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The Episode starts with Chakor asking the kids not to worry, she will get help for them from Jaggu. The boy says don’t tell him, he got us here, run from here, else you will become like us, see he made us handicapped. Chakor says I won’t leave you all alone. Jaggu brings Munna there. Chakor says Jaggu told he will give me money, but I reached here because of the goat. Munna says door is locked, it means she is inside, and breaks the door. Chakor gets tensed. The boy says it seems they came to know, how will we run now. She says there will be some way. Munna and goons come there and see the kids missing.

Munna says Chakor is very clever, she took the kids along. The kids run outside. They try to find them. They see a goat and hold head. Munna gets Babu’s call and says Chakor has run from here,

don’t take tension, I will find her, its about my respect now. Arjun and Bhagya are on the way. She screams and he stops the bike. He asks why is she shouting when he is driving fast, people will think he is taking her and running. She says she is afraid. He asks her to hold him. He shows her and makes her hold him. She smiles.

Bhaiya ji says he did not see Arjun and Bhagya till now. He sees Arjun and Bhagya on the bike, and follows them. Chakor drinks water and says Aazaadgunj is better than this city. A man walks by his fruits fall. He sits to pick them. A truck is reversing and Chakor gets stunned seeing its about to hit that man. She calls out Kaka and asks him to move. She runs to him and pulls him back. She asks is he hurt. The man thanks her for saving his life. He blesses her and says he has just 5rs to give her. She says she won’t take money by pity. He says no, this is to praise you, keep it and blesses her. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai………….plays………… She smiles seeing the note and dances.

She goes to call Arjun, and gives the PCO man saying she has earned it. He asks her to see meter, the call will cut after 5rs talk is done. She calls Arjun. Arjun is hitting nails at the walls and asks her to take phone from his shirt’s pocket. Bhagya gives him the phone. He asks her to take the call and talk, when will she learn. She takes the call. Chakor says Arjun Sir, I m Chakor. Bhagya smiles. Chakor asks Arjun to say something. Arjun asks whose call is it. Chakor says phone will cut, say something, I don’t have more money. Bhaiya ji comes to Arjun and Bhagya with goons and police. Bhagya gets scared and drops the phone.

Bhagya gets behind Arjun. Bhaiya ji says he has found them, and asks Bhagya to come. He drags her. The police inspector stops him, and asks him to deal well. Bhaiya ji says Arjun acted of marriage with our Devi Maa. Arjun says you don’t care for your daughter, whom you kept in temple as bandhua, when she married me by her wish and finding happiness, you came with police, don’t forget she is my wife now, I married her.

Bhaiya ji says he will take Bhagya. Bhagya asks Arjun to hold her hand. Bhaiya ji says she is asking them to catch Arjun. Arjun says she asked me to hold her. The inspector arrests Arjun. Chakor keeps the phone and gets sad. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………plays……………. Chakor gets sad and recalls Imli, Kasturi and the village kids. She misses Kasturi a lot.

She sees a temple and goes to pray. She says don’t know how is mum, till I don’t call them, I will tell Lord to take care of my parents. She gets Prasad in temple and thanks Lord. She misses Kasturi and prays for her parents.

Chakor calls in haveli. Bhaiya ji takes the receiver from Vivaan and talks. Chakor is shocked hearing his voice.

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