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The Episode starts with Chakor telling Girja that she has to talk to Tejaswini. She fools her and locks her in stable. Girja asks her to open the door and asks guards to stop Chakor from going in the haveli. Everyone clap for Tejaswini Chakor comes there and hides. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini cut the cake. She asks them to enjoy the party and se will see the food arrangements. Chakor goes and sees its some other woman. She gets confused as face is hiding by the masks. She calls out Tejaswini and a man hides her, stopping her from calling Tejaswini.

She says leave me, why did you get me here. He removes his mask and shows his face. Its Arjun Sir. Chakor says you here. He says kids are not allowed in party, if Bhaiya ji saw you there, he would have not made you run in race. She says I don’t care, I came

to know a big truth, which I have to tell Tejaswini. He asks what truth. She asks him to recall Bhagya, who was blessing him. Arjun recalls Bhagya and says yes, the temple girl, what happened to her.

Chakor says I came to know she is Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini’s daughter. He is shocked and asks what. She says yes, Tejaswini does not know, Bhaiya ji did not tell her. Arjun asks how can this be possible. She says I m saying true, that Devi has a sign on her hand, so Bhaiya ji made her bandhua. She says she stays in temple and tells him everything.

Chakor says now you know its imp to tell this to Tejaswini, we have to save Bhagya. Arjun stops her and says don’t go there, if she tells this infront of everyone, then she don’t know what will Bhaiya ji do. She says I promised Bhagya. He asks will she ruin her future for the promise, he won’t let this happen and reminds what Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini did with her, to keep away from family as bandhua, even then she is doing this, why does she want to help them.

Chakor says its imp to tell Tejaswini, she promised her friend. He says fine, come with me, I will show you whats called a promise. She asks where. He says don’t ask, come with me. Bhaiya ji asks Sehgal whats the surprise which can make his troubles get away. Sehgal says he is honest man and is present in this party. Bhaiya ji says he likes to meet honest people. Chakor sees the medals and certificates of Kangan and smiles. She says she looks a big sports star, who is she, whats her name. Arjun says she is state level champion. Chakor asks what does this mean.

Arjun says champion is the winner. Chakor says then she should take part in the race instead me. Kangan comes and smiles. She says my name is Kangan. Chakor gets shocked seeing her on wheelchair. Kangan greets Chakor. Arjun says she is my only and very lovable younger sister Kangan. Chakor says its sweet name, like mine. She asks how did she win so many cups so soon. Arjun says my sister won so many cups in some time, and would have won many more, if I did not do that mistake.

Chakor asks what happened. Arjun shows the trophy Kangan won, after lots of training, they have one aim to get the trophy. He says I still remember that day and FB shows Kangan and Arjun celebrating her state level champion success. He says its big day for him, his younger sister became champion, he is proud and they should have party. He says he will give what she asks for.

She says fine and asks for a running shoes she showed in the shopping mall, which is over their budget. He agrees and she hugs him. He says promise me, you will wear that shoes and win the national level race. He says he will make her have her fav Chinese food and they leave on his bike. He talks to her and a speeding car comes their way. Arjun does not see it and they meet with an accident. Kangan sees the person wearing some big ring. Arjun shouts Kangan.

Chakor says she is strong to smile after all this. Arjun says you are the reason for Kangan’s smile. He says she is seeing herself in you. Kangan says she will be happy when she becomes nation champion, she wants to give her something linked to her, and shows the shoes she bought for her. She asks her to run that everyone just see her, like they used to see her. Chakor looks at the shoes.

Arjun says once this race ends, I will expose Bhaiya ji that he kept his daughter as bandhua and hidden it from his wife. Bhaiya ji says he is anxious to meet the guest. The lady says our MD has come. Bhaiya ji turns to see him. He goes to meet him. The man says meet him, he is your university MD. Bhaiya ji shakes hands with him. He says he looks like he met him before, lets see does he know him. He is shocked to see its Ishwar. Ishwar smiles.

Chakor says she has to make Bhagya meet her mum, once she wins race, she will tell Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji asks Bhavani to take Bhagya to Banaras ashram.

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