Udaan 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram reaches Dharampura

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The Episode starts with inspector getting news of Vikram, Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey’s death in fire incident. Tejaswini says its a good news, they have ruined Anjor’s lives, its good they died. Chakor says no, they are alive, they have faked death to get saved, I will return them the same pain, I will ruin them, they filled poison in Anjor’s veins, I will fill poison in their lives, they will be alive till I get revenge on them.

Chakor says I swear on Anjor, till I take revenge on them, I will not sit quiet, I will give them a similar life, until then I won’t let them die. Suraj says we will not spare those devils. Suraj joins hands with her and says I will not stop you, I also want to take revenge on them. Tejaswini looks on. Suraj also swears to ruin those evil people’s lives. Udaan

hai….plays…Tejaswini says so much happened, you didn’t leave your adamancy, you always do what you want, I stopped you for family’s betterment, I always asked you to bend down in front of evil, but I will not ask you now, I will ask you to follow your heart and fight evil, I m with you, whatever happened with Anjor, just you can take revenge, now Suraj is also with you, you two can win over the entire world.

Doctor comes and says Anjor’s state is same, you shift her to home, she will be fine here. Chakor says thanks a lot, I also wanted this. Its morning, Vikram, Rajeshwari are on the way to village. Bacha Pandey drives the car. Vikram says people are here to welcome us. The people welcome Vikram. Vikram says I just want your love. The people sit down and greet Vikram. Rajeshwari smiles seeing Vikram getting so much respect. Doctor checks Anjor. Suraj asks the guards to always protect Anjor. Vikram gets good service. He acts noble and talks to villagers. He gains their sympathy.

He tells about Chakor and Suraj. The people promise to support Vikram and his family. The man says we will not let any city people come inside this village, the wild animals will kill the city people, no one can come here, its our Dharm to protect Vikram, your enemies have to kill us before reaching you. Vikram thanks the village head. Inspector says we can’t know where are they, how long will we search for them this way. Abha says maybe I can help you. She recalls Vikram. She says I went on long drive with Vikram once. She tells them about the village. She names the villages. Inspector says I haven’t hear this name. He checks the maps. Chakor says we will hunt down the devils.

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  1. A far better episode today, the drama quotient was high and the first scene could’ve been longer but it was still engaging.
    Seems Chakor will go on her own, hope we still somehow get Sukor scenes and Suraj isn’t sidelined.

  2. I liked some small details today: Sukor tightly holding hands in Anjor’s room, RD crying and hiding her face in her saree.
    I think the slower pace helped today and the scenes were better than yesterday.

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