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The Episode starts with Kasturi asking Imli and Chakor to sit, she will cook food for them, they will celebrate Imli’s birthday together. Imli is upset and says I m not hungry, I don’t want to be here, I have some work in haveli. She goes, while Bhuvan tries to stop her. Chakor gets thinking. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to burn all illegal things and papers here, stop all illegal work for some time. Suraj asks why are you worried, coach is caught, blame is on him, who will point finger at you. Bhaiya ji says fingers are pointed at me, did you not hear media, Chakor did not touch steroids, it means she will win race and use her victory. Suraj says even Tina can win. Bhaiya ji asks can you guarantee this, I m worried, don’t irritate me, go and get those papers. Suraj leaves.

Chakor stops Imli and says I

know you are going to Suraj. Imli argues. Bhuvan comes and asks whats happening. Chakor says nothing. He goes. Chakor says our parents would have got happy if you had food with us. Imli says I get happiness only with Suraj. She goes. Vivaan calls Chakor. She goes to meet Vivaan. He pulls her close and they fall in the grass.

She asks did he start taking drugs again. He says don’t you know, I m taking drugs, that’s called love. She smiles. A dog passes by. He says see that dog, he saw us romancing and went. She says I have to practice for race, I will leave. He says I m worried, there is no way to reach Bhaiya ji’s locker. She says I have some idea.

Suraj holds Imli and sings happy birthday to you. She smiles. He says I got something for you. He gives her a chocolate. Suraj asks her to have chocolate first. He gets close to take a bite from the chocolate. Her imagination ends when Suraj shouts. He asks why is my car not starting and scolds her. She says your jeep is ready. He says I will slap you, will I go Agra in jeep. Servant starts the car and asks Suraj to come and sit. Suraj says I will come back and see Imli. He leaves. She thinks she is a servant for Suraj…..

Bhaiya ji hides all the illegal cash in a trunk. Vivaan comes there and smiles. He says no need to hide it here, if Income tax people come, they will check here first. Bhaiya ji asks when did you come. Vivaan says they will find this money. Bhaiya ji says what I work by hardwork, govt takes it as tax. Vivaan says they can’t take your money, I made such papers to show how you got all this cash and how you will use it. Bhaiya ji checks the paper. Vivaan says I made such papers that you can’t be caught. Bhaiya ji says great, when I get worried, you save me coming as Lord’s angel, you saved my loss. Vivaan says but keep these papers safe. Bhaiya ji says I will keep this in my locker, thanks. He goes. Vivaan smiles and thinks just wait till tomorrow, then see what happens.

Vivaan goes and meets some men, who would act as IT officers. He asks them to reach haveli tomorrow, you don’t get caught. The man says we did not get caught ever, don’t worry. Vivaan pays them money.

Suraj returns to haveli and talks to servant. Servant tells him that its Imli’s birthday today, she looked very upset. Suraj asks really, where is she now. Chakor runs to Imli and asks why are you sitting here, you are drinking. Imli asks her to go and practice for marathon, you go and win tomorrow, I will fail, you have habit to win always, you leave. Chakor sits with her. Chakor asks did Suraj not remember your birthday. Imli says yes, he did not wish me, he scolded me and went. Chakor says I knew this, Suraj does not need you. Imli says I love him, I know he does not need me, what shall I do, I can control all bandhua’s heart, but not myself. Imli says yes, you are saying right.

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