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The Episode starts with Ranjana seeing Vivaan restless in sleep. He holds her hand and she sits by his side all night, and cries. She falls asleep. Its morning, she sees Vivaan sleeping and goes. She calls Chakor and says Tejaswini has gone, way is clear, I gave milk to Vivaan without the drugs, he slept well, he did not shout. Chakor says he will shout when he gets hurt and needs drugs, if we are careful that he does not take the drugs, he will be fine like before. Ranjana says the problem is he does not want to see my face, can you be with him all day. Chakor says fine, but if anyone sees me. Ranjana says none can see you, I will take you to Vivaan. Chakor says fine, I will come.

Suraj is with his friends and drinks. He says there is still something, just see. His servant says Imli is not agreeing.

Suraj says call her. The servant goes. Suraj says I will just come and goes. Chakor is on the way and tells Aditya on phone that Ranjana made her busy to take care of Vivaan. Suraj asks Imli to dance. She refuses. He reminds that she is his bandhua, she has to do anything he says with a smile. She says forgive me, I can’t dance. Suraj’s friends call him. Suraj aims gun at Imli and says if I get insulted infront of my guests, I will not have any way. She asks will you shoot at me. He says yes, I will shoot you, I will be sad to lose you, don’t make me helpless, agree to me like a good bandhua, dance and entertain my guests. He goes. Imli cries.

Chakor goes inside haveli from window. She sees Ranjana and asks did you know I will come from here. Ranjana says I know you since childhood, that you come from window whenever you had to meet Vivaan, that time I did not like and now I don’t have an option. Imli comes and Suraj’s friend Akash gets glad seeing her beauty. Suraj says you are my guest, see how this bijli falls on heart.

Vivaan gets restless and says Maa, where did you go leaving me, I want milk, come back. Ranjana asks Chakor to see how Vivaan is restless, shall we take him to hospital, I can’t see him like this, shall we give him drugs. Chakor says never, doctor told me Vivaan’s state will be like this, have patience. She goes to Vivaan. Vivaan sees both of them. He asks Chakor what are you doing here, go from here, my Maa left me because of you. He pushes Chakor. Ranjana asks Chakor to come. Chakor says Vivaan is my friend, I will not leave him in this state. He asks her to call Tejaswini, you are my friend, I want milk. He shouts and asks will you not call Maa. He blames Ranjana for all this and scolds her. He asks her to leave from here. Chakor stops Vivaan. Vivaan says Ranjana is root of all problems, she snatched my phone, call my Maa. Chakor says come to senses, drugs affect is getting less and that’s why this is happening. He says I want milk that my Maa gives me, I get strength by it, its not drugs. She says we are doing this for your good, listen to me, you have grown up, why are you talking like a kid, shouting for milk. He asks what will you do. Chakor slaps him. Ranjana and Vivaan get shocked.

Imli dances and Akash does not like the dance. Suraj goes to Imli and asks her are you dancing, or just moving your legs. Imli cries and says I can’t do all this. Suraj says look Imli, they are my dad’s guests, we have to make them happy, its necessary for me, I thought this will be necessary for you too, this is about my respect. She agrees and says fine, I will dance on any fast number. Suraj smiles and asks servant to play some item song.

Vivaan cries holding his cheek. Girja calls out Ranjana. Chakor asks Ranjana to go, I will manage Vivaan. Ranjana leaves. Chakor asks Vivaan to show some courage, else drugs will kill him. She holds his hands and says if I did not go leaving you 10 years before, this would have not happened, even Imli is in such state, she has become Suraj’s puppet, Imli and you won’t be alone, I know its none’s mistake, we both are alone, it does not mean we lose, we can’t lose. She makes him get up and says you have to fight with your drug addiction and enemies, I m with you. Udaan hai…..plays………….. She hugs him. He holds her and cries.

Imli dances infront of Suraj’s friends on namak ishq ka………… Chakor comes there and stops the music. Chakor looks on. Suraj and Imli get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I have heard that udaan is goinf offair very soon.. is it true??? But udaan is among top 10 shows then what is the need to offair it.. also the serial has just gone through new phase.. then why is it going offair.???????????

    1. Adit from which source you get this news …… is it true…?
      Please donot stop….

      1. got to know from one of the fb pages..

  2. How disgusting of Suraj to make Imli dance in front of his friends. Most surprising is that viewers still want lovely girl like Chakor to marry that stupid cheap fella. Wake up viewers!!!!

  3. Exactly. How can someone like a guy like suraj.. just hate him.. waiting to see chaavan love track..

  4. Nowadays this show is very interesting but this bhayaji and Suraj too much uff hate them, I hope chakor and bring Imli back to her sense she is just crazy in suraj’s love

  5. Its because viewers know that suraj and chakor are goin to become a couple and the chemistry is quite good also vijendria kumeria wouldnt have took up a random role he worked in shastri sister opposite the main lead as rajat sareen he was the main male lead……

  6. Waiting to see chakor and vivaan love track and then suraj would be jelouse and obsessed with chakor he would want her really badly coz he loves her like mad

  7. I am still confused who is the lead pair of Udaan Chakor-Suraj or Chakor-Vivaan. I like chakor-viva an pair more

  8. I see this show just for chakor and suraj I kind lyk there chemistry there is reaction opposite and I personly dont see anything gud about vivan except his name suraj or vijendra is cute and suits d role of a badboy

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