Udaan 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor gets caught

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The Episode starts with Vivaan saying I truly loved you, so I came to take you, throw this hatred out, can you become old Imli, who was my wife, who loved me a lot. She recalls their moments and cries. He says fine, don’t answer me, have this gun, this has three bullets, kill me, Chakor and Suraj, then you will get peace. Imli recalls hurting Vivaan and her crimes. She shoots in the air and cries. She shoots all the three bullets. Vivaan turns to her. She cries and throws the gun. She says I ruined your life, even then you are ready to give me another chance, I won’t forget your favor, I will live as you say, just forgive me, I don’t want anything else, I promise I won’t do anything wrong, I just want you, I will throw out all hatred for Chakor, Suraj and others, just give me one chance and forgiveness.

She hugs Vivaan.

He sees Chakor going in the car. He says where is she going. She says this route is dangerous. He says we should follow her, I feel she is going to fall in big trouble. She asks is this necessary, we can go home. He says home is made by family members, Chakor is part of our family. He asks her will she come along. Suraj and Deva reach there. Deva says we should not let anyone know our plan. Suraj sees waiter and thinks he is raw agent. He goes to talk. Deva asks what are you doing. Suraj says I need to talk to Naina, I had a small fight with her. Deva says fine, go and come fast. He goes and asks some people to give a phone, he has to make urgent call. Chakor comes there.

Suraj takes a phone and calls Tejaswini. He asks for Chakor. He asks what, she left. Gumaan meets Colonel. Colonel says you know I m always on time. Chakor looks around and waits for Colonel. She sees Deva with a suitcase and gets shocked. Suraj says let me go in. Chakor calls Abhay and says I m going to Deva. Abhay says don’t do anything, stop. Chakor disconnects. Vivaan and Imli come there. Abhay says he is Suraj’s brother, he can’t go in. He stops Vivaan and Imli. Vivaan says Chakor is inside, her life can be in danger. Abhay says there are other people inside, nothing will happen to her. The waiters/agents sign to Chakor. Chakor says its time for Colonel’s game to end. The officers aim guns at Deva. She asks what game are they going to play. The goons shoot down all the agents. Chakor gets shocked seeing Colonel. Suraj comes there and looks on shocked. Gumaan comes and sees Suraj. He thinks Suraj is my cousin brother, what is he doing here.

Vivaan says Chakor is in danger, let me go. Abhay says don’t worry, Chakor is safe there. Vivaan says she never dealt with such criminals. Abhay says if she faces danger, she will presses the alarm button in her watch. Chakor is about to press the button. Colonel slaps her. Chakor signs Suraj not to step ahead. Gumaan says who is this girl, what’s Suraj doing here, I have to find out everything first and then jump into the ground. Colonel takes the watch and breaks it.

Colonel asks Suraj to kill Chakor, to know how much he trusts him. Suraj aims gun at Chakor. Mahiya….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vivaan is making a big mistake in trusting Imli.
    It’s interesting that Ghumaan seems ok with helping Suraj, I wonder why he’ll turn against him. I don’t like his dialogue delivery, wish the colonel had become the permanent villain instead of him.
    Can’t wait to see how Sukor will escape.

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