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The Episode starts with Bhuvan taking care of Chakor. He asks her to drink juice and goes saying Kasturi is waiting at home. She keeps the juice glass and calls Vivaan. She can’t connect to him. She says where are you, you did not come to meet me, no one is telling me about you. Nurse says someone came to meet you. Chakor smiles and says Vivaan. Tina comes there.

Chakor gets shocked seeing her. Tina taunts Chakor and says I wish you get fine soon. Chakor asks why. Tina says whom will I fail in the marathon, its fun when competition is between equal people. Chakor says I will meet you tomorrow in camp. Tina says fine, we will meet in camp, all the best. Tina keeps flowers and goes.

Chakor packs her bag at home. Bhuvan says you just came from hospital. She says I m already late and calls Vivaan.

She says I m calling Vivaan, I m worried for him, even Ranjana does not know about him. Vivaan comes there and asks her not to worry for him. They smile. Bhuvan greets Vivaan and asks him to talk, he will go and find Kasturi, she has gone to get items for Chakor. He leaves. Chakor asks Vivaan where was he, why did he not come to see her. He says I was also in hospital. She asks what. He says I went to anti drugs care, I have left bad addiction of drugs. She gets shocked.

She says don’t joke with me, I m not well. He says I m saying truth, you can’t know this seeing me, its seven days, I did not touch drugs, when you were fighting with death, I was fighting with my addiction. She says seven days and checks calendar. She says its really seven days, last time you could not stay for six days too, it means you are free from drugs now, I m very happy, how did you do this alone. He says I had to do this, afterall my life was at stake. She asks what. He says my life, you…… They have an eyelock. He smiles seeing her.

He says your accident happened because of me, when doctor said you can survive or die, I have seen a lot in my life, I could not see you dying, so I have sworn infront of Lord, as you have devotion. FB shows Vivaan asking Bhuvan to take care of Chakor. He goes to temple and prays for Chakor. He does aarti and says first time, I m going to ask something, I don’t believe you, you can call me Nastik, but I m standing here as Chakor believes you and I believe you, save my Chakor, she does not care for her life, but everyone care for her life, as she does good to everyone, if she is fighting with life and death, its because of me, I want to ask a blessing, return my Chakor and I will leave that thing that no one could make me leave, my drug addiction. He cries and says I will never touch drugs in my life, just make Chakor fine, save her. FB ends.

Chakor gets shocked and says Vivaan, you did all this for me, where were you till now, no one knew about you. He says there is a hospital in Lucknow, I got treated there to leave drugs, it was very tough punishment. FB shows Vivaan getting restless without drugs and shouting. Doctor treats him. FB ends. Chakor says you did this alone without anyone’s help. He holds her hand and says I was not alone, your courage was with me, I did this just for you, but its less than what you did for me. She recalls promising Dadi and Arjun’s words. She takes her hand back. Vivaan looks at her.

Vivaan asks what happened, help me in making the dream world, which just I saw. She asks him to stop it. he asks why. She says this can’t happen, your world is different, mine is different, when I came back to Aazaadgunj, I have sworn that I will ruin your world, can you support me, if you are ready, then I m ready. He asks her to stop it, do you think I m a dog to obey the owner. She cries.

He says I love you Chakor, it does not mean you make me stand against my family, you will ask me to leave my family. She says no, you are misunderstanding me, I don’t want to get against your family, even I m not against them, my fight is with the thought, who make poor people bandhua. He says you said right, our worlds are different, even our ways, from now on, our ways get apart, I will be thankful for what you did for me. He leaves. She asks him to stop and sees her bandhua stamp on her wrist. She cries and says the dreams Vivaan is showing you is not for your eyes, my dreams are different of freedom, respect and rights, I can’t forget this, my motive is Aazaadgunj’s freedom, I don’t have time for love. Udaan hai……plays……..

Vivaan asks Bhaiya ji can I work for you, like Suraj works for you. Chakor runs bare foot. Tina asks will she work barefoot in finals too. She calls her dad to take help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. chakor is in confusion…what to chosse vivan or his udan…but what nonesense why vivan is not understanding chakor…but plzz chakor should win national marathon

  2. Very nice episode….

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