Udaan 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying she will not get admission now. Kasturi pacifies her and says she has belief that she will go Lucknow, her future is bright, don’t worry, Lord will make things fine. She hugs Chakor. Kishori says take the items and sends it. Imli says she is hungry. Kasturi says its party today, she will give her hot puris. Chakor asks her to wait, as patience’s result is sweet. Kasturi asks the auto driver to park the auto near her home. The letter is stuck to the auto and they don’t see it. Baa asks Bhagya to wear the dress and look beautiful inb the party. Baa chooses the dress for her. Bhagya likes it and smiles.

She hugs Baa. Baa says her heart is beating and teases her about Arjun. Bhagya says she likes him. Baa laughs and says I like both of you. Ragini comes and says

Vivaan did not get ready and fighting with his mum. Baa says I will see, and asks Laali and Ragini to make Bhagya ready. Vivaan asks Ranjana why won’t she come in party. She says she won’t come. Baa comes and asks whats the problem. Vivaan says mum don’t want to come, Chakor will feel bad. Ranjana says she won’t go, she can’t eat with the villagers. Vivaan asks why did she tell infront of everyone. Baa says leave it, we will go together.

Bhaiya ji tells Manohar that he spoke to Bapu and asks about papers. Manohar tells his plan to get papers when everyone will be in party. Bhaiya ji says the villagers are celebrating that I m in jail, let them party, once Babu sees Chakor, he will not leave her, see when I get free, I will show my Jalwa, I will punish them. The villagers are doing food arrangements. Chakor recalls Ishwar’s words. Someone takes her pics. Aditya comes and she asks did he get letter and Suraj. Aditya says Vivaan went to haveli and Suraj is not there. Abha asks what happened. Chakro says Suraj and Prince have stolen the letter, now I won’t get admission. Abha says nothing will happen. Kasturi says everything will be fine. Abha says yes, Ishwar will make everything fine. Chakor says he will get angry, don’t tell him. Abha says if we tell later, he will be more angry, don’t be afraid, its not her mistake.

Abha calls Ishwar and says Suraj has stolen the letter. He says Suraj is like Bhaiya ji, ask Chakor not to worry, I will do something. Abha asks Chakor not to worry. Suraj and Prince see the letter stuck to the auto. Suraj says lets see if you can bring it. Prince says its small thing and goes. He stops seeing Sheru. Suraj sees the oil leaking from auto and gets an idea. He says if they burn oil, the auto and letter will burn. Prince says it will be big issue here, why to burn auto for a letter. Suraj asks him to go, he will not leave Chakor, she has sent my dad to jail. Prince agrees. Arjun says he did not find Suraj. Ishwar says I will get another letter, don’t let Chakor’s courage break. Arjun says fine.

Baa comes in village and everyone greet her and thank her for coming in party. Chakor says Arjun scared Bhagya. Arjun says sorry I did not see. Ragini says she made this duck for Abha and gifts her. Abha hanks her. Baa says she got laddoos made for Chakor to take Lucknow. She finds Chakor sad. Arjun talks to Ishwar and tells Chakor that she will get admission without letter too. Ishwar asks Lord to help and says Chakor regards me Lord, don’t let her get sad, she has worked hard. Suraj sees the diya and smiles. He says he got the fire and smiles.

Babu says Bhaiya ji is worried by this little girl, and sees Chakor’s pic. He crossmarks her pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. I hope this does not happen soon but when the kids grow up I would like to know who chakor would end up with because there are so many boys she could end up with.

  4. I thnk chakor wl end up wd vivaan

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