Udaan 31st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor accepts Imli’s help

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The Episode starts with Raghav recalling Rajji and doing her final rites. Chakor and Raghav cry. Raghav gets angry and says I will kill Akash. Chakor stops him and asks him not to do any crime. She says police will punish Akash and stop him from doing further crimes, I know you can’t kill anyone, I know there is an innocent child in you. He throws the sickle and says I m helpless, I want to get justice for Rajjo. Imli comes and says I m ready to file complaint against Akash, just permit me once. Chakor says I permit you, file the complaint, I accept your support, this fight is of Dharm and Adharm, you have to save Dharm by following any fair and unfair means, get Akash punished that he remembers all his life. Imli gets glad and cries. Chakor asks her to swear on the pure fire. Imli says I will clean the

stain on myself, I will repent on my sins. They hold hands. Raghav holds their hands too. Raghav says now Akash will have his end. Udaan hai….plays…. Chakor and Raghav come home. Chakor says Anjor, I need to talk to you about Rajjo, her relative is unwell, so she went back to her village, she said she will come back soon.

Raghav says yes, she said she will come back soon, she asked you not to get sad. Anjor cries and says yes, Rajjo told the same to me. Chakor asks Anjor why is she crying. Anjor says my friend told me everything, whatever happened with Rajjo. Chakor cries and hugs her. She says if we knew about her, why didn’t you tell me. Anjor says I didn’t say because of daddy, he asked me to stay strong. Raghav says crying doesn’t make anyone weak. Anjor asks him to promise that he won’t leave the culprit. He promises her. Tejaswini blesses Akash and Jyoti and asks them to always stay happy. They see some crowd and go to see what’s happening. They see the protesting statement for Rajjo. Tejaswini asks who has written this on haveli wall. The man says I don’t know. Tejaswini says I know Chakor has done this. Akash asks Jyoti to keep hating Chakor. He scolds her. They see the same thing written on many walls in the village. Chakor says Raghav, words strike more than sword. Tejaswini, Akash and Jyoti come there. Tejaswini scolds Chakor.

Raghav asks how is this spoiling your family reputation, we didn’t write Akash’s name. Tejaswini asks him not to interfere in her family matters. Chakor stops Raghav. Tejaswini says if you care for us, you would have not lived with this man, come back home if you respect us. Chakor says I can’t come back till I get Rajjo’s culprit punished. Akash says you have insulted me a lot, I wish I could prove my innocence, you have no proof against me, police doesn’t want to write FIR.

Imli catches a prisoner from running and asks police to beat the prisoner. She asks where can I meet Damodar. She gets seated and drinks tea. Constable says this is Damodar’s tea. She says its milk tea and smiles. Damodar comes. Imli thanks him for tea. She asks Damodar to sit. He says I have read your file, you have done many evil things, leave something for us also. She says come to the point, I want to earn much money, so I have come to you, arrange some girls for my business, you can have a tie up in this business. He says I will put charges on you, get up and leave. She smiles and says I know you very well. She counts his crimes. He gets tensed. He orders a sugary tea for her and asks her to sit. She asks him to write the complaint and her name shouldn’t come anywhere. She bribes him. He agrees and says I have done the same in Rajjo’s case, I was paid well and didn’t write FIR, Chakor is your sister, ask her not to work hard, I won’t let that happen. Imli asks did it happen or not. The man says yes, it has happened. Imli asks the man to show it to Damodar. The man shows the video. Damodar gets shocked seeing the video.

Imli says report is written in police station. Akash is arrested. The villagers beat up Akash. Chakor sees Raghav and Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Imli isn’t Imli Rajvanshi, she’s Imli Ranvijay Singh, she never remarried Vivaan.
    I like Chakor’s plan but too blind in her bias to see that Chakor is right.
    Imli should’ve known Damodar won’t leave her.

  2. Teju keeps taunting Raghav because of his background, will he be revealed to be her long lost son or some undercover cop?

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