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The Episode starts with Suraj praying to Lord. He says I don’t know what’s in her heart, but I can’t lose so soon, our relation is in your hands now. He keeps both rings and leaves. Bhaiya ji tells the man about Chakor, she is a big fraud, she does plan things, she always failed my plans, she is a hurdle, this time I have thrown the thorn away, I will make Suraj work as I say, she will not create any hurdle now. Guard gets Vivaan and says he was hearing your conversation. Bhaiya ji gets shocked.

Kasturi and Bhuvan ask Chakor why did she not tell Tejaswini and Suraj anything when they gave shagun and did engagement. Chakor says I have grown up now and know what’s right and what’s wrong, I have thought well. Kasturi asks her to take her bags and leave. Suraj comes there and says Kasturi is saying

right, this is not your place. Chakor asks him why did he come, leave. Suraj says when you removed the ring and gave me, I felt to suffocate you, I can’t do this, I don’t know why you did this, I just know your place is not here and in that haveli, your place is in my arms. Mahiya…..plays….. He lifts her in arms and takes her.

Chakor asks Suraj to leave her. He makes her sit in the car. Bhaiya ji and Vivaan are on the way. Vivaan says I don’t want to hear anything, you did not change, I can’t believe this. Bhaiya ji says fine, just see account balance, then you will know why I m doing this, we will get poor, what will you do, will you and Imli beg on road. Vivaan asks what’s the profit to make Suraj and Chakor away. Bhaiya ji says Suraj will become minister and then Chakor will not trouble me.

Vivaan says I know you have sent 75 lakhs to someone. Bhaiya ji says I accept this, I have no money to bear haveli people expenses. He thinks Vivaan is very innocent, its easy to fool him. Chakor asks Suraj to stop the car, else she will jump down. Suraj stops the car. He asks why are you doing this, its not my mistake that I m Bhaiya ji’s son, I was taking you to some place where we can make a house, just we will stay there, I will tell him not to interfere. Bhaiya ji says you are sitting at home, think of child’s future, your and Imli’s future, let Suraj become minister, then do anything you want, your ethics, Chakor and Suraj’s love are on one side, other side is your child’s future, decision is in your hands. They reach haveli. Vivaan says I will think and say. He goes.

Suraj says our love world is big, we don’t need anyone, we will make our house ourselves, I really love you Chakor, please change your decision, I can’t stay without you. Chakor thinks of the kids. She pushes him away and asks him to understand, they relation can never join, she does not want him to get away from his family, she wants to go away from him. He asks why are you lying, tell me truth. She says I want to change this, let me go now. He says you could not keep a relation, you are playing with me, you always do this, you break my heart, the result will not be bad, I will cross all limits, you will cry, how could you do this to me. She cries.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini did Chakor break engagement because of him. Imli comes and sees his drama. Imli says I did not see such a liar till now. Bhaiya ji says I will get Suraj’s happiness back. Suraj comes. Tejaswini asks did you meet Chakor, tell me. Bhaiya ji smiles and says its fun to see their drama, Majnu does not know what Laila did. He sees Ranjana smiling.

Tejaswini and Imli ask Suraj to open the door. Suraj shoots. They get shocked. They get inside and see Suraj shooting at the things. Tejaswini asks what’s this madness. Suraj says I will ruin everything that reminds me of Chakor. Chakor sits crying.

Sejal asks Suraj to put efforts and find some way. Harry asks Chakor to fight for her love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    epi was ok but SURAJ PERFORMANCE was THE BEST today he nailed no1 was better than him wow ???? Vivaan can’t say yet… cheap guy how can he even say I will think abt it. If some1 would “kidnap” infront of my parents I think I’m pretty sure they would killed that person…??? what’s wrong she said no respected or atleadt understand it but ok it’s a serial but watching how the own daughter is carried by the man she refused to marry it’s beyond everything don’t know what that cvs doing??

    1. Sukorian

      forgot to mention I loved it when he said in English How coukd u do this to me I was like ????

      1. Loved it!
        Don’t take the carrying part seriously, the know they’re in love and want them to sort out their differences, but I didn’t like that kasturi wanted to kick her out.

  2. What an emotional episode! Suraj’s dialogue at Chakor’s house was amazing. Sukor scene on the road was heartbreaking. Suraj’s expressions and his anger when he returned to haveli were terrifying.

    I hope Vivaan is just buying time and doesn’t turn negative. This is more likely because we know Sukor will reunite this week.

    So KN and Ranjana are back together, they deserve each other.

  3. Sukor bit was so sad and i know vivaan will join kamal he loves money and poor sukor felt so sorry for them cuz srk is coming its kinda obvious suraj will get a clue why chakor did what she did and may understand everything once his anger cools down looks like kamal is back with ranjana and in new olv tejswani kamal and imli go with ristha proposal again by chakor but kamal goes alone and chakor chucks the things away and pushes kamal so that infront of tejswani chakor looks like the bad one and it also sed tejswnai will believe what she sees whilst imli knows the truth if vimli do nothing in this track then i hate cvs cuz sukor did alot for them and i still cant believe every1 thinks kamal changed?

  4. OMG! 2days epi was like woah!! Surj was soo emotional. Hats off 2 VJ man. He was too good 2day. It was so sweet when he said that we will make our own imaginary world where there will only be him and her. Sooo cute. Cant wait 4 Harry and Sejal 2morrow.

    1. I loved that he was ready to give everything up for her. This week will be great

  5. The update is soo late.soooo sad ? for our sukor but loved each part.no vimli scenes only our sukor romance.vj and meera acting was superb they kneeled it.I liked the part when Suraj lifted chakor and said that her place was nowhere except in his arms.loved each and every part of the episode.Vivaan and kn part was so bad ? chakor and imli tried many things to end the distance between the two brothers again Vivaan is putting their effords into waste.how can he fell in kn tricks soo easily.very bad.the precap was good today we get to see harry(SRK) and sejal(Anushka).wow ? waiting for tomorrow episode.speechless about today’s episode……….??????

  6. Vivan overhears KN’s conversation with Ghanshyam; Sooraj takes Chakor that he will leave his family and house to be with her.
    KN goes to Chakor’s house to apologise to her; Tejaswini tells Sooraj that there is a way he and Chakor can be together; Harry and Sejal give advice on love to Chakor and Sooraj
    Sooraj and Chakor profess their love for each other. Later, KN arrives and reminds Chakor about the children. Subsequently, Chakor tells Sooraj that she cannot marry him.
    During his wedding with Chakor, KN realises that Sooraj is aware of his plans. So he leaves the venue and Sooraj proposes to Chakor for marriage.
    Chakor and Sooraj decide to get married in four weeks. Two weeks later, Vivaan and Imli pack their bags and get ready to go camping with Sooraj and Chakor
    guys toi spoliers seems confusing with current track

  7. thanks tippu for the toi new spoliers are very confusing since srk r coming together its clear sukor will unite cuz alot of people rebelled against another separation track its great sukor are bk and are planning to get married maybe for 3rd yr of udaan many r saying after sukor remarrige show will end hope its not true cuz many sites r saying cvs decided to end show on happy note one thing i dont understand is the the camping trip seems bizzar guys i think after 2 week leap that means next week after camping trip sukor will start thier remarrige track with rituals i think during or after sukor marrige kamal will return and do somthing big and i think in vimli camping trip ragini will try harm vimli child cuz of ranjana and kamal smirk i think cvs will bring triomorthi back… but for now i want sukor marrige and then a new fresh plot which involves sukor working together i wonder what inspector ajay will do cuz he is still part of the show wonder what cvs do with him will he side with kamal cuz cvs did hint that kamal realised ajay loves chakor…. what do you guys think….

    1. I do agree di that the camping is a bit bizaar. I mean all of a sudden, theres a camping going on? What about the 7 kids then, what happened to them? Do any of u think that the camping has somehow got to do with the 7 kids. Cuz i do. Idk y but it just seems like it.

      1. Exactly i understand sukor reunion etc and sukor setting a wedding date and i think kamal will relese the kids cuz suraj and every1 finds out bout kamal and it still very bizzar that 2 week leap is happeing and vimli decide to go camping dont make sense that part maybe they go on date or a outing @anu @naya i agree i think kamal and ranjana planned somthing much bigger thats why kamal will disapper without saying muxh hel be bk and really want chakor to get new dresses every1 aka imli ranjana tejswani all have new outfits makeup look and jewellery but chakor has the same hope after marrige chakor gets a new look and i noticed wen suraj was holding a gun he didnt have his mohaar i still find the camping but weird and i also now think trimurthi will be bk after sukor wedding i wanna see a sukor nok jok its been long since iv seen the last one ?

    2. The two weeks leap is there so that the wedding will be on the 18th which is the closest date to the show’s anniversary. I don’t want anymore twists before the wedding, I want 2 weeks of happiness.
      I know Ajay was supposed to be back shooting, but there is no mention of him. Maybe they ended his role, whenever they tried to include him in the story, trps fell. They didn’t even take his help to free the children, Vivaan will do it alone (this can also mean that if he’s back he’ll turn negative)

  8. Guys i always felt vivaan was cheap he hurts anyone for money he hurt sukor and imli alot since suraj changed he had care for vivaan but vivaan dont care bout no1 @sukorian agree how can bhavan and kaustri let suraj take chakor and why does kaustri always do this to chamli if somthing happenes she always kicks them out the house surely she should should know her daughters better guys is it true big boss will replace udaan many rumors suggesting that thats why cvs scrapped kamal plot so sukor and vimli have happy moments and the show end…? but i dont think thats true cuz spoliers always tell a month before if a show is ending and thier are no valid sites saying this its just a buzz that started i think cvs will do somthi g else @piyal i agree i think cvs want happy track cuz its 3rd yr and azaadi month so cvs gonna show sukor marrige which will be with all rituals cant wait to see cuz this time chakor wont be worried thanks @tippu for spoliers i too think trimurthi will reunite thats why kamal disapers he will make a big plan like he did wen he came out of jail so he is gone away to think somthing big until sukor wedding and rajana will update ragini and kamal about whats happening around the house and guys this is why i sed i prefer seeing sukor alone and not with vimli cuz what sukor do for vimli they can never do that for sukor thats why i wanna see sukor get thier own friends etc i dont want vimli around sukor!

  9. Guys the show ending rumors r fake theres lots more to it suraj was amazing and so was chakor loved thier moment and how suraj was ready to leave everything to start his life with chakor only true love vivaan is educated he should know better he should earn himself rather then relying on kamal or suraj ? cant believe he considers kamal and the precap was good finally sukor remarriage guys i think ranjana is with kamal the look they gave gives me goosebumps them 2 have been upto somthing for a long time after sukor marriage kamal is gonna do somthing he got better to do something in many olvs kamal explained hes gonna do somthing that is worser then anything he has ever done…. the upcoming sequenece looks good only thing i didnt like was i wanted tejswani to have a heart to heart moment with suraj alone having imli thier was not nessary (im not hating on imli) and having kaustri and bhavan wen suraj came by chakor iwanted them to have that moment alone to… guys im silent reader and wanted to express my views also loved sukor heart to heart moment many fans on other sites are bashing chakoe but chakor loves suraj just as much she choose suraj over baasti but remembered innocent children getting beaten which is sad atleast chakor in her heart knows suraj is safe but the kids… so sad and sukor have deep love bond sukor love each other as much… seriously cant wait for the marriage track i want it nice and slow with all rituals the engagement and roka seemed abit rushed?

  10. super episode. I like how Suraj talk to Chakor. that was so emotional. Vijay and meera act really good. I don’t want the serial end so soon I want sukor live a happy married life and give birth little Chakor or Suraj. and so it is so nice he can left everything for Chakor.

  11. According to latest paras’s iv he said he wl tell everything to suraj abt kns plan n how he is blackmailing chakor so she is helpless n broke the marriage. Now vivaan wl gO to release the kids n suraj wl handle heres situation. Finally vivaan showed his goodness towards Sukor.

  12. The episode was too emotional… Vj and meera nailed it… Especially vj…hatsoff to him.. Sukors dialogues made me cry… Their scenes at her home and at the road.. Uff I don’t have any words…. They just rocked it.. At last surajs dialogue “how could you do this to me?” Its unexpected.. His anger ..sad…love.. Proud to be a vj fan

  13. And sukors bonding was really nice..suraj knows that chakor is saying lie. And I like that dialogue of him “being kamalnarayans son is not his fault. Does he do any other mistakes say to him.” That was an emotional one. Not just one dialogue every dialogue of suraj is heart touching.. And I feel pitty on chakor.her love towards suraj is visible on her face..but her helpless makes her to do so..she didn’t even look at his face. She always look down while speaking to suraj.. I want to see them always together and the spoilers make me little confused.. But I’m glad that all the problems between sukor is solved…they will face all problems together now..we want to see them together working against kamalnarayan..
    And I hope all the news about the show ending is a fake.I don’t want to end this serial so soon… As aria said I also want to see a little baby of sukor

  14. Hi guys I’m so happy this page is active again.

    I loved that Suraj was ready to leave everything for Chakor, he didn’t hesitate.

    I can’t believe Kasturi was ready to kick Chakor out for refusing to marry Suraj, Chakor has a right to decide her life and Kasturi’s reaction isn’t helping in knowing why Chakor did this.

    It’s true Vivaan will go to Delhi to free the kids.

    I like the idea that the trimurti will reunite after the wedding, maybe Ragini will convince KN that Vivaan was the one giving him injection.

  15. I’ve heard Akshay Kumar is coming on the show to promote his film, maybe that’s why they’re having the camping trip.

    As long as KN and Ragini are free the show will go on.

    1. Yeah its true for the leap so that the marrige is closer and if its true about akshay coming to promote then woah thats alot of promotions its weird cuz i didnt expect vimli to go camping seems bizzar and ik vivaan would tell suraj he was jus buying time from kamal so that kamal dont suspect him cuz vimli and sukor are protagonists even though vivaan had a negative shade just how suraj had before il vimli r gonna be good thats why cvs unite all 4 so that they r a team i also read that after all this all 4 will fight against kamal

      1. Imli going camping so late in pregnancy is a joke. They want screen time for vimli but there are better options than this. The whole camping idea is weird, Sukor should be preparing for their wedding not going on a trip.

        The 4 of them united against KN is far better than MUs and separation. I hope there are no evil plots until after wedding.

      2. Sukorian

        i agree with u nemo being pregnant n then going to camping ? I said something is fishy

      3. sukorian, I don’t like vivaan that much but it’s better to have vimli and sukor united. About Friday’s spoilers, maybe something stops them from going, but Imli should stay at home, not keep running around.

      4. I agree with both of yous at first i forgave vimli after they all patched up but during love confession wen sukor went by imli imli accused sukor of being jealous of her and vivaan and that chakor wasnt over vivaan and suraj is jealous as imli wasnt pregnant with his child whilst she knew sukor had feelings for one another its good sukor r 1 but instead of a 2 week leap i wanted to see sukor scenes and wanna see thier remaarige track with all rituals nice and slow cuz the roka and engagment seemed to rushed instead cvs r making vimli go camping imli in show is 5 month pregnant she has no belly what so ever and i dont get the point of the leap if they do go somewhere i don’t want 2 episodes revolving around thier trip

  16. I’m excited to see my sukor reunion….today epi is emotional….sukor scenes are superb…
    This is week episodes….

  17. https://youtu.be/7fqZyKGbI74

    Guys new olv sukor reunite kamal ruins it and reminds chakor of kids chakor gets anxious and leaves suraj again suraj gets angry again but vivaan comes and tells suraj the truth now all 4 will plan somthing against kamal im proud of vivaan for sticking up for the truth and not keeping suraj in the dark otherwise i would feel sorry for suraj cuz he’s feelings were getting played to much

    1. Sukorian

      yeah maybe the “old” Vivaan is back… still I don’t favour him but At least he helps this time

    2. Thanks tippu, i’m glad vivaan did the right thing. Yes, Suraj’s feeling were played with daily. This tracking is confusing and makes no sense, it’s just a series of twists until the wedding.

      1. I also read in olv that suraj wants to go and support chakor but vivaan stops him after explaining the truth suraj calls kamal a snake and says this time he wont forgive kamal for what he has done to him chakor and his mum chakor will be worried for suraj and suraj will feel guilty for not understanding chakor cuz he shouted at her vivaan and suraj are gonna make thier own plan to save the kids @nemo i agree these twists r until the wedding then i think kamal will get a proper evil track agianst sukor

      2. @tippu, finally the boys get to use their brains. just like chakor apologized to suraj in the last track, suraj will apologize to her in this one. I liked how he threw KN’s watch in the olv.

  18. Sukorian

    aanya I’m angry with u where r u??? ??

    1. Aanya why aren’t you commenting? Are you angry with us?

  19. How can i angry with u nemo di. @sukorian
    Aap gussa mtt ho please mai to bs thoda upset ho gai thi page ko khali dekh ke n u know what maine subha cment kiya tha lectures ke beech mai peek maar k wt vo upload hi nhi ho paya. ????????sory gys i don’t wona hurt u soooooooooo sory please forgive me please.

    1. Sukorian

      gud u r back ? I’m not angry just teasing ?u to make u comment n yeah mere bhi kuch comments upload nahi more don’t know y?

    2. Sukorian

      but 1 thing is making me sad u said u will read the ff on Wattpad but I don’t know u like it or not bcz there is no comment of u ☹

  20. I also seen you I G post in Instagram. really nice to see sukor together. at last vivan get some Aakkal. but I can’t understand how all this problems solve so easily? is the serial ending soon .what is this camp trip? I can’t understand the sequence at all.

    1. Aria, the plot is so confusing, they planned the wedding to be in 3 weeks time and so they’re filling the time with silly plots.

  21. Acha epi.tha wt i feel very very very very sad for sukor bt much for suraj. I think vimli should help sukor right gys.
    Wish vivaan kn ji ka ofer na le agr le to bhi sukor ki help krne k liye. M so confuse n sad. ????????

    1. Vimli will help, don’t worry. Good luck with your studies! We’re not angry but we missed you that’s all. Shreya was asking about you on Friday’s page.

  22. Sukorian

    @nemo I’m so happy u r here ????

    1. ?????? I’m happy you’re back!

  23. Sukorian

    shreya where r u? u disappear too y?9

  24. Imli is helping chakor independently to unite sukor n vivaan also helping sukor smartly by making plan against kn n accepting his offer to fool him but he wl reveal truth to suraj soon n four togetherly wl make plan to release kids n unite SuKor..

  25. @Sukorian mene abhi pda nhi wtpad pe bhi u know na mai jb bhi koi ff pdti hu cment jrur krti hu or mai aapki journey wali story bhi dowara pdugi. Pr agr aap chahe ho k mai yahan ye ff pdu to jrur pdugi OK n u know what mai to aapki follower bhi bn chki hu. @nemo di i lv u di n don’t warri mai yeh page chod k kbhi nhi Jane wali.

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