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The Episode starts with police investigating Raju’s murder. Khanna says Raju had bad terms with many people and tells about Khasta. Khasta says Raju and I have some arguments. Inspector asks him did you kill him. Khasta gets shocked and says no, how could I kill him. Chakor says Khasta did not do anything. I got a ball from the place where Raju was killed, and shows the ball. Khanna says this is joker’s ball which Raju wore on his nose.

Ronnie worries and asks inspector not to get in Chakor’s words. Vishaka says this is my brother Ronnie. Chakor says Ronnie was also there. Ronnie says I went to see why this girl went there, ask her why did she have harping tool in her hand. Inspector asks Chakor why did she go there. Chakor says I was cutting grass for Sultan horse, I forgot to keep it and

ran after joker. Inspector says killer is one of you all. Vaishaka defends Ronnie. Inspector says till this case investigation goes on, this circus will be shut, you all will not leave the city. They all get shocked.

Khanna asks him to listen. Inspector says let us find culprit. Khanna says it will be loss for all artists, don’t shut circus. He tries to bribe the inspector. Inspector agrees. Chakor goes to Khasta. Khasta thanks her. Ronnie looks on. Khanna tells everyone that he can’t pay them if circus does not run well. The artists ask for money. Ronnie says we have to think of some good act. Khanna says you mean your horse act. Ronnie says yes, whats wrong. Khanna says its limit Ronnie. Ronnie asks what other option we have. Peter and others also agree with Ronnie.

Khanna agrees for this to run circus again. Vishaka wishes them all the best. Chakor says everyone forgot Raju so soon. She goes to Khasta and asks him to try to walk. He tries walking. Khanna says we are glad to see you walking. Vishaka asks him to do some work in circus, so that they save expenses. Khasta gets shocked and asks what does she mean. She asks Khasta to do some work. He agrees and gets sad. Chakor looks on and stops Khasta from sweeping ground. Vishaka scolds her and reminds she has just 5 days here. Khanna asks Khasta not to feel bad and apologizes. Vishaka says no need to say sorry, its rule in circus, that one earns here gets food. Om recalls bullet raja act. Roma says bullet raja act won’t happen again, and just runner gets important. Om and Chakor argue with Roma. Roma challenges Chakor to show if she can do this act. Chakor agrees.

Ronnie asks his horse to do well and show Khanna. Chakor runs fast to show her running skills to Roma. Ronnie and Roma get shocked seeing her. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………….plays…….. the dummy cannon ball flies in air. Chakor reaches there to open net and Ronnie comes in between. He asks how did she start practice, this act will never happen, who fired the cannon. Roma puts blame on Chakor. Ronnie threatens Chakor and says no one will become bullet raja, else it will be like Raju’s state. Chakor gets shocked.

Chakor gets a threatening note and gets shocked reading it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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