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The Episode starts with Chakor trying to talk to Chunni. Chunni is glad that she will get gifts today. Chakor wants to talk to her. Vivaan asks Chakor why is she after Chunni. Chakor says Bhaiya ji will take her signs on property papers, and I promised Kasturi to bring Chunni there. Vivaan says I will help, we have to make her away from Bhaiya ji first, and tells his plan. He smiles. He goes to locks the car door. He worries as he locked Bhaiya ji’s door. Chakor asks Vivaan to do something. Bhaiya ji sits in front seat. Chunni tries to open the door. Bhaiya ji gets busy on call. Vivaan and Chakor take Chunni with them and shut her mouth. Bhaiya ji sees Chunni gone. Chakor and Vivaan take her in cow’s feeds.

Chakor thanks Vivaan. Vivaan asks Chakor to take Chunni to village. Chunni scolds Chakor

and starts leaving. Chakor holds her hand. Chunni says leave me. Dadi comes and asks Chunni to calm down. Chunni asks Dadi what is she doing here. Chakor asks Dadi to explain Chunni. Chunni says I will go Delhi. Dadi says your home is not in Delhi, but here in Aazaadgunj, your mum, dad and sister are here. Chunni asks Choka did he say. Dadi says Imli told me about mole behind your left ear, then I understood you are Chakor’s twin sister. Chunni is shocked. Dadi says you were born here, we kept one girl bandhua and saved you by sending with Dai ma.

Chunni asks what, are they my family, twin sisters? Chakor says yes, this is your Dadi, Imli is your own sister, and Kasturi and Bhuvan are your parents. Dadi says when Chakor died, you came here, see Lord’s game, he has sent you here as Chakor’s sister, don’t tell this to anyone that you are related to me. Chunni says you made me get away, I always thought who are always my parents, now that I got my parents, you are asking me to stay as Chakor, I m Chunni, I will tell Kasturi. Dadi says no, Kasturi will get mad knowing Chakor died. Chakor asks Chunni to stop. Chunni asks who are you to stop me, its between me and my family. She runs.

Kasturi plays for Chakor and waits for her to feed her food on her birthday. Chunni comes there. Kasturi cries and says I was afraid my Chakor will go away, I m very happy that you have come back. She hugs Chunni. Chunni holds her hand and gets emotional. Chunni cries. Kasturi asks why is she crying, she can’t see tears in her daughter’s eyes. She wipes her tears. Chakor comes there and sees Chunni with Kasturi. Chunni smiles.

Imli brings a doll and gives Chunni. She asks Chunni to keep some name. Chakor likes it and says its good. She suggests names. Imli says she made it for her Didi. Chunni chooses the same name Chakor said. Imli says fine, if you say. Kasturi smiles seeing them.Bhuvan asks Choka to get wine. Chakor scolds him. She says its Chakor’s birthday today, don’t drink wine today, we all will have food made by Kasturi. They all smile. Chakor thinks she is happy that Chunni got family’s love today.

Chakor calls Soham and asks how is he. Soham says we are fine, I have good news, I told police that Chakor is alive and is in Azaadgunj, they will catch Chunni and out her in jail. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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