Udaan 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor climbing the pyramid. Bhola says Chakor has gone and we are stuck here. Billu says no, she did not cheat us. Chakor tries seeing the roof and does not find it. Chagan says Imli has this doll and throws it on top of the roof. Chakor sees the doll and recalls Imli. She says it means they got Imli here, what shall I do now, if they do anything to Imli. Chakor’s cap flies by air and her hair get loose. Rocky sees her and shouts Chakor. Everyone see Chakor. Vaibhavi asks Babu to catch Chakor fast. Amma says Rocky has identified Chakor, find her and get her fast.

Rocky also looks for Chakor. Munna does not get Chakor. Amma and gang takes Chakor and runs from there. Rocky misses Chakor. Amma makes Chakor like Choka again. Chakor says let me go out, I have seen the roof,

I can’t see Imli there. Amma says you won’t go, Rocky has seen you as Choka, he shouted, and Babu is finding you now. Chakor says I don’t care, I can’t let Imli stay there. Amma asks what, did they catch Imli. Chakor says yes, I have seen the doll on the roof.

Chakor says let me go, I have to see Imli and catch train for Lucknow. Soham says he remember the train announcement. He says he got a good idea and smiles. Rocky asks Vaibhavi to go, he will find Chakor. She scolds someone. Rocky says it does not look she runs Ngo, she scolded the man for such a small thing. She says sorry. He says don’t tell me anything, I m finding Chakor.

She goes on stage to talk. Soham tells about fake bomb news and calling police there, so that they can free the kids. Chakor asks the plan. Soham tells the plan that Sunny and Tamasha will fool people by bomb news and crowd will run. Sunny says people will call police, then they will make kid run from the backdoor. They all join hands. Chakor imagines Imli and the kids getting free and hugging her.

Vaibhavi says where is this Chakor. She gets Bhaiya ji’s call and talks to him. He asks about Chakor. She says she slipped from her hand, don’t worry, we will catch her. He says Chakor loves her sister Imli a lot and laughs giving her the idea. She smiles. Amma ji shouts and fools people about the bomb. Chakor shows the place and takes Sunny and Soham.

Vaibhavi asks what happened. The man says we should call police and get every house checked. She gets tensed that police is coming, and calls Babu to shift kids fast. The police comes there and checks for the bomb. Chakor and her gang goes to free kids. There is no bomb. Vaibhavi thinks who has spread this fake rumor and why. Chakor looks for her friends. Babu and Munna are shifting kids. Chakor sees this and get shocked. She shouts for Imli. Sunny says I think someone has informed police, so they are taking kids, the plan has flopped. Chakor cries for Imli and says she will run faster to catch the car. Soham says his bike runs faster than car, he has made another plan. Chakor smiles.

Sunny and Chakor wait to free the kids. Babu and Rocky are also there. Soham stops the car by acting to fight with someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sad epd,and chakor u r the best i m big fan of u ur’s attitude and acting amazing….in my case others serials are same track story especially sasbabu and love- hate storys……consider others udaan is best bcoz a little girl fight for freedom chakor is insperation to all,different storyline…….its only for my observation.

  2. Amena update soon today episode

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