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The Episode starts with warden scolding Chakor and asking her to work. Chakor goes to fill water tub and Kusum stops her. Kusum says she won’t let Chakor do the work and makes her fall by pulling the metal chain. She reminds the relay race and laughs. Amma asks people about the sign and box. The man shows the sign on his hand and asks how is this box with you, I don’t know anything. Bhaiya ji’s car stops there and driver says a woman came on the way. Bhaiya ji scolds him and asks him to drive. He talks on phone and says he is going Mumbai. Amma asks the driver about the box. The car leaves.

Girja comes there and sees Amma. She gets shocked and smiles. She calls her Didi. Amma asks do you know me, and shows the box. Girja gets tensed and says I don’t know anything. Amma worries. Kusum asks

Chakor to go. Chakor asks Kusum to help her. Chakor recalls how she used to talk in chains and tells Kusum that she won’t lose so soon. She ties Kusum’s feet with the chains and Kusum asks what did she do. Chakor makes her fall. Kusum says I won’t leave you. Chakor says sorry, I just have one hour and starts filling water. Girja comes to Baa and says Nayan tara has come back. Baa gets shocked. Girja says people said Nayantara is the Amma who got the kids, she has the box with her. Amma comes to Bhaiya ji’s haveli following Girja. She gets inside. Kusum gets angry and shouts saying leave me, I will not leave you Chakor. Chakor fills water. The warden comes and Kusum complains about Chakor. Chakor justifies why she did this.

The warden asks Kusum to compete with Chakor in race. Kusum gets glad and says Chakor is stuck now. Amma comes inside the haveli and looks around. She greets Lord’s idol and hears Baa. Baa asks Girja to fill water pot and gets shocked seeing Amma. Baa smiles and hugs her. Amma ji/Nayantara gets shocked. The jailer tells the man that kids can run away from marathon. The man asks him to think he can earn name, and gives the forms. The jailer throws the forms and gets angry.

The warden asks Kusum to use this chance and run in the race. Kusum thanks her for this big favor. She asks Chakor to get ready to race. The warden counts down. Kusum and Chakor run in the race and Chakor falls down. Kusum laughs and asks her to get up. She drags Chakor and hurts her. Chakor screams. Chakor firms her hands on the ground. Chakor recalls how Ishwar taught a lesson to the troubling men and told her to fight for her rights.

Kusum tries dragging Chakor. Chakor gets up and says now she will show she is not weak and runs faster than Kusum. Yen hounslon ki udaan hai…………….plays………… The jailer comes and looks at Chakor running very faster. Chakor asks Kusum why is she tired to run now. The jailer recalls the man’s words. He thinks these two girls will make me get famous and imagines receiving applaud.

Chakor asks Kusum to help her in going. Kusum asks what shall I help, she is here for murder and scares her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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