puts her hand in hot water and says how will I study now. Laali tells Tejaswini that Chakor can’t study now, her books and hand burnt. Tejaswini says she is very smart, she can study from the burnt papers too. Laali sees the nail colors and Tejaswini scolds her, asking her to make Chakor do the work which she told her, her work should end before she goes school else… Laali says I understood you won’t let her go to school. She gives her nail colors and Laali gets glad.

Chakor recalls Abha and how she used to take care of her. Abha asks her to rest, as she has high fever and she has to study, and asks Aditya to read the lesson to Chakor and she will memorize. Aditya says fine and reads it. Laali brings red chillies and calls Chakor. Chakor asks what. Laali asks her to grind all chillies and fill in pots. Chakor says how can I do this now, my hand is burnt and I have exam now. Laali says its your problem, you promised them you will do work first and then school, do the work now. Chakor worries and thinks how will she do both the work now. Tejaswini looks on and thinks she will see how Chakor studies.,

Chakor grinds the chillies in stone traditional pot, and studies side by side. Dheere dheere……………. Udaan hai………….plays………………She recalls Aditya and thanks him for showing her the way. Tejaswini says Bhaiya ji would have been glad if he was here, Chakor can’t give exam tomorrow, villagers will make her leave school and then no education. She says she will be our bandhua and lying in some corner. She talks to his pic and says good night. She hears Chakor studying maths table and is stunned seeing her from her window.

The servants see her and say she looks a ghost. Laali says she is memorizing tables, leave her, do your work. Chakor says tables and does work too, and coughs by the chilli dust. Tejaswini sees her and smiles, seeing her getting unwell. She thinks the game is on and its much fun.

Chakor asks teacher for more papers, and teacher gets chits with her. She asks is she cheating and principal suspends her from school. Chakor is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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