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The Episode starts with Chakor crying and talking to Kasturi. She says she has to write something new on her life’s paper now. She asks Kasturi not to worry, whatever happened, I don’t want to think, I have to move on, there will be some destination waiting for me, I want your blessings to get strength to fly. Kasturi blesses her. Chakor leaves. Udaan hai….plays….

Vivaan and Ragini shout and scold Ajay. Vivaan threatens Ajay. Ajay asks Sukhiram to get camera and click his picture with big criminals. He opens the lockup and asks them to go. Ragini says you wanted to help us this way. She says Ajay is strange to do right thing the wrong way. Chakor comes. Ragini taunts her. Vivaan says policemen are like wind, what to be scared of them. They leave. Chakor thinks strange inspector, he has

out them in lockup and freed them, I have to ask him.

Ajay sees her. She says I thought you are a honest officer, you came to help us and free the innocent villagers, you are also like corrupt inspectors. He smiles. She asks him to say at what price did haveli people buy him. He says I have left many criminals so that they do crime again and I catch them, sorry for that day, I have left Vivaan and Ragini to know their plan. She says I came to thank, when I saw them going, I got angry. He says you get much anger. She asks what. He says nothing. She says I can help you in stopping their illegal work. He says such days did not come that I need someone’s help. She says our motives are same, we should shake hands. He asks her to say a reason that he shakes hands with her. She says if we unite, we can free Aazaadgunj from this illegal gun making curse. He says I respect your thoughts, how can you help me.

She says who can understand the village’s problem, Ram also took Vibhishan’s help to kill Raavan. He says your words have won, fine, we are in one team from today. They shake hands. She says if you met me first, Aazaadgunj would be different, now there is light of hope. He says no darkness will stay.

He says I found where Vivaan and Ragini go, they go to some chemist and buy something, find out who is ill and who needs medicines. She says maybe they deal something else, they would be going, you go after them. He says what’s use to follow them, we have to find whom they meet. She asks how to find. He says we will go in common clothes, you find out medicines and I will find their relation with the shop, are you ready to come along. She says yes.

Imli says how can I go to doctor, knowing Vivaan is in jail, I should go to Vivaan, he would need me. Ragini and Vivaan come home. Imli says I was worried for you, are you fine. He asks her to stop this acting and stay away. He goes. She gets doctor’s call and says yes, I m coming.

Chakor is on the way. She says it won’t take much time to free villagers from this new bandhuagiri. She sees Suraj lying unconscious on the road. She asks him to open eyes. She runs to call help. Suraj stops her and smiles. He says you were acting to hate me, I did some drama and your hatred flew away. He holds her close. Mahiya…..plays…. He asks why do you want to go away, our love won’t end by divorce, I m sure you still love me. She pushes him.

Ragini says Vivaan, Bhaiya ji’s injections got over, if we miss it, he will come to senses. He says we have to get injections to control him. They leave. Chakor asks Suraj to stop the drama, she did this for humanity, don’t have hope that we get together, you gave me many wounds, its fresh now, maybe it will heal with time, what if love is alive, our relation died.

Sukhiram teases Ajay that he forgets his counting seeing Chakor. Ajay says you would be knowing much about her, tell me. Sukhiram says I knew you would be asking this, I made a file about her, she is very sad these days, her husband….. Ajay gets shocked. Sukhiram says Chakor got divorced.

Chakor says you may not know meaning of divorce, it means all relations end, our relation ended, love will also end. He says you mean signing papers will end relation, tree can survive without water if roots are strong. She says whatever you say, I will not change my decision, I have moved on, you also move on, you have Imli and your child’s responsibility, stay away from me. She goes. He says fine, you want to move on, I won’t stop you, I will do what I want, you have no right to stop me.

Ajay and Chakor follow Vivaan and Ragini. Chakor sees them buying some medicines. She sees Vivaan injecting Bhaiya ji. She says so this is the secret of Bhaiya ji’s madness. She hits a lamp by mistake. They turn and see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Cant watch due to Ramadan but read d update and I think Sukor were so cute but very sad. Ajay has clearly already fallen for Chakr. Felt bad fir Surj but y doesn’t he just tell her the truth. She might understand as she does love him deep down inside her heart.

    1. Sukorian

      i agree with u but imli yesterday i was happy she tries ro move on but today she fall back.

      1. Imli is a lost cause, she’ll go back to Vivaan the moment he asks her to. How much insult is required for her to distance herself from him?

  2. Interesting episode. Chakor and the inspector will work together. Suraj’s trick was nice, his look was so innocent and sweet, it was of no use though, he was heart broken at the end when she left. He needs to understand that only the truth can clear this matter.
    It seems tomorrow Chakor will learn about KN injections but I’m curious to know how this information will be used against ravaan.

  3. What happened with imli is not her fault… but that’s not the case with suraj. If he has some taken some step which made chakor sad, he should have shared it with chakor before it became too late.. these guys are taking girls.for granted.. vivan didn’t trust imli and suraj lied to chakor and thought that she will not believe what he said.. now suraj will not get chakor easily… imli also should not go back to vivan easily.. because he insulted her always and in front of the whole village.

    1. I agree with u i think chakor will play hard to get but as soon as vivaan realizes the truth she will go running bk to him i also hope imli dont accept vivaan bk so easily and yes suraj took all this for granted i mean chakor feelings he thought chakor would still stay in the same room with him and imli but now he will find out thw outcome of his decisions and he will get very hurt

  4. Sukor moment was nice but it left suraj hurt thats why he will drink tommrow but suraj is to blame for breaking his heart and chakor suraj needs to tell chakor the truth ak47 has fallen for chakor and now suraj will realise that the one lie he sed has ruined his whole life as he has been separated from his love now suraj will have the same insecurities seeing ak47 with chakor as chakor had wen she saw suraj with imli now suraj will feel jealous and will fight back for chakor and i think if suraj gets really angry he will tell the truth and nemo i tink chakor will say say she came to pick her remaining stuff up and ravaan will believe her chakor will act as if she doesn’t know whats happeing thats why in an olv chakor was coming to haveli and suraj thought chakor was coming for him but ak47 stops her and tells her that they will use this in the future as they will gather more evidence and i wanna see sukor working together too nemo u sed that suraj will find out the kids devlop an allergy and suraj finds out i think we will see sukor work together then but they will have alot of nok joks and guys i think suraj will end up telling chakor the truth but he will be drunk and chakor will get confused of whether she should believe him or not

    1. I hope we that we get to see drunk suraj pouring his heart to Chakor.

  5. Hey every1 after watching the epsiode ak47 got angry hearing chakor had a husband this gave me an insight of future storyline after everything is out the truth about ragini faking vivaan impotency report vivaan realising his mistake and vimli reuniting this will also mean sukor reuniting but ak47 wont let that happen as he will be deeply in love with chakor and then i see ak47 becoming the villian in sukor love life guys new olv chakor tells ak47 about the bundua stamp and how every1 in the village has it she explains who kamal is and what he has done and she only wants kamal to get better so that he can get punished by the law and guys after seeing the last bit i think suraj will start to change bk to his old character so that he can get attention of chakor currently cvs r doing so many storylines and i even like seeing ravaan now vivaan always makes me laugh with his dialogues he has really fitted in with a villian role but it wont be for long after his finds out the truth

    1. Thanks for the spoiler, the story is moving nicely, I hope they don’t start dragging. If the inspector’s character stays in the show, it will turn negative but if he’s here for a couple of months then he may stay positive.

  6. Today’s sukors scenes were too cute…I loved surajs antics especially that cute and innocent smile when he saw chakor worrying for him..I just loved it…but at last everything goes in vain.
    Inspector ajay already fallen for chakor..actually I don’t like it.chakor is surajs..
    Its better to tell her the truth.. Why doesn’t he tell the truth to her??

  7. Yeah liked the way suraj tricked chakor by falling on the ground…his smile ufff???? completely in love with vijayendra s acting….and I liked inspector ajay tooo…atleast he has fallen for the right person…a strong independent genorous girl…otherwise every male character in the show earlier had fallen for imli and left chakor alone…

    1. Suraj was so cute when he was talking to Chakor while lying on the ground.
      What I like most about Ajay is he’s not too serious, there is some light hearted moments. Still I think he fell for her too quickly, I wanted that to take more time.

    2. I just wonder what imli has got that every man in azad ganj is attached to her,like is she a princess or something.see chakor an independent lady.

  8. I liked the way suraj tricked chakor by falling on the ground floor…??? completely in love with vijayendra s acting…and I liked the new inspector tooo..atleast he has fallen for the right person…a strong independent genorous girl…otherwise every male character in the show had fallen for imli

  9. Sruthi, if he tells her the truth their problems will end and they will have no jealousy track.

    I think KN will remain mad for a week or two while the fight with ravaan goes on. I wonder when they’ll clear things between vimli.

    1. Shreya.

      Nemo even am also thinking d same when they will clear d misunderstandings between vimli…nd who will find out d truth…if vivaan find out d truth wat was his next step…may b he will acts as villain nd do something against ragini nd support sukor….

      1. I wish they’do that. It’ll be boring if chakor is the one who finds out.

  10. I haven’t watched for a couple of days. What has happened between suraj and chakor? And imli and vivaan? Why are they all separate? Can someone help me out please?

  11. I haven’t watched it for a couple of days. What has happened between all 4 of them? Why aren’t they on talking terms? Can someone help me out?

  12. Shreya.

    Hii guys….in dis episode I loved suraj’s naughtiness….his smile….uff….killer smile…nd hw chakor worried for Suraj….loved it….both r soo cute nd they r giving cute expressions…..bt at d end she hides her feelings nd tells suraj tat she is moved on….felt very bad…both r in pain….Yaa nemo if Suraj tells d truth then there is no need for jealousy track….

    And I always love kasturi kaki nd chakor’s conversation….tdy also I like their conversation bt nt tat much…dnt know y…

    I agree with u guys…after vivaan knows d truth nd came back to imli….tat tym imli won’t forgive him easily…bcz he insults scolds taunts nd most importantly vivaan called his wife as characterless…so vivaan needs punishment…hope imli will do d same…

    Both rajvanshi brothers deserves punishment….

    Guys I liked Ajay nd chakor’s conversation also…bt Ajay’s feelings for chakor is increasing day by day…I totally hate dis….I know Ajay character is necessary to make Suraj jealous…I want to c suraj’s jealousy also….bt I don’t want these all…am really upset…nd finally sukhiram told Ajay tat chakor is already married nd she divorced also…don’t know wat was in ajay’s mind…

    One more thing guys in future don’t know Ajay will play d negative role r nt…bt one thing is true if he play d negative role thn definitely he will try to separate sukor…may b he will join hands with ragini….or if he play d positive role continuously nd he is d one who unite our sukor thn definitely I will feel sry for Ajay tat tym…don’t know wat was in cvs mind…hope they will not drag dis track nd reunite both sukor nd vimli…

    Thanks tippu for dis upcoming spoiler information….nd aanya sry dr I misunderstood wat u wrote in Hindi….anyways nw u will go to her home nd enjoy ur vacations ok….

    1. I think ajay will play negative role in future cuz once every1 finds about ragini no1 will trust meaning that every1 bond will be stronger ajay loves chakor alot and wen the other inspector said chakor has a husband… ajay got angry u can sense the jealousy he had but he got relieved wen the inspector said she got divorced this is why wen sukor remarriage track happenes ajay will want chakor and will turn selfish to get her and i dont think vivaan will find out truth so quickly it will take time i think after kamal gets better some of the truth will start to get revealed to vivaan

    2. Suraj was so cute and his smile awww.
      I wish ajay didn’t fall in love with her and was just a friend but this is the path they chose. I hope they don’t drag it.
      I wish ajay stays positive and doesn’t separate sukor, there are already so many villains. I agree that the report’s truth will not be out soon. It will be close to when ravaan are defeated.

  13. Epi.’as supb asusual n the sukor scene was dhmaka lvly lvly lvly cute cute cute sukor scene.feeling sad for imlu shoooo bad vivan babu.realy i want cute vimli back.n kn ji also asap.or ak47 ko chakor ka past pata chal chuka hai so now i also think that he should try to reunin our sukor.or vilns nhi chahiye.trio se best koi nhi koi bhi nhi.waiting for more cute sukor scene.bt egrly waiting for kn ji dhmaka too.cvs it sems like u r making smthing mixed ading with sugr,salt,lemon,n krela jst onething is mising that is action i mean chili m ready to eat this bt agr aap seris k hisab se krela,salt,lemon,chili n swet bnao to jyada acha hai.agr insbko milake bnaoge to pta nhi kya bnega bt khuch taste to jrur hoga uska n m ready to taste this mix dish.

  14. Hi shreya di u know wt m trvling in bus nd its first time m enjoing so much bt can’t xplain my hapiness bt asusual m alone in this beautiful jurny.u know bt a little baby boy n his mother sits beside me.bt it jst 3 n half hour jrny bt i lov long jrny.pheli bar mai ghr se bahr ja rahi hu.schi bhut mja aarha hai.bt udan se jyada [email protected] di y r u not responsing my [email protected] ur ff is [email protected] thnku dear wtpad ki dunia dikhane k liye its awsm.mai tablet khred rahi hu uspe pdne mai majha aayega.

  15. Hi Jennifer and Angel. it’s a long story.
    It started during bandua track when the doctors told vivaan that he can’t become a father (we later find out that the reports are fake, Ragini bribed him), Vivaan is angry on Suraj because his mother gave him the drugs which made him impotent. Vivaan joins Ragini and KN to be rich.

    Imli then becomes pregnant, Vivaan and Chakor believe the father is someone else. Vivaan accuses Imli in front of the whole village and her parents. Her parents kick her out and later the villagers want to send her to a mental asylum, to stop them Suraj claims the baby is his ( once he and imli were following Ragini and the car broke down and they had to spend the night in the car), chakor is shattered and divorces Suraj.

    There is a new inspector who’ll help chakor in her fight against ragini and vivaan and suraj will get jealous. Also, Ragini and Vivaan are drugging KN to make him mad.

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