Udaan 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with media asking Chakor who wants to kill her husband. Chakor says Suraj is hot tempered and fought with some men, don’t know who tried to kill him, Bhaiya ji told me. They ask Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says I don’t know. Chakor says when I know, I will inform media. Bhaiya ji says I promise, I will inform media if I get to know who is doing this. Chakor says its my first Diwali, I will go and celebrate with my husband, happy Diwali. Media wishes her and leaves. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Chakor holds Suraj’s hand and steps inside the haveli. She steps on the glass piece and removes it. She says its just a glass piece, which I removed, come. Suraj looks at her and recalls how he dragged her out of the haveli. Chakor’s bleeding feet leaves red footprints on the floor. Mangalam…….plays…………..

Chakor takes Suraj to their room.

Ragini says Chakor saved Suraj today, how will she save Suraj when she does not stay in haveli tomorrow. Bhaiya ji goes. Ragini says Chakor, you ruined my plan and my Papa got angry, I will teach you a lesson first. Suraj sits worried. Chakor asks Suraj’s servant to take care of him, she will go and find Tejaswini. She goes and sees Tejaswini tied by ropes. Tejaswini asks Chakor to save Suraj. Chakor says don’t worry Suraj is in his room. Tejaswini runs to see Suraj and asks are you fine. Suraj says your husband tried to kill your son again, I will not leave him now. Tejaswini says no, don’t do anything. Chakor asks Suraj to take rest now.

Chakor asks Tejaswini not to worry. Tejaswini and servant go. Vivaan and Imli come worried. Imli hugs Chakor and asks what happened, villagers said about you going to save Suraj. Chakor says Bhaiya ji and Ragini made plan to kill Suraj. She tells everything and says if I did not come today, they would have buried Suraj in that grave. Imli says you did brave thing, but they will try to kill Suraj again. Vivaan says yes, today you saved him, what will happen tomorrow when you go back to village. Chakor thinks if Suraj’s life falls in risk if I go, I have just one way to save Suraj.

Bhaiya ji throws things and says I can crush Chakor like an ant, all my planning got bad. Ranjana says you will get many chances, calm down. Bhaiya ji throws pillow and asks who is Chakor, I will kill her, she is my bandhua. Ranjana says Chakor was your bandhua, you got rule on village, but Chakor is free. He says I really forgot this, now I have to settle scores with Chakor first, when I applied stamp on her hand when she was a little girl, she did not cry, this time I will do something that she hit her head and cries, see what I do.

Its morning, Chakor sees Suraj sleeping. Chakor gets ready and wears her jewelry. She recalls Imli and Vivaan’s words. She thinks she wll not let Suraj die by their enemies, even if she has no relation with Suraj, she can’t put him in risk. Bhaiya ji asks a man to make a stamp. Chakor thinks I will become Suraj’s Kawach and not let him die by Bhaiya ji and Ragini’s hands. She recalls how Suraj wiped off her sindoor. She applies the sindoor.

She thinks this sindoor is oath that I won’t let Suraj die by Bhaiya ji’s hands. Mangalam…….plays………….. She takes her mangalsutra. Suraj wakes up and sees her. He asks what are you doing, you should have not come back in haveli. She says you should thank me and instead you are taunting me, do you want to die by Bhaiya ji’s hands. He says I did not mean it. She asks what do you think I m going. He says I freed you and stopping you to stay as my wife, why do you want to stay here. Bhaiya ji says this is great bandhua stamp. The man worries. Bhaiya ji says this time it will be something different, so I m changing stamp.

Chakor says I have seen how much you can take care of yourself, I took a decision I will stay in this haveli as your wife, I will get right when I have sindoor and mangalsutra of your name. Ragini looks on. Suraj helps her and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Bhaiya ji says life will be worse than death for one who get this stamp. He laughs aloud.

Ragini gets angry and goes. Chakor says Suraj, till I stay here as your wife, I will protect you, I won’t let you die. Suraj looks at her. He asks why are you doing this, why do you want to risk your life for me, we know we don’t want to stay together. She says yes, but we both are Bhaiya ji’s enemies, enemy’s enemy is friend, so I m keeping friendship, anyone’s life is precious to me, yours or villagers’, I will try to save your life by using my celebrity power, don’t think I m burden, I will stay till I get proof against Bhaiya ji to send him to jail, I m sure we will get proof soon, then I will go from here, till then I will stay here as your wife and protective shield. He says maybe you don’t need to stay as my shield for much time, Bhaiya ji will go somewhere else before going to jail. She asks what are you thinking. He says nothing till now, you go downstairs if you want, I will think what to do.

Vivaan scolds Bhaiya ji and Ranjana for planning to kill Suraj. He says he understood Ranjana’s plan now. Imli and Bhaiya ji ask Vivaan to be quiet. Ranjana asks Girja to serve food, what did Tejaswini make, first check it, if she added poison. She asks Imli to serve the food as she is their bahu. Chakor comes and stops Imli. They all look at Chakor. Chakor says Ranjana ji, tradition will be kept, I will serve food, I m bahu of this house, Bhaiya ji’s only son’s wife, I will serve food to my Saas and Sasur, Bhaiya ji was not there at my marriage time, when he came back, he saw me as his wife, I will take nek. Bhaiya ji says enough of drama, don’t do this acting, do this drama with Suraj. He throws the plate angrily.

Chakor says Sasur ji, don’t say this, you heard when bahu comes, she comes in doli and goes in Arthi, I will live here all my life with my husband. Bhaiya ji says fine, I will fulfill your wish. Chakor says our cat and mouse game is 20 year old and will not end so soon. He shouts you are my bandhua and will be my bandhua. She shouts I m not bandhua of you and anyone, thanks for this stamp, I don’t forget my duty, my courage will get strong, you forgot I always made you lose, I will make you lose always, sit peacefully and have food. He says I will do such state of yours, that you won’t forget, you will get your Nek soon. She says we will see who goes from this haveli, me or you, don’t forget you can’t do anything.

Tejaswini, Vivaan and Imli smile. Vivaan says Chakor, you did good, now it will be fun in this game, I got interview call, I have to go, hope Ragini did not do something. Chakor asks him to go and not worry for Imli, I m with her and will take care. He thanks her and says I will come back soon. Suraj looks on. Imli holds Chakor’s hand and says you are doing good for Suraj, why are you sacrificing your happiness for other’s happiness. Chakor says sometimes, it gives happiness to save someone’s life. Imli says fine, I will keep eyes and ears open to know Bhaiya ji’s plan. Suraj says Imli and Chakor are worried for my life, there is one way to end this danger, that is to throw it from the root.

Ragini says how can I do such big mistake, I left proof against me, if Tejaswini and Suraj can’t be forgiven, I will also be punished. She slaps herself. Bhaiya ji comes and asks what are you doing. Ragini says I did big mistake, Chakor got to know my plan and we could not kill Suraj, beat me Papa. He asks her to come to senses and hugs her. He says you punished yourself, its over now, its my mistake, humans do mistake, I did big mistake by trusting Vivaan, he had sent me to jail, we should not think of Suraj, we should think of Chakor, she has come back in this haveli, we have to make her leave from here, she is claiming rights, how to kick her out. She says wait Papa, and gives Chakor and Suraj’s divorce papers. She says they both signed on this, we have to submit this in court, then we will see how Chakor stays in haveli. He smiles seeing it.

Ragini and Bhaiya ji tell everyone about Suraj and Chakor’s divorce.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tejaswiteju

    Wow as it is said that today’s episode is really surprise.i really loved it the way Chakor see Suraj.chakor is back to haveli.i think the game starts now and sukor love track is started as all the entire fans are waiting

  2. Good episode and yeah chakor all rituals and love it when suraj helps her wear a mangalsutra both of them like each other but still dnt want to admit it

  3. Right tejaswi.Chakor s grihapravesh is apart from the others.Love to see that suraj makes chakor wear her mangal sutra. I think today is the starting of their love story

  4. The shows getting really good but the dead bodies just disappeared in a short amount of time, makes no sense

  5. Anita Kapoor

    Sukor are so CUTE!!!

  6. Amazing! Chakor is back and will teach ragini and bhayaji a lesson and sukor love story will start.

  7. Lot of sukor scenes .i luv it so so so so much.they’re really so cute.especially chakor looks so beautiful in that dress.suraj always handsome.perfect couples ever.im eagerly waiting for next episode,cant be patience.

  8. sukor is happening

  9. I saw the new promo will Suraj kill chakor ?

  10. Finally sukor love story is getting started

  11. Luved it….its just the beginning of their luv story….I’m just waiting for that moment when sukor will propose each other….

  12. nice epi…thnx for written update!!

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