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The Episode starts with Vivaan and Ragini leaving from haveli. Ajay and Chakor look on. He says if we get info, it will be easy for us, I think your support is good shagun for me. She says its good shagun for both of us. He says for both of us, I like that. They follow Vivaan’s car. Chakor falls towards Ajay. He looks at her. She asks him to take left, where is he lost. He says sorry, I lost balance. Vivaan and Ragini reach chemist. Chakor says I will go after them, I can give excuse if I get caught, else they will doubt on you. He asks her to go.

Ragini takes the medicines. Vivaan smiles. Ajaya says we have to find out. Chakor says I will find out. Vivaan pays money. Ajay says we will follow them. Chakor says no, they can change plan if they know we are following. He asks what shall we do. Vivaan

and Ragini leave.

Suraj sees mangalsutra and recalls Suraj’s words. Chakor comes out of car dicky and says I will see where they have come. She sees haveli and says why did they come here, whom are they giving injections, Imli? She runs to see. She hides. Vivaan prepares the injection. Ragini asks him to hurry. Vivaan says its matter of few days, then this injection won’t be needed, Bhole will manage, come. They go upstairs. Ragini turns to see. Chakor hides and follows. A vase falls by her hand. They see Chakor and get shocked. They hide the medicines.

Ragini asks what are you doing here, you have no right to come in haveli, after divorce with Suraj, all your relations broke. Vivaan says Chakor has come to meet her ex husband, Chakor is great, and Suraj is cheap. Chakor says I heard Suraj is not fine, I came to meet him. Vivaan says sure, do you remember the room, I will drop you, Ragini you go. Ragini goes. Vivaan takes Chakor to Suraj’s room. Suraj recalls Chakor stopping him from drinking wine. Suraj asks why shall I not drink. Vivaan asks Chakor to go in. Chakor thinks what will Suraj think seeing me.

Vivaan asks her will she go or should he knock. She enters the room. Vivaan goes. She sees Suraj holding wine glass. He says Chakor you came to see how I m spoiling my life. She asks did you lose so soon, you started drinking wine again. He asks how does this matter to you, you made your goal, I made my goal, this wine bottle, why did you come here, to see me and advice. Mahiya…..plays…..

Suraj holds her. Chakor says I came to take my shawl. Suraj asks at this time of night? She says I was feeling cold. He asks in summer? She says leave my hand. He says I m your husband, I know you more than yourself, why are you lying. She says no, you are not my husband. He asks who said, that mute papers. A bottle falls. They turn to see. She makes him away and says stay in your limits. She takes her shawl and says people like you never fulfill promise of love and support, you promised you will never drink, you broke that promise too, you were always a cheat. She goes. Suraj takes wine bottle and throws it. He shouts I m not a cheat, I will prove this one way.

Vivaan comes to Bhaiya ji’s room. He says I heard oldies become children after certain age, see the injections these days, it can make anyone a child. Ragini smiles. Chakor thinks how to find out whom are they giving injections, it can’t be Suraj, Imli and Bhaiya ji are left, where is Imli. Ragini asks Vivaan to do this work. Chakor sees Imli and says are they with Bhaiya ji. She runs upstairs. Vivaan gives injection to Bhaiya ji. Chakor sees this and gets shocked. She thinks so this is the secret of Bhaiya ji’s madness.

Ajay stops Chakor. Suraj looks on. Ajay says its not right time to do anything for Bhaiya ji. Chakor leaves. Ragini says I got to hear many stories about them. Suraj holds Chakor and asks did anyone else come in your life so soon, you got friendly with inspector.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukor were soo cute. So Tha want surj meant

  2. There is nothing much for suraj to do in the serial.. all has something to do.. even that is good or bad.. vivan ragini kn chakor all has some significant roles… now ajay also…but as the lead role suraj don’t have anything to do.. whatever he does go wrong also… just to have a husband or bf for chakor, suraj is there. Now coming toto know the secrets, chakor is getting to know everything.. when will suraj get something to do for himself.

  3. https://www.wattpad.com/374056734-sukor-dard-wala-love-character-sketch
    Hi guys these all r links of sukor ff and guys who ever r interested in reading these ff’s visit wattpad there u can find so many sukor ff’s not only ff’s but u can even also so many sukor os and ss @aanya di I hope now u r so happy but u know the one which I was searching I did not found those ff on wattpad wo mera favourite ff tha pata nahi achanak kahan gayab hogaya that ff story is totaly different from serial and other ffs in that ff chakor is reporter and suraj is lawyer please if u found those ff then please tell me wo ff k pure 36 parts the but still it was incomplete I m missing that ff so much and by sharing links I did not do any favour on u ok q k chote kabhi bhi bado pe favour nahi karte samajh me aagaye na mere ye baat

  4. Sukorian

    Again i didnt watch but could Imagine the sukor scene. @sonia u r totally he has no key role anymore lets wait someday hope in the near future his role get more importance again.

    1. Sukorian

      Yeah i remember the writer of the ff felt sick i think something happened so they delete it.

  5. Why aren’t chakor and suraj talking? What happened between imli and vivaan

  6. I loved the sukor scene and guys its true every1 has a key role except for suraj but i think suraj will get somthing big soon for now cvs want ajay to fall for chakor deep and thats wen suraj will start taking action i think after next suraj will get into action guys i really miss sukor working together wen kamal came bk wen they went by yugesh and delhi i loved it wen they worked together cvs will show ak47 and chakor scenes but chakor only will see him as a friend guys ajay and chakor will be after ravaan so i think suraj will focus on the gun factory cuz idk if its true thier is a spolier that thr kids devlop an allergy and suraj finds out so i think suraj will help pakhi and then chakor will start working with suraj cant wait for tommrow episode

  7. It’s always nice to see Sukor together even if the scenes are painful. Agree with everyone, Suraj should have a role to play in fighting for the freedom of Azaadganj and in solving the baby mystery, it’s unfair to his character that he only sits longing for chakor.

    1. Yh nemo totally agree vivaan has goals imli has a goal to try convince vivaan chakor is trying to fight for the baasti and misses suraj but currently suraj is the only one that is really doing nothing much but i think its part of the track we will see a more emotional suraj we will see his feelings more for chakor cvs will try to make thier lover deeper and suraj will potray these feelings more than chakor cuz chakor is angry and heartbroken after what suraj did so now he will want to show chakor he is not wrong and will get angry seeing chakor with ak47 and ak47 was brought in to make suraj jealous cvs will do somthing with suraj soon

  8. Wow wow wow epi.bt bcz of sukor.vivan is so bad n clvr.finly chakor found that ravaan milke kn ji ko pagl bna rahe hai kb hoga kn ji supr dhmaka.i don’t like the way how ak47 always staring chakor its so much iritating bt ok i know its important to reunin our sukor.precap’as also intrsting.waiting for next epi.

  9. @lily ofcos m so so so much hapy u know wt maine aapka dia pehla link dekh k he wtpad dawnlod kr liya tha or mane ye sari stories i mean ff dekhe bt mai abi mala wala ff hi pd rahi ek baat bolu aap jo ff dhoond rahe ho uska naam kya hai?n thanku thnku thnku sooo much for this new sukor world. Jitna thnku bolu utna cm.

  10. Aanya di that ff name is sukor ff uska koi title nai tha I think the writer of that ff remove it from the site but if u find it with another name then ples tell me in that ff chakor and aditya are best friends and they are going to get married because their parents are forcing them but they don’t want to get married and in that ff suraj name is also different I mean his name is not suraj rajvanshi and u know wattpad ki tarah india forums bhi ek site hai is pe bhi sukor k bohot sare ffs hai there’s no need of saying thanku because ur just like my elder sister or elder friend u know in my school mere sare friends ek dialoge bolte kya maloom friendship me no sorry no thanks

    1. Sukorian

      i read this one actually i read all of them before i found the ff on this site

  11. I dnt understand in promo they r showing different n different track is gng on. When imlis pregnancy truth reveal to chakor n Suraj’s innocence wl come out waiting for that.

  12. M also waiting aditi don’t no when it’ll be [email protected] ok dear n i’ll try to find.n dear mere paas thnku k elava tume dene k liye or khuch nhi ples acept my thnks.i know onething mujhe dialoge k bare mai to nhi pata pr itna pta hai thnku n sory se bonding strong hoti [email protected] wt hapen to u gys r u all fine.ab to apke fev.sukor scene chl rahe hai so now wt u want n sory if i bored with u my useles talking bt i mis u gys shreya di,dil d,shruti di,mama,zoya,tapa,philo,aria,laraib,sia,janu,angel,nitz,shasha,aqua,ammi,philo,kkkk,nidhu di n sukorian.noadays jst tippu,nemo di,lily n sunny bs yeh loge hi ache se cment krte hai.track to itna boring blki bilkul bhi boring nhi hai so wt hapen to u all.i promis i’ll never bore u again.i’ll coment jst 1 time n jst about epi.ok bt ples come back.sory if u hurt with my words.

    1. Hi di how r u and yeah big hi to all my sister’s in tu page I missed a lot.

      So aanya di yah the current track is very interesting I love it .

      Who the hell said u r talking useless things we all know u r so sweet.the things u r talking t not useless infact I always love to read it comment but what to do many things I can’t understand in it comment as it is in hindi.but really I always like to read ur comment.u never bore is so don’t say like this again samje aapko ( is this correct )

      1. Sukorian

        wl back where have u been?

  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/BUywX7KhT8p/?tagged=sukor&hl=en
    Guys newspoilers
    Hey aanya di don’t say like that I just want that u all that consider me as ur little sister because u know I m not having any sister to talk I m alone I m only having one sister with whom I share everytning but u know we meet only twice in a year

    1. So cute i love thier fights really cant wait to watch these episodes and guys i wrote a one of ff plz check it out

    2. Thanks for sharing

  14. Hi philo u don’t know me but I know u by the way from so many y u r not commenting and I think u want to say do u understood so its not samje aapko its samajh gaye na aap

  15. Hi philo r u fine? dear m hapy that u r comenting.after a long time haan.

  16. Guys new spolier after suraj helps chakor wash his feet suraj goes bk to the haveli and goes in ravaan room he finds the injection and finds out that ravaan are the ones that made kamal mad guys i think suraj will expose kamal being mad track as chakor cant gather much cuz she is not living in haveli and maybe kama may be ashamed since suraj saved him and he did alot to suraj guys i think this will bring sukor close even though chakor is upset she has to communicate with suraj to learn about what is happening with kaml

  17. Guys found full spolier wen suraj helping chakorwash her feet he reveals that ravaan made kamal mad chakor is angry and says she and ajay already knew suraj gets really jelaous hearing ajays name but sukor will work together to help kamal chakor will tell suraj to go in kamalroom and hide half the injections ravaan get worried and think the chemist guy gave less injections and guys it says sukor willbe working together

    1. Sukorian

      waiting for this thx for the spoiler ????

    2. Thanks for sharing, I’m happy if they work together miss their cute fights.

  18. Shreya.

    Hi guys….sry for d late cmnt guys….bt I agree with u sunny, nemo, tippu nd all d other Suraj is a lead character bt he didn’t done anything….hope soon v will c some action scenes….

    Abt dis episode…I totally loved sukor’s conversation….hw Suraj holds chakor nd d dialogues r simply superb…chakor finds abt d truth also….interesting precap too…waiting for today’s episode….

    One more thing guys after seeing dis episode am really really happy bcz of one thing….nd d thing is Suraj throws d wine bottle…even he didn’t took one glass of wine before chakor cames to his room…..am sooo happy guys….I trust Suraj alllooot nd my trust is not gone vain…when chakor left d room I prayed god plzzz God stop Suraj from drinking dis wine…nd finally he isn’t drink….nd am Soo happy…

    Finally Philo u r back…nd am happy…try to cmnt here dr ok…

    Aanya dr, don’t say lyk tat….v all love u nd love ur cmnts allot….so u must wrote watever in ur mind nd heart….abt dis episode even I dnt lyk tat Ajay always staring at chakor nd his feelings for chakor is increasing day by day….it’s irritate me also…

    Lily k tanx for d link yaar…. nd tippu thank u Soo much for d upcoming scene…

    Guys anyone saw tat Bttd segment in tdy afternoon….in tat segment Meera,Vj,Paras nd Rajiv sir r celebrating d first anniversary…don’t ask first anniversary for what I really don’t know I just saw dis video in Instagram….so anyone know abt dis thn plzz shae here yaar….

    1. Me too, I’m happy that he threw the bottle away. If he went back to drinking then it would make his redemption feel incomplete. He should be strong and face his troubles bravely.

  19. Shreya.

    Aanya just nw only I saw ur previous page cmnt….nd I think nw u r in nidhi’s home….nd i hope tat u had a happy and safe journey in yesterday…u know wat aanya most of my clge holidays am alone in my home nd d travel timing between my clge nd form house is around 3hours…nd u know wat in my clge days totally 3 r 4 times only I met my parents nd whenever I came to our home (where maa,papa is stayed) am also in alone in d whole journey nd d journey timing is around 12hours…..y am saying dis na u love long journey ryt tats y only..take care of ur health nd plzz convey my msg to nidhi tat I missed her allot nd whenever she got d tym thn plzz tell her to cmnt dis page…

  20. Shreya di i think she is very busy with her project or she doesn’t want to pik my phone u know naa she is still angry with me.u know wt vo aaj aane wali thi bt ab tk koi news nhi unki hope vo kl evening mai aane wali ho.mai bhooa se i mean unki mom se baat krti hu ok.n yes i lv long long long jrny.u know wt di maine ek saath itna saara pani dekha lmbi nehr mai.itne saare monkes.u know di m geting bore bcz nidhu di isn’t here bhooa is also busy her dadi is so sweet actualy nidhu di’s whole family is intresting.maine unke dadu dadi ko phle kbhi nhi dekha tha.intresting family . Shreya di realy u don’t know wt they i mean team udan celebrate di its 8oo epi.going to cmplete on 5th june.mujhe lga tha u all r already know about it.aapne us din mera cment nhi pda tha iss liye to mai aap sb ko congrates bole rhi thi.now m sure u gys geting bore with me thts y u didn’t read my [email protected] hapy 8oo epi.of udan gys enjoy.

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