Udaan 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Colonel reveals his plan to Suraj

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The Episode starts with Colonel saying you have to die now. The girl gets scared. Suraj says this girl is blind, you don’t need to kill her, didn’t you observe this. He signs the girl to act blind. She understands. Suraj asks Colonel not to kill the girl, its not good to shed blood unwantedly. Colonel leaves. Chakor smiles and says Suraj saved the girl. Abhay asks how did he do this, did Colonel not doubt. Chakor says Suraj is smart. They see some message flashing. Colonel praises Suraj. He says there will be blood shed tonight, Raw agents hacked my phone, else they would have not know that I m meeting someone, that girl who came here as waitress is Raw agent. Suraj gets shocked. Colonel tells his plan to torture the agents.

She says Suraj will do this work. Chakor says I will go to meet Colonel.

Colonel says just kill the Raw agents, so that they don’t dare to come in my way again. A bride runs in the jungle. She gets shocked seeing a man. He says how dare you run away, I m Gumaan Singh, I like you a lot, you are really pretty. He laughs. He says whoever gets married in this village, celebrates suhaagraat with me first, why are you crying, you spoiled your face. She says forgive me, let me go, keep everything, pity me. He says I have so much money that I can get anything. He stops her and says I have two rules, I either take girl’s respect or her life, come with me. The man comes and says Sir ji called. Gumaan answers the call. The girl runs. He throws a stick and stops her. He says what a shot, get that girl, don’t change her dress, I like red color.

Deva asks Suraj to kill Raw agents. Suraj asks him to talk to him well. He makes an excuse and goes to message Chakor. Naina snatches his phone and asks who is DP, whom are you talking to, my would be Pati Parmeshwar. He shouts don’t call me by this name again. She gets scared and drops phone. He says sorry. She cries. Chakor gets ready. Suraj wishes Chakor doesn’t come. Vivaan asks Imli to sit in the car. Imli says chakor didn’t come to take me, I knew she wanted to punish me for my mistakes, I felt she has forgotten everything, everyone doesn’t have a big heart. Vivaan stops the car angrily and gets down. Imli goes after him. He says I also took time to forgive you, I m not a saint, I m a human so I decided to give you another chance, you have to end hatred for me, Suraj, Chakor and your parents, else don’t expect me to pity you. Saanvi cries a lot. Chakor consoles her. She sings a lullaby and puts her to sleep.

Vivaan asks Imli to kill him, Chakor and Suraj, and get peace. He closes eyes. Suraj says if Chakor comes here, what will happen. Chakor comes there. Imli shoots…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ghuman’s entry happened too soon. I think he was talking to the colonel.
    I think the colonel will know Sukor’s truth through Suraj’s phone.
    Even if Imli repents, she should go to prison.
    Funny thing is the precap they aired inside the episode made the one at the end useless because it showed Imli hugging Vivaan.

    A 7 year leap is a terrible idea.

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