Udaan 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Manohar getting shocked seeing Chakor. Chunni runs. Manohar says Chakor. The people run after Chunni calling her thief. Manohar follows Chunni. Chunni says this bag is so heavy and that man is after me. She runs and thinks where to go. She hides. He says was that Chakor’s ghost, no, and shakes his face. He says I don’t believe ghosts, I did not see ghost. I m not mad like Bhaiya ji, this is bad dream. I will forget it. Chunni throws the bag to him. Manohar says this is my bag, how did it fall here. He says it can be Chakor’s ghost, I have spend so many money on Bhaiya ji’s elections before, I won’t take it. A man tells Manohar to lift his bag. Manohar says yes, thanks.

He takes the bag and goes. Chunni says if he was here for some more time, I would have died and

became ghost. Manohar holds the bag away. The guard asks why did he hold bag away. Manohar asks can he see the bag. The hotel guard says yes. Manohar says slap my cheek, I have to check am I in sleep. The guard asks did he go mad. Manohar says I have gone mad, this was pending till now. He slaps the guard. The guard runs. Manohar says why did I slap him.

Bhaiya ji tells manager that he is not mad. The guard says Manohar has gone mad. Manohar says guard was not listening to me, I have some problem, I asked him to slap me, he did not slap me, ask him whats this. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar whats this madness. Manohar says you are mad, not me. The manager says you both look mad to me, take luggage and go, we have no rooms for you. Bhaiya ji says sorry and asks Manohar to apologize to manager.

Manohar apologizes and says we want room, forgive us, I will not beat anyone. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar what happened to him. Manohar says he has same problem like him, he will tell him. Chunnu beats her forehead and scolds the guys. She says Manohar has taken the bag from her. They regret to lose money. Chunni says she came to know where they stay, they still have 1 lakh earning chance.

Bhaiya ji asks Manohar why is he calling doctor, I m not mad, I thought you are Laxman, you are Raavan. Manohar says he is my brother, not sister. Bhaiya ji gets angry as doctor assumes Kamal is woman. Manohar goes. Bhaiya ji says I m seeing this day by acting mad. He sees his pic in newspaper. He says I realize I m getting mad. He sees prize money on him, as he is regarded missing. The police comes there and asks for mad man. Manohar talks to doctor on phone. The guard says this is that mad man.

Manohar scolds constable. They think Manohar is mad. Manohar says his elder brother is MP. They take him. Bhaiya ji asks where are they taking him, Manohar is his younger brother. The manager says I don’t know anything. Chunni looks at Bhaiya ji. She says she can help him. He gets shocked seeing her and thinks its Chakor’s ghost.

She says if he wants to meet his brother, then come. He goes with her. Manohar tells police he is not mad and is kept in lockup. Chunni brings Bhaiya ji there. Manohar gets shocked seeing her again. Chunni asks inspector to leave Manohar. The inspector says Bhaiya ji is mad. Bhaiya ji says I m not mad. The inspector asks for 1 lakh rs. Bhaiya ji gives the money and asks will anyone catch us now. Manohar asks them to sign on register and no one will catch them now. Bhaiya ji and Manohar sign.

The inspector asks them to leave. Its fake police, who duped Bhaiya ji and Manohar of Rs 1 lakhs by Chunni’s help. Baa tells Tejswini and Ranjana that she will not forgive them for misbehaving with Amma. She says she has decided to make a will, she wants to divide her property. She asks lawyer to read the will after Choka comes. Tejaswini asks why. Baa says I trust him more than you all, we need a witness. Chakor comes and asks why did Dadi call him. Baa asks him to sit with Amma. The laywer says Shakuntala Devi has divided her property in 4 shares, Tejaswini, Ranjana, Nayantara and Chakor. They all get shocked. Baa smiles and looks at Choka.

The inspector tells Bhaiya ji that Chunni fooled them, she is Chunni a thief, not Chakor’s ghost. Bhaiya ji and Manohar get shocked. Bhaiya ji asks Chunni to do his work, they will give her 5 lakhs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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