Udaan 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chakor learns Ranvijay’s psycho side

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The Episode starts with Ranvijay telling Chakor that even her husband backstabbed her but he has saved her life. She tells him that its wrong to take revenge from someone innocent. He says what about me, am I not innocent, what was my fault that my dad was killed and my mum was made a widow, I will immerse this ashes when I see that murderer’s bahu in white saree, I was wrong to share my sorrow with you thinking you will understand, we will end this matter here. Pakhi says I will go now. Suraj says there is one number 0 left. He calls and connects to Chakor.

She asks Ranvijay to listen. Her phone falls down. She hears constable telling Ranvijay about his son’s operation, he needs money and he will repay later. Ranvijay refuses to help. Constable says its about my son’s life, help me. Ranvijay

asks why don’t you save from salary, its against my ethics. Chakor says you will earn good deeds by saving a life. Ranvijay asks her why does she always interfere. She gives her earrings to constable and helps. He asks why are you giving me jewelry, you don’t even know me. She says a sorrow identifies another sorrow. He thanks her. Suraj says Chakor has disconnected my call, and switches off his phone angrily.

Its morning, Chakor asks Ranvijay’s mum did she get everything ready, why are they tensed when Ranvijay agreed. Kavya says Preeti’s happiness is short lived. Chakor asks why is she thinking bad, he is doing all arrangements himself. Kavya says that’s why I m more scared. Chakor asks what does she mean. Ranvijay welcomes Eklavya and his parents, and talks well. Chakor smiles. Ranvijay makes Eklavya eat sweets and fixes alliance. He asks the man to get mahurat and inform them. They leave. Preeti hugs Chakor and Ranvijay. She calls him world’s best brother. He says whatever I do is for your happiness. He goes.

Imli asks Bhaiya ji not to worry, Suraj will drink wine and sink in it. Suraj comes there drunk and asks what is she saying. He agrees with her and says Chakor has married someone, do you have her number. She lies that she has no number. He falls on bed. She smiles and goes. Suraj opens eyes and gets up. He shuts the door and checks her room. He finds some file and checks. He gets some numbers and clicks picture. He keeps file back and goes.

Chakor comes home with flowers. She asks everyone to see she got flowers and sweets. Preeti cries. Chakor sees the car accident news of Eklavya and his parents, that they all died in the accident. Preeti says this happened because of you, Kavya was right, I should have not listen to you, how will I get Eklavya back. Kavya says I told you I m scared of Ranvijay, he has done this accident. Chakor says he was happy with this, he was liking this proposal, he can’t do such bad thing. Preeti says Ranvijay wanted a chance to kill Eklavya like he killed Kavya’s husband. Chakor gets shocked. Kavya cries and goes.

Preeti says this accident is done by my brother, this house is a jail, we all are prisoners, you told about being bandhua, we all are also Ranvijay’s bandhua. They cry. Chakor looks on shocked. She recalls Ranvijay’s words. She goes to meet him and asks him did he get Eklavya killed. He says I lost my dad and know sorrow, which Preeti is suffering from, I m a policeman and tolerate the sorrow, I regret for Eklavya’s death, I don’t know how to face Preeti, she had to become bride, how will I see tears in her eyes, I will explain Preeti and try to share her sorrow. She says I was also thinking how can a brother snatch a sister’s happiness, sometimes you say things in anger, so I also had a doubt on you, so I came to ask, but Eklavya’s case is a road accident. He says this accident area is not in my reach, police will find out. She asks him to come home early and manage Preeti. She leaves.

Its night, Chakor sees Suraj’s pic and talks to him about Ranvijay. She says he can’t do this, my heart says this. Suraj says Pakhi, I have to meet Chakor, I got some numbers and address. She asks him to ask Imli. He says no, she would have told me, I feel Chakor and Imli are planning against me, then I feel Chakor can’t do this, she is stuck somewhere. She asks him to go and meet Chakor.

Chakor imagines Suraj. He says its not necessary true that what you think is right, like you think about me, I m your husband and love you a lot. She asks do you mean I was wrong. He holds her and says yes, you have changed me into a better Suraj. She says no, you would have not tried to kill me. He asks her to keep hand on heart and ask is this true. Suraj says there is one way to meet Chakor. Pakhi asks what. Suraj says if I go to this address and meet Chakor, maybe that inspector is also there, so I was thinking to find out what’s connection between Chakor and Imli, I m thinking to follow Imli. Pakhi likes the idea and says you will meet Chakor soon. Chakor sees Suraj’s pic. She hears Preeti shouting. Preeti says I will go away from this jail. Chakor stops him and says I will find out who killed Eklavya, Ranvijay can’t do this.

Preeti says Ranvijay did this, I will not stay in a murderer’s house. Ranvijay asks Chakor to come and have food. They get shocked seeing him sitting cool and drinking. Preeti shouts you killed my Eklavya. Ranvijay asks her to go to her room. Preeti says you will kill me like you killed Eklavya and Kavya’s husband, you are a murderer. Her mum stops her. Ranvijay gets angry and shoots on Preeti’s leg. Chakor and everyone get shocked. He says its not a deep wound. Chakor cries and asks him not to be so cruel, take her to hospital. He says we can’t take her out, else everyone will know I shot her. Preeti gets dizzy. Ranvijay asks Kavya to do aid. Chakor holds his collar and asks him how can he do this, did he get mad, its not an ordinary wound, atleast call a doctor home. He gets angry.

He says I told you before, stay as a guest, don’t interfere in my house matters. He holds her hands tightly. She looks at him. He goes and asks his mum to take Preeti to room, and let him enjoy the sweets. Kavya and her mum take Preeti to room. Chakor looks on shocked.

Chakor scolds Suraj for trying to kill her. Suraj says you should be ashamed to marry someone else. She asks who told you. He says Imli…..They clear the matter and hug. Mahiya…..plays…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The episode was quite long sukor meet tommrow so soon well not so soon? meaning how the story has progressed in 3 days ranvi is a very psycho path ik he killed kavya husband too what i wanna know is how imli and ranvi are together ehat connection they have as they are planning to meet sukor im still curious about chakor bump pic is it still a dream…last yr this time it was sukor vs kn as kamal wanted to kill suraj now its sukor vs imli nd now i feel the promo will be the precap all weekci think sukor will meet friday as many spoliers nd olvs show more before sukor finally meet

  2. Loved suraj and Pakhi conversation and atleast Suraj will not trust imli now,omg Ranvijay is a villain what type of brother he is to ruin his own sister’s life.the precap was great sukor will meet and see each other after long but I hope cvs will not create any other drama…. eagerly waiting for the next episodes

  3. Mind boglinnggggg osummmm precapppp love it

  4. Sukorian

    is the precap real i thought 6to9 oct

    1. I think it’s an early precap, it’s still going to happen 6-9 october, when the event is important, they air the precap earlier to raise interest.

  5. Finally Sukor reunion… Very happy ? with the precap..

  6. Omg… RV is too much… he can do anything like KN.. will not spare anyone. But still I feel KN is better because he has a family.. but for sukor all are enemies. No matter if the villains are cruel and stone hearted, just wanted sukor together always. It seems the precap is not dream… good that suraj got some senses and stopped drinking.

  7. Thanks for the update!
    Ranvijay is very cruel. He refused to help the constable and shot his sister without flinching. Finally Chakor realized his truth.
    Loved Suraj drunken act, he knows Imli is lying to him. The precap won’t be shown tomorrow because as per the promo, Sukor will reunite on Friday and Monday.

  8. https://youtu.be/Tb1Wtf37PWg
    Tommorw and Tuesday epsiode imli i hatw her kaustri mentions chakor and she gets angry and scolds her saying she is only daughter…their was a scene cut out by cvs the one suraj does the purification but also wen imli was holding the pics of ranvi who i knew was a weirdo pyscho it will be good to see kavya preeti and chakor fighting this control freak i wonder how ranvi and imli are together which vidhi said will get revealed i think by this week…i think the precap will be the same all week as this was the promo released like last yr i think sukor will meet on friday the night of karva chaut cuz chakor escapes ranvi house with help of kavya to meet imli but suraj follows imli that’s how i think sukor will meet as sukor will bump into one another…cant wait to see that part

  9. 6-9 is Friday till monday i think this precap will air all week as it was shown as a promo cuz sukor will meet i think on the last few minutes of fridays epsiode and on monday we will see sukor clear all the mu i think monday will be a sukor epsiode as the olv shows suraj only found chakor by following imli wen she will go go to meet chakor

  10. One thing is there RV wants to kill suraj and imli wants to kill chakor. I hope cvs won’t kill sukor.

  11. In one olv thesite said a leap will happen i fear cvs will kill sukor of and kn will raise the child but i think its a fake cuz they sed the leap would happen after chakor stays with rv who is total weirdo how is he linked with imli though imli double crosses kamalcuz she is working for rv kn is planning somthing against azaadganj?his phone convo with imli suraj acting with imli was amazing the way he got up after pretending to be drunk i feel rv has a bigger role and it won’t end even after sukor reunion rv plot will be somthing big as he killed both hia sister’s husbands and now is aftwr chakor husband…rv hates kn etc so he has enmity with rajvanshis what i dont get is how imli wanna kill her sister for nothing well only thing is jealously and she claims she love vivaan…it will be double the fun for sukor n vivaan to puinsh this imlidevi hate her since rv is the enemy will kn help but all this is his fault if he never stabbed chakor then niether would she land in banaras and neither would she meet rv who is now after kn only 2 ppl to blame this imli n kn but imli pisses me of morw that kn

  12. https://youtu.be/wQ5WsHuUBG4
    New olv of charva chaut rv tries finding chakor as she escapes and imli says she twists suraj head and now he will feel guilty doubting her but sukor will unite whilst imli will miss breaking her fake fast suraj is in banaras sukor will meet finally but the mu better be solved so this promo will be the precap all week

  13. The precap is a dream of imli cuz in olv imli says she dreams of sukor reunion that’s why in precap suraj takes imli name this will make her feel gulit and she will up her game to separate sukor… on chruva chuat chakor fasts and calls imli to meet her but rv has stopped every car going out of banras to see if chakor is in one of them as chakor wanna escape bk to azaadganj suraj reaches banaras imli fools him and he feels guilty for doubting her imli car breaks down she fails to meet chakor and tp return to azaadganj to open her fast sukor will meet i think they will clear thier mu but rv and imli r both in banras and both aftet sukor i feel after reunion somthing big will happen

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