Udaan 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj meeting Imli. He wishes her happy birthday and asks her to come along. Imli refuses. Suraj leaves. Tina and Chakor meet in marathon and wish each other all the best for the race. Chakor says the best may win. Tina asks everyone not to act clever and play fair. Suraj smiles and greets Tina. He wishes her all the best and tells Chakor that the one who has caliber will win. Tina asks him to go and sit, its too hot here.

Suraj goes to Bhaiya ji and greets the minister. The race begins. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to pray that Rina wins. Suraj says Tina will win. Kasturi and everyone see the race on tv and wish Chakor wins. Ranjana calls Bhaiya ji and tells him about income tax raid, Vivaan is trying hard to stop them, but they are not listening. Bhaiya ji gets shocked. He asks what

are you saying. Minister asks what happened. Bhaiya ji says my wife is scared of a rat and laughs. He asks her to give phone to Vivaan. He tells Suraj about IT raid. He talks to Vivaan and asks whats happening.

Vivaan asks him about the papers. Bhaiya ji says I kept it in locker. Vivaan says you don’t give locker combination to anyone, can you come here. Bhaiya ji asks are you mad, I m in Delhi, how will I come to Aazaadgunj in 10 mins. Vivaan says oh yes, can you tell me locker code, I will show them papers, they will not come here then, they are breaking things and checking in detail, tell me code if you trust me. Bhaiya ji goes.

Vivaan says this is not time to think. Bhaiya ji tells him locker code. Vivaan smiles and ends call. Suraj gets thinking. Chakor gets ahead in the race, but Tina gives her tough competition. Everyone pray for Chakor. Minister says I like Chakor, as she runs well and she is from your village, you will get proud. Bhaiya ji says our village is small, and jokes being worried. Ranjana gets shocked seeing illegal cash. She asks Vivaan to go something. Vivaan says I will get papers from locker. Tejaswini stops him and says you can’t open locker, just Bhaiya ji can open locker. He says let me open locker, there are papers which can save Bhaiya ji.

Tejaswini says you can fool him, but not me, you both are fooling him. Ranjana calls Bhaiya ji and asks him to explain Tejaswini, she is not letting Vivaan open the locker. Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that she won’t let Vivaan open locker. He scolds her and asks her to let Vivaan open locker, he is doing a good thing, I will shoot you. Vivaan goes and opens the locker. He takes papers and smiles.

Chakor and Tina compete towards the end of the race. Bhaiya ji is angry and says IT people are looting my house there and Chakor is looting my respect here. Vivaan shows papers and says it has account of all the cash. The men say the papers look true, why did you not show this before, we want these papers. Vivaan says sure and goes with them. Ranjana smiles and tells Tejaswini that Vivaan saved them. She calls Bhaiya ji and says raid got stopped after Vivaan showed the papers. Chakor runs towards the finishing line. Bhaiya ji wishes Tina wins and cheers for her. Chakor wins the race, shocking Bhaiya ji and everyone. The villagers get glad seeing Chakor’s victory. Chakor smiles. Tina stands shocked.

Bhaiya ji and everyone clap for Chakor. Chakor hopes that everything is going as per plan. Vivaan smiles and says Bhaiya ji is caught badly. Bhaiya ji gets angry seeing Chakor. Minister congratulates Bhaiya ji. People lift Chakor. Chakor sees Tina crying. Media talks to Chakor.

Later, Tina meets Chakor and congratulates her for snatching everything from her. Chakor says trust me, my victory was imp. She thanks Tina. She says I broke my own record because of you. Tina says don’t give credit to me, I don’t need your pity, anyways tell me did you get friendly with Vivaan. Chakor says yes. Tina says lie, you and Vivaan never fought, just remember, if you don’t keep Vivaan happy, I will snatch him from you, you can’t get better guy than him. Chakor says I know, I had pleasure competing with you. Tina says our friendship will not end and wishes her all the best.

Chakor says I love you Vivaan, and he gets shocked. They smile seeing each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. yea we all love vikor & finally chakor won d marathon…what a episode……

  3. wowwwwww yip yip hurrrrraaaayyyy.Viktor love u both.u both r amazing.

  4. guy’s relax… jab tak confirme na ho tab tak toh relax ho jao..kuch bhi ho cakta hea.. yea love confession dream bhi ho cakta hea..

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