Udaan 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj gathers evidence against Ranvijay

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The Episode starts with Preeti arguing with Ranvijay. He angrily holds her neck and scolds her. Suraj asks Chakor not to stop Ranvijay, he is recording everything. Ranvijay breaks the music system and asks Preeti to dance now. He goes. Suraj shuts the door. Chakor hugs Preeti and says you did a brave act today. Preeti says I m glad. Suraj says this is our first proof against him. He plays video and shows them. He says we have to get more such proof. Imli says there is something going on in Ranjana’s mind, I saw her getting letter from Suraj’s room, when I checked the letter, I read Pakhi’s letter, it looked she has kept the letter for me, today she went to my mum to say something, she got silent seeing me.

He asks what do you mean to say. She says Ranjana learnt something big, she is restless.

He says it means she is going to play a small game, don’t worry, I know her well. She laughs and says you think you know her well, I think everyone knows her except you. He gets angry on her. He says I m her husband, I know her. She sees Manohar’s pic and says she was not your wife since always. He asks what, you are saying nonsense, she was Manohar’s wife before, after he died, I took her responsibility. She removes the garlands from Manohar’s photo. She asks what does this mean, his soul will be restless, you married his murderer. He gets shocked. She says you think you are clever, you have given her power and money, which she wanted, she killed her husband and trapped you. He asks what nonsense. She says I m saying truth.

Ranvijay comes downstairs and scolds his mum. Suraj records. She says fear has made us helpless, you have become a devil. Ranvijay slaps her. Suraj gets shocked. Chakor holds her. Ranvijay scolds his mum. He shouts none goes against me. Chakor says she got you in this world, you will burn in hell, Lord will never forgive you. Ranvijay says I will punish one who goes against me. He goes. Suraj says I will not leave this mad man, I can’t believe a son can slap his mum, my mum did wrong work, but I never think of slapping her. Ranvijay’s mum says don’t spoil your plan, I m glad you got a proof against him, I don’t regret now, you are doing right. Chakor says we can’t stop, I will also get ready to become target, but I will expose him and send him to mental asylum, we will try tomorrow morning.

Bhaiya ji throws things in anger. He gets the gun and asks what did you say, everyone knows, Suraj and Chakor also know Ranjana is Manohar’s murderer, I didn’t know this. He recalls Manohar’s death. He gets angry on Ranjana. Imli smiles. He says Ranjana killed my brother to get my power, she is gone. Imli stops him. He says move from my way, I will kill her. She says your anger is your problem, you didn’t love Manohar that you are going mad for him, you did foolishness by marrying Ranjana. He asks what are you saying. She says we have to know what does Ranjana know, then we will think what to do. She takes gun from him and asks him to do anything without the gun. He says fine, I will kill her. He goes.

Its morning, Ranvijay talks to Imli and says don’t know did they really go mad, they never did this before. Imli says Chakor is behind this, I told you before, it can be big planning. He says fine, I will be more alert. He asks them about food. He sees food and gets angry. Suraj records. Ranvijay asks about different food made. His mum asks him to have what’s made. He asks her does she want to die soon. He warns them. Preeti says we know you want to take revenge by killing Suraj. He shouts Preeti. He asks who is feeding this in your mind, its fine, I will not feel bad, its bhai dooj today, have this aarti plate, do my aarti and tika. He stays cool. Chakor says why is he talking with love. He asks them not to think of breaking traditions. He shouts. Preeti sees Chakor. Preeti scolds him and refuse to do his aarti. He gets angry. He laughs and asks what, you don’t want to celebrate bhai dooj, its fine, my love spoiled you all.

He says its fine, did I force you till now, never, I will go. He goes. Chakor gets shocked. Ranjana cries seeing Vivaan’s letter. She says I never thought Imli will do this with Vivaan, I will save Vivaan, even if Suraj doesn’t come back, this letter will get Imli punished, I m not so weak like people think. Bhaiya ji hears her.

Chakor says he didn’t do anything, we have to provoke him. Chakor stops Ranvijay. She asks how did you feel to get the same pain back, accept defeat, your sin pot is full, you can’t do anything now. Ranvijay gets angry. Chakor says fear ended now. He asks do you think I can’t take revenge, I get what I want. He asks Preeti and Kavya will they do bhai dooj ritual or not. They refuse angrily and throw the aarti plate. He gets angry. He goes and gets gun from drawer. They get shocked.

Ranvijay’s mum begs him to stop. Suraj’s phone gets off. Chakor asks him not to get mad. He says I can take anyone’s life when needed, I feel Chakor has right on you all, not me, I will give a gift to you all. Suraj checks his phone. He asks his mum what to give gift, shall I shoot your daughters or would be bahu, who is igniting fire in our happy family. Suraj gets shocked.

Ranvijay shoots. Chakor shouts Suraj. Suraj looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If they plan something y didn’t he charge the phone… heights of stupidity… hate this track…

  2. Sukorian

    poor Ranjana hate imli stupid kn. poor sukor

  3. I liked the episode, not as much as yesterday’s but it was still good. The only disappointing part is that Suraj couldn’t record Ranvijay with the gun. Hope KN doesn’t tell Imli about Vivaan’s letter, he can then play games with her like she does with him.

  4. OMG! What’s happening? I don’t want this to happen to Ranjana she’s reformed. Hope none Preeti , kavya or Chakor are shot. RV and Imli! Hate then to the core.

  5. seerat agarwal

    very good.

  6. Sukorian


    new promo chakor will loose the child… I think so

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