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The Episode starts with the jailer welcoming JJ. Chakor smiles seeing him. Kusum thinks how did Chakor get so happy. Sunny, Soham and Tamasha become JJ’s assistants. Chakor signs them. JJ asks anyone to help. Chakor says I will help and Kusum does not agree. Chakor says I will go alone and Kusum has to go being dragged by her.

Sunny tells Chakor that Kasturi is in very bad state, she left food and water. Bhaiya ji comes to shoot Nayantara and Dadi pleads him to leave her. He shoots. Baa dreams this and cries. She tells Girja that we have to save Nayantara, if Bhaiya ji sees her, he will kill her. She runs. Chakor talks to Sunny. Kusum tries to hear them. Sunny says she will take Chakor from there. Bhagya goes to meet Kasturi and asks her to have food. Vivaan says Chakor will keep her promise and

come soon, have the food. Imli says if Kasturi does not eat, I will go with Amma to Mumbai.

Vivaan says Amma won’t go anywhere, she belongs here. Dadi says she has to go Mumbai. Bhagya says we have come to say the truth about Amma. Dadi stops her. Kasturi asks Bhagya to say. Bhagya says Amma is my Bua, she is my dad’s sister. Amma ji hears this and is shocked. Everyone look on shocked and Dadi tries to end this topic. She asks Bhagya to go back. Vivaan says we will not go before telling this to Amma. Baa comes running there and says we have send Amma ji back to Mumbai. Dadi greets Baa. Amma looks at Baa and recalls her childhood. She cries.

JJ shows his magic tricks and everyone clap. Tamasha tells about JJ’s magic to disappear a kid. The jailer asks JJ to make any kid from them, and not disappear his assistant. JJ agrees and asks anyone to come. Kusum asks him to make her disappear. Chakor worries. Kasturi says Amma is our guest. Baa says she did good work to bring them here, now she has to go back Mumbai. Imli tells Vivaan that he is right, Baa won’t go this if Amma is her daughter, see how my mum is dying for Chakor. Amma asks Baa why did she come running without wearing slippers to say I should go back to Mumbai, what did I do.

Chakor asks shall I disappear. Kusum says yes, she is shorter in height. Kusum argues. JJ says he will disappear both of them. Chakor winks. JJ asks Chakor to come. The jailer says wait, how do you know her name is Chakor. JJ gets tensed. JJ says he is magician and knows everything. Bhaiya ji meets jailer and jailer tells about Chakor dragging his name in organ stealing racket. Bhaiya ji bribes him to keep Chakor in jail forever. JJ asks Soham to bring the big box for magic. The jailer gets glad seeing the money and says this is bigger than I heard about you.

Kusum and Chakor are out of jail. Kusum runs away. Chakor says its bad if I run away, I have to stop Kusum, as she did crime.

Update Credit to: Amena

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