Udaan 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj tries to expose Ranvijay

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The Episode starts with Radheshyam and his wife coming with Suraj. Chakor hugs them happily. Ranvijay says I don’t like this music, stop it. Suraj says happiness increased on sharing, you also dance with us. He sings and gets in. He asks them to dance. Suraj dances on Bareilly wale jhumka….. He signs Chakor. Suraj dances with Chakor. Suraj makes everyone dance. He taunts Ranvijay. He says I have a relation with Chakor, we are college mates. Ranvijay asks how, did you come Aazaadgunj, or did she come Punjab. Suraj says we were in Delhi college, she became marathon runner. He jokes and says be careful, she will make you run all life. Ranvijay says I think I have seen you somewhere. Suraj says you may have seen me in newspapers, I m bit famous. Ranvijay asks what’s your name. Suraj says Surjeet Singh.


says fine, I will invite you in marriage. Suraj says I will come on own. Ranvijay asks Chakor to come for engagement. She says no, my parents won’t come as they love Suraj, but I want to inform Imli, can I call her. Bhaiya ji breaks Ranjana and his photo frame. He says I told you Ranjana won’t agree, we will kill her, there is no option, she is shameless woman. Imli says no, I can’t do this, she is Vivaan’s mum, what will be difference between me and her. He says who is telling you, did I ask you to kill Ranjana, you are hesitant, you won’t do anything, I will kill her, she has killed my brother. Imli says I don’t find this right. He says be quiet, I will be glad killing her, Ranjana is gone now, her life phase ends. He goes.

Ranvijay asks Chakor not to take much time. He says I don’t want Suraj to come here, just call Imli, I will know if you call anytime. Suraj says he doesn’t know I m staying here, don’t worry, you call Imli and tell her we are coming Aazaadgunj soon.

Chakor calls Imli. She tells Imli that she has a good news, Suraj is with her, she is coming back, Suraj and she have done all the planning. She says we are going to get free soon, tell mum and dad that we are coming back home, I can’t talk much now. She ends call. Imli gets shocked and cries.

Pandit asks them to get rings. Ranvijay disconnects Imli’s call. Chakor asks why is Suraj taking much time, how can I wear this ring. Suraj connects his phone to the tv. Ranvijay asks his mum to give the ring. His mum says I didn’t keep, I gave it to Preeti. Preeti says I gave it to Kavya. Kavya asks when, I don’t have it. Chauhan jokes and laughs. Chakor says you have hidden the ring. Preeti says no, we didn’t hide. Ranvijay says if you think engagement won’t happen by hiding ring, this won’t happen. Suraj says don’t worry, I have the rings, have it. Ranvijay smiles. Chauhan says you saved the engagement. Suraj says I can’t see anyone’s sorrow. Ranvijay asks Chakor to give her hand. Chakor sees Suraj and cries.

Ranvijay disconnects Imli’s call. Chakor signs to Suraj. Suraj says wait, I can see something wrong here, there are many people from groom’s side and not from bride’s side, we all know about the groom, not about bride, we will show some info about her on tv. Ranvijay says we will see later. Suraj says it won’t be fun, we will see her pictures. Chauhan says let him show, we should know her values. Suraj signs the men to play tv. Chakor smiles. Ranvijay gets Imli’s call. He says wait, I have to attend this call. Suraj says fine, answer it. Ranvijay asks Imli what is it. She says Chakor called me and said Suraj is with her, they will come Aazaadgunj in two days. Ranvijay gets shocked and says I will know what to do, he will not go safe. She says Chakor shouldn’t know I have told this to you. Suraj switches on tv.

Remote doesn’t work. Suraj tries much. Ranvijay says I got news Suraj is here, he won’t go back on his feet. He says there is a bad news, engagement will happen after some days, pandit ji said mahurat has passed, you all will be invited again, have food before going. Guests go. Suraj says what happened, does he doubt I m here, he failed my plan, but I will not lose. He hugs Chakor. He goes. Chauhan says its fine, pandit has said so, I wanted to see your bride’s video, which Surjeet wanted to show, anyways we will see later. He goes. Ranvijay gets a gun. He points at them and says Suraj is here, who will say where is he hiding. Radheshyam says all the hardwork got waste, its good you have the proof. Suraj says we have to show it to commissioner.

Radheshyam says he just left. Suraj says we shall hurry. Chakor says whoever informed you that Suraj is here, its wrong news, he is not here, we didn’t hide him. Ranvijay laughs and says tell me where is he, he will die by my hands. She says he is not here. He says fine, I will find my way. He catches Chakor and shouts Suraj, come out. Suraj asks Radheshyam does he know commissioner’s house address. Radheshyam says yes, its not right to go now, you can go there in morning. Ranvijay says no, it will get too late, Chakor and those women’s lives are in danger, tell me the address. Ranvijay says maybe he will come out hearing your shout. He shoots Chakor. They all get shocked. Chakor holds her bleeding arm and falls down.

Chakor says Suraj has taken the video to commissioner’s house. Suraj reaches the commissioner’s house. Constable hits him. Chakor says you can get hanged by that evidence.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The first half of the episode was great but the precap was shocking. Loved Suraj’s sardar act and Sukor support for each other before he left. I hope they don’t drag this track and they end it next week. CVs made a blooper, it’s clearly shown that Imli’s number is saved on RV’s phone but Chakor didn’t notice when she called her. I don’t understand why Imli doesn’t want Ranjana to die, yesterday she wanted her dead. I prefer if Ranjana runs away and not be killed.

  2. Todays epi was very fast paced. Alot of things in one go. Hope Chakor doesn’t die or get seriously injured. Surjeet Singh looked ? Precap is scary. Will Suraj reach on time? Will the evidence get to the comissioner? I want that psycho to get punished along with that witch. Why would Sukor tell Imli everything? They know she was the reason of their misunderstanding between each other. Hope Ranjana survives from KN’s attack.

  3. Aleya.marzan

    to much fast paced epi . i know there will be many drama with that evidence . like its no more blah blah blah n last ranvijay will get exposed . imli kn will get scared of getting exposed n old t\drama
    i really hope to get wrong this time then i’ll be happy
    just wanna watch SUKOR SUKOR N SUKOR’S CHILD

    1. hey @aleya when will uu come ek dewaana tha ?many of us(vitharvians) meet there.please come back..

  4. Latest news spoiler from BTDD, lots of drama action wl b there but finally Sukor wl win over rv. Rvs mother change the name plate of his name also from their home n keep her name. In iv chakor said this time suraj not only used his power but also his brain (suraj said he learnt this all from chakor?) to defeat rv n finally they win n go to azaadgunj happily.

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