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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji thanking Manohar for bringing him out of van, he will be out of Aazaadgunj for few days, he is like Laxman for him. Manohar says I m not Laxman, I m Manohar, I got you free to save you, but I will get you treated. Bhaiya ji asks why. Manohar says no one will know, I will show you to big neurosurgeon, I got much money, you will be fine, come. Bhaiya ji says what are you saying, I m not mad. Manohar makes him sit in the train and ties him with chains. Bhaiya ji asks what is he doing, people are seeing.

Manohar scolds the man for seeing them. He says we are big people, he got mad by sunstroke. The people get worried and get up. Bhaiya ji says I m not mad, my brother is saying anything. Chakor says Bhaiya ji is acting, how can mad man run away. Amma says yes, now I also

feel this. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar for money. Manohar says Ramleela is over, stop this acting now, I will get water. He goes.

Bhaiya ji tells the people that he is not mad, he did acting to be mad at home, and everyone thinks he is mad. He asks the man to open the chains. The man opens the chains. Bhaiya ji laughs him. he gets shocked seeing a girl there. He says who is she…. Chakor… He shouts Chakor has come back, its her ghost. The girl runs and falls down. She gets the newspaper and reads news of MP Kamal Narayan missing, the one who finds him will get prize money. The girl Chunni smiles. She is Chakor’s lookalike.

Manohar comes and asks how did you get free. Bhaiya ji says Chakor has come. Manohar brings water for him. he says when I went to buy water, all big heroines came to buy water, what can I do. He ties the chains again. Bhaiya ji says I m not mad, she was just here, I swear Laxman. Amma thinks Bhaiya ji planned this and tells Tejaswini that its all lie. Tejaswini says he will go jail and know it, he has sent me to jail before. Ranjana says Manohar called and said he took Bhaiya ji to Delhi for treatment, we have to be careful. She taunts Amma.

Bhaiya ji tells Manohar that he did not get mad, he has raised him and managed dad’s business till now. Manohar asks him to sleep. Bhaiya ji says trust me, Chakor was here, and shouts. Manohar asks will you sleep if I agree. Bhaiya ji says yes. Manohar says fine, Chakor was really there. Manohar makes him sleep.

Chakor brings Kasturi inside the house. Dadi gets glad. The villagers praise Choka for bringing her. Chakor shows the house to Kasturi and says you used to pick rice sitting here. Imli asks how do you know this. Kasturi sees her home. Imli says no one knows this, tell me. Chakor says I know as Chakor told me, I know about the village also, I know about the doll also. Imli gets stunned.

Kasturi says this handmarks are of Chakor, and recalls how she has sent Chakor to haveli by beating her. She cries. Imli says you know everything indeed. Chunni sees Bhaiya ji and he also sees her being shocked.

Chunni shows the cash she has stolen and laughs. She says let me think, why did that old man call me Chakor….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ohh godd…same old gissi-piti storyline being used…now bhaiyaji will use this new lookalike Chunni in his favour..cant serial makers think smthing original

  2. But I think its gonna be interesting.

  3. Let’s see… what new will come up…

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