Udaan 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking inspector did doctor say truth that reports were fake, can we take Imli home. Inspector says doctor said he lied to save his life, you can’t take Imli, reports are true, we can take her from court. Suraj asks will you take her to court. She asks him to leave Imli. Suraj says let Imli be here tonight, we can’t take her to haveli, villagers won’t keep her, we will do arrangements first. She agrees.

She says Imli will stay here tonight, but where will we keep her tomorrow, we can’t leave her alone. Its morning, Bhaiya ji says I will not leave this hen. Bijli says he got mad, where is the hen, how to tell him there is no animal here. He says I can’t play this mad game. He says I won’t play with you, you don’t know anything, go. Chakor looks on. Bijli says

sorry. He scolds her. He says there is no one here to play with me, Imli understands me. He calls out Imli. Chakor says I got a way to get Imli out of jail. She says Imli is not in haveli. He asks where did she go, with whom will I play. She says I will tell you if you get her back. He says yes, I m Bholenath, I will get Imli, where is she. She smiles.

Imli says I m not lying, doctor is wrong, he made fake reports, I got angry and shot him, I have no enmity with him, else I would have shot his head. Inspector asks the matter, say truth, did you try to force doctor to put this illegitimate child on Vivaan’s name. She says I m not lying, its Vivaan’s child. Chakor gets Bhaiya ji there. He says I came to get Imli. He scolds police. Chakor says we came to save Imli, you did not tell them is Imli your bahu, who can dare to lock Imli. Imli cries. Bhaiya ji asks who locked Imli. Inspector scolds him. Bhaiya ji says he is saying he will lock me. Chakor says you are Bhole. Bhaiya ji says yes, I m Bholenath, see my trinetra, I will burn your police station. He slaps inspector. Inspector gets angry and asks them to lock him.

Bhaiya ji asks Imli to have patience, I have come here and will take you. Chakor thinks its time for next step in plan. Vivaan says I m worried if villagers refuse for making guns, what will we do. Ragini says they will always work for us, if anyone refuses to me, they will not stand on their feet. Ranjana comes and says Bhaiya ji is missing. Chakor comes and says he is in jail. They get shocked. Ranjana asks what is he doing there. Chakor says he came there to free Imli, he slapped inspector, he will have to stay there at night. Ragini says Vivaan, its bad news, how will we give injection, if any injection is missed, you know what will happen. Vivaan says he will come to senses. She says do something, else he will not leave us alive. Ranjana and Chakor look on.

Chakor asks what do you mean, who will not leave you alive. Ragini says Papa, if he gets fine and knows I did not free him from jail, he will not forgive me, we should free him, he will get unwell if he does not get medicines on time, tell villagers I will meet them later. She goes. Chakor hopes her plan works and Imli comes out of jail, where will I keep Imli, all doors got shut for her, I have to do something.

Ragini asks how can you put him in lockup, he is mad. Bhaiya ji scolds her. Ragini says if you don’t leave him, I will do your complaint. Inspector frees Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says I won’t go alone, I will take Imli along. Inspector says we can’t leave Imli. Imli asks Bhaiya ji not to do this. Bhaiya ji says I won’t go without Imli. Ragini thinks its time for his medicines. She says if you want to save job, then leave her. Inspector leaves Imli.

Bhaiya ji hugs Imli and says my friend has come, we will play game together, Bijli does not know any game. Imli cries and nods. Inspector asks Imli not to shoot anyone again. They leave. Bhaiya ji sings on the way. He says I will sit with Imli. Ragini asks him to sit quiet. She asks Imli to get down the car and scolds her. Bhaiya ji asks Imli not to get down. Ragini asks her to get out. She leaves. Imli says where shall I go, how to make Vivaan believe I m saying truth, I know I did not do any sin, its Vivaan’s child.

Chakor comes and says I was worried and finding you. Imli asks why, where will you take me, haveli or parents’ house. Chakor asks her to stop. Imli says I answered you, Vivaan is child’s father, let me go. Chakor asks her not to do this, why are you so annoyed. Imli recalls childhood moment. She comes back to Chakor. Chakor says I will take you away from Aazaadgunj, I will get you back once situation gets fine, I m not your enemy, I have to be quiet till this matter gets solved will you come with me. Imli holds her hand.

Vivaan says I thought of doing a new business. Chakor asks what is it. Ragini says I will say and points gun at Chakor. Suraj asks her to put gun down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    Boring… kuch bhi acha nahi tha.

    1. Yes i agree with you this is what im trying to say that this track is stale becoz its all about vivaan not so much about imli its all about ragini and vivaan making money and new bundua contracts i so cant wait till kamal gives them 2 the bundua muhaar


    Sooo vivan is this much mad that he lost control over what is right and wrong. He is helping ragini in her plans.. and ragini is tortouring bhaiya ji, by giving him medicines.. so it means when ever chokar will find it, bhaiya ji will turn good like suraj..
    I hope imli never forgive vivan for his deeds. And chakor and suraj have peaceful life.. and when will bandhua drama will end?? And ragini, ranjana and vivan will go to jail…

  3. Divyashankar

    Kk episode

  4. Today there is no sukor scenes? but today I liked kamalnarayan very much.. His acting is too great and it’s really fun to watch his madness.. I hate ragini.. And today I liked imli too finally she is ready to hear chakor..

  5. Sukorian

    the epi was so boring that I forgot KN he was the best n imis concern for him is real he will definitely be on her side after he recover n I’m sure Imli will be the one who finds it out.

  6. The episode was ok, no Sukor scenes but enjoyed KN a lot, he’s so funny. I’m not used to seeing a kind KN but it’s nice. I liked his bond with Imli and the look of gratitude on her face when he supported her was heart touching.

    I liked Chakor’s plan, I hope she starts doubting ravaan’s role in KN’s condition soon. I liked how Imli remembered how Chakor used to look after her when they were young, I hope that she stops hurting her with her words.

  7. Kamal was funny and i like how imli trusts chakor in spolier imli tells villageres to stop vivaan and ragini but they attack imli chakor comes and stops them and there was no sukor scene vivaan and ragini are boring kamal is the best villian he has the best lines that make me laugh all the time and i hope sukor come bk together cuz if they carry on with ragini and vivaan then il stop watching cuz they r soo boring

  8. Kn funny jail scene was the only good thing in today’s episode.. I love to watch kn acting.. imli looked relaxed when kn came to jail for her

  9. Sukorian

    its seems to be only suraj plan jow really knows?


  10. Shreya.

    Hii everyone…yaa ok ok episode…nd in dis episode hw suraj tells chakor tat v hv no option so v let imli stay in jail today nyt…loved it.. bt after tat they didn’t show my Suraj.. am really upset…thn I loved kn ji’s act…hw he support imli…when he try to hit his head on wall imli puts her hand to save kn ji…it’s bit emotional for me…bt it’s all happened just bcz of our chakor’s plan…nd I loved hw chakor told kn ji tat u r bholenath u can do anything etc etc…loved it…nd I loved finally imli hears chakor’s words nd she reminisces d childhood na…loved it…nd I really hate both vivaan nd ragini…tat stupid ragini hw she talks with imli…I wish if I get d chance thn definitely I will give a tight slap to tat stupid ragini.. go to hell both ragini nd vivaan…

    Guys…more show timings…in tdy’s episode chakor makes imli eats food after tat ravaan announce abt d gun factory…nd tmrws episode villagers won’t obey ravaan’s words….nd Fridays episode our sukor had a fight (argument) abt dis gun factory…

    1. Sukorian

      Ji shreya if they will fight on fri. for the gun factory i think Chakor pur jagat mata wants to save the villagers but Suraj wants to save Imli he might planned really on his own to bring inli back to haveli n Chakor will be shattered but will focus on saving the villagers. When KN cameback suraj supposed to work with him n Chakor kisi ki baat sunti nahi maybe it will take abit but he wilm make her understand that he isn’t the father n just to pretend to be.

      1. Shreya.

        Don’t know sukorian…bt am still thinking it was our sukor’s plan…bt if it is only suraj’s plan thn both will suffer…feeling bad

  11. Shreya.

    Aanya i saw ur cmnt in previous page…k dr ur wish nwonwards I won’t tell anything k…bt take care of urself…best of luck for ur exams…

  12. Full boring..plz stop imvaan drama..want sukor lovestory n thei romance

  13. ok ok epi…
    Aanya di ,i don’t know about any punjabi dish so i asked u to tell which u like. Aap mujhe batayenge is bareme.
    N it is real that hum apko kavi v nahi bhul payenge di.

  14. Thanks shreya and sukorian !

  15. Hola guys i’m naamkrn fan.sorry to intrupt you guys. please could you tell me about aanya punjabi.she is very big fan of this show. is she comer here or not please reply me guys if anyone know about her. Nowadays she is very upset,even she is not coming to college.i tried to contect her but she did not replied.

    1. Shreya.

      Hi Nidhi…I think u r aanya’s classmate ryt dr….nd yaa a few days back only aanya told us tat she won’t cmnt here…..ohh no way hpnd to her…don’t know ..y she behave lyk dis…am really worried…y she didn’t cm to college…plzz I hv one reqst from our side nidhi…plzz try to contact her…I know u tried…plzz contact aanya nd ask d reason dr plz..

  16. Shreya.

    Aanya wat happened my Dr…y u didn’t go to d college…I know something happened in ur personal lyf…bt u must move on from every situation especially bad situation..tats not easy…bt u shud do dis for ur future…hope u understand…am really worried for u dr..u must go to college dr…plzz dr

  17. Shreya.


    Suraj realize his love for chakor with d help of our cutie pie pakhi

    Hope u all lyk dis…nd I post these links to change ur mood all my loving frnds… bcz nwadays u all r not at all interested to watch udaan bcz of dis track…

  18. Haahaa …..kamal ji very funny.,…good idea chakor……how she said to him koun hai aap ? Bole bum bum bole ….very funny….missed suraj & sukor without them …..udaan is boring…..ravaan is too much selfish…….upcoming twist n turns makes me scaring n shockinig….

  19. New spolier wen the villagers attack imli chakor comes between and she gets injured the villagers ignore chakor and join vivaan but vivaan lied and is making new bundua contracts which states that all the villagers will be his bundua from now on chakor has done so much for the villagers and now they are ignoring her they are so dumb cant they see vivaan is with ragini and they knoe have evil ragini is but still they trust them to more than chakor guys i also want chakor to focus on her own life and forget vivaan and the baasti she tried hard convincing them but they both dont care and they dont listen and wen the truth comes out then they beg chakor to help but never listen to her in the 1st place

  20. Thanks shreya for the lovely videos, they bring a smile to my face.
    Thanks tippu for the spoilers, the villagers are greedy and whenever anyone makes a promise to them, they believe him and fight with chakor, they don’t deserve her help.

  21. Sruthisreeya

    Aanya what happened to u my dear? Why are you not going to college or commenting here.. Did everything is fine? Sorry for interrupting in your life.. But we can’t see our friend in a problem. Everything will become alright.. It’s your wish to commenting here or not.. But we can’t leave you my dear

  22. Thnku so much shreya for reply. And i am not her classmate actualy she is my younger nice best friend.i am coming from her home.she is realy very upset.and you are right its something persnol about her parents .but you don’t wori she is such a sweet girl and helper.vo na khud kbhi jyada time k liye upset rehti hai na kisi or ko kbhi upset hone deti hai.kisi ko prase krna to koi usse sikhe.i just want to tell her that only beause of her hmara play group first aaya.she is such a posstive girl. hmesha college mai hmara play dekhne aati hai.itni positivity hai usme saamne wala soch soch ke preshan ho jata hai.uske itne friend hai per kisi ko kuch pata nhi uske baare mai.vo to jb specil prize ke liye uska naam anounce hua tbhi se sb tension mai the kyounki kbhi nhi hua ke vo play dekhne na aai ho.sory to disturb you and thanks again.this my last year for my corse and i can forgett everything about college but not about her.such a unique girl.pura group and prof.s uske saath pic krvana chate the last day per but vo aai hi nhi aacha hua mai uske ghrr ho aai mujhe uske saath special pic mil gya.

  23. Hi everyone , see shreya I told u knw tht she’s upset fr something thts y she comment like tht. Otherwise she’s nt like tht. Aanya dr, leave it to time everything will be alright n sm things happen fr a reason in our life it my nt Wht we expect bt with the time u ll feel its gd tht hpn. Gd luk with ur exams n keep smiling.
    Shreya dr thnx a lot fr link which always brings a smile to our face. Thnx fr spoiler info

    1. Shreya.

      Ok my dr frnd Dil d…

  24. Sukorian

    hope everything goes fine for aanya.
    Were r all the others???

  25. Shreya.

    Ok nidhi thank u Soo much for d informations.. I hope she will b alright maybe it took sometimes…nd nidhi whatever u told abt our aanya is 100%true…such a positive nd unique, nyc, swt nd lovely girl ..we all love our aanya….bt nowadays she didn’t cmnt here bt soon she will definitely cmnt here..nd am waiting for that day…nd nidhi congrats for d first prize nd best of luck for ur xams nd for ur future lyf dr….after seeing ur cmnt am a little bit relief…once again thank u soo much dear….

    Aanya all ur prblms will solved soon k..I know after that u will definitely cmnt here nd am waiting for that day only…I will pray for u…nd I know that u r seeing all of our cmnts also…love u my dr..nd I miss u alllooot…

    Even I got d smile nemo tats y only I shared dis to u all…nd thanks for d spoiler information nd link sukorian nd tippu dears…nd sruthi u r ryt tat v can’t leave our frnd lyk dis…I agree with u..

  26. hi nidhi sis thanks for the information dr. We all r tensed about aanya di. She don’t go to clg also! I think smthng big hapend to her. Plz plz plz try to make her out from this depression sis ,it’s a honest request

  27. I hope things get better soon aanya, we’re all missing you here. Stay strong and don’t lose hope.
    Yes, it’s quiet around here today.

    1. Guys what happened whats wrong with aanya is she fine

    2. She has some personal problems and she stopped going to college, you’ll find more details in Nidhi’s posts.

  28. Sukorian

    Sorry but udaan failed again its like the tine of wedding switch all blamed Chakur n my interest was very less I honestly started watching udaan regularly after Vimlis confession bcz i always was for Sukor ???. Then Ranjana came with the divorce paper after imli lost the baby. KN Return was for me very gud bcz I watched Udaan it became so interesting n then the Bandua track I öoved it I found it bad he was hundry n thirsty but still great the bounding was great n the change in Suraj was amazing n Chakor fight n concern so honest m careing… I want more Sukor…????

    1. I agree vimli had their track of the child and love confession wen they got married the track was about vimli and the child but wen imli lost her child and kamal came bk it was all about sukor and i really enjoyed but now the track has dried out theres hardly any sukor scene there was one where suraj says we should think bout our future and the track will only getting interesting once kamal is back till then its gonna be like this so im just gonna watch the old episodes

  29. Aanya dear don’t be upset anymore. Cheere up..comment here and talk with ur best friend u feel better. U can also share ur problem with ur mother. keep smiling always. All the best.

  30. tippu and Shreya di thanks for ur best wishes.

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