Udaan 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sooraj and Chakor go for Pooja together

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Sooraj comes to Imli and says there is a procession planned in a nearby village by Chakor. It may be harmful for her; and offers his service in stopping it. Imli allows Sooraj about it. Ranvijay overhears this and thinks it was a good excuse.
There, Chakor’s parents and friends come to speak to her. They tell her about an event in Sunerganj on Holi. They all wish that Chakor participates in the Pooja for her good luck. They apologize for being able to go with her. Chakor thinks about her talk with Sooraj, and asks them who told them all. Everyone take the name of someone else. Her mother advices Chakor to be cautious especially of Sooraj. Chakor was happy that it was Sooraj’s planning. Sooraj comes there to her and complains that she will have to lie to everyone for him. Sooraj says people do a lot

for love. He asks her to smile. Chakor insists that she can’t go to Sunerganj with him. Sooraj asks if she doesn’t want his companionship. He decides that they will go to Sunerganj tomorrow. Ranvijay arrives right there. Sooraj tells Chakor to stay a little away from him, Ranvijay doesn’t like them together. Ranvijay laughs at him for being more cunning than himself. He deters to one day teach him a lesson and leaves. Chakor was worried, but Sooraj was determined to do the Pooja tomorrow.
At home, Kasturi shows her husband the gifts that Sooraj bought Chakor last year. Now, Chakor has lost the hope that Sooraj would ever remember anything. They remember the jacket Chakor wanted to gift Sooraj. She was saddened that Chakor is living a life of a widow even being married. They pray for Chakor.
Ranvijay was furious over Sooraj’s plan and makes his men search Sooraj’s house for some proof. The men can’t find anything. Ranvijay sends them to find a proof against Sooraj.
Imli was in her room getting massage. She gets a call for an interview on television and promises to be there. She thinks about Ranvijay’s blame over Sooraj for recalling his memory. She was haunted and asks Garja what if Ranvijay is right. Garja says it must have spread across the village otherwise. Imli says Chakor is really cunning.
The next morning Imli comes to meet Kasturi, as she is also her daughter. Kasturi tells Imli that she has a single daughter, Chakor; the other one has died. Imli invites Kasturi for the Pooja. Kasturi asks Imli about her purpose. Imli asks about Chakor’s whereabouts. Kasturi says she has gone for some job related to elections. Imli inquires if Sooraj is accompanying her? Kasturi was furious and shouts at Imli to stand up and never take Sooraj’s name in front of her or Chakor. He destroyed Chakor’s life, and its because of him that she is living as a widow. He is Imli’s tamed, and Chakor has accepted with much difficulty that Sooraj is no more in her life. Imli tells her to calm down and presents her a glass of water. Kasturi wasn’t ready. Later, Bapu asks Kasturi why she didn’t Imli about Chakor’s whereabouts. Kasturi says if Imli had known about it, she could have done anything.
Sooraj and Chakor arrive at the Pooja. Ranvijay comes following them.

PRECAP: The couples from Udaan, Dil se Dil tak and Tu Aashqui do the Holi Pooja together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode, liked Suraj’s plan to convince Chakor to go with him, her scene with the villagers was nice especially how she was remembering Suraj’s words an d pretending to get convinced by the villagers.
    Love Suraj-RV scenes and how Suraj always mocks him.
    BhuKa scene was emotional, they are sad to see Chakor suffering. Loved how Kasturi gave it back to Imli
    Excited for Holi week.

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