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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji telling Ranjana that he is expecting good news from govt officials now, as nothing against him is proved. She wishes him all the best. He goes out and stops seeing Chakor, Aditya and media. He asks what are you all doing here. Chakor asks reporters to take Bhaiya ji’s pic. Bhaiya ji asks why pic. Chakor says when I told them that you are digging 10 wells for village, they got very happy. Bhaiya ji gets shocked. Reporters praise Bhaiya ji and ask him is he digging wells by govt funds. Bhaiya ji says no, I will do this from my side. Chakor says for me, no race ends till I reach finish line, and here till people get water, everything is in air. She smiles.

Kasturi talks to village ladies and is very happy. She plays with water and tells Bhuvan what Chakor did, she

is getting wells in the village so that every villagers gets water. She smiles. Suraj dips Imli’s head in water and scolds her for cheating him for Chakor’s sake. Imli says I really did not know this, I did not lie to you. Chagan looks on. Suraj says if Bhaiya ji signed me, I would have killed Chakor. He leaves angrily. Imli says I did not cheat you. She gets fizzy and faints. Chagan rushes and holds her. He asks her to open eyes and takes her. He pumps out water from her stomach. Imli opens eyes and sees Chagan. She asks what are you doing here, go, if Suraj sees you here, he will ask me to make you sink. Chagan says I want you to be fine always and goes.

Chakor tells Aditya that I was shocked when Imli kept gun on my head, I felt that I have taken steps towards my destination, something good happened. Aditya says it happened because of you, Bhaiya ji has promised to make wells in village, its because you did not drop out after losing. She recalls Ishwar and says I felt like Ishwar is talking to me. He says even I feel Papa is around me, he is seeing us and increasing our courage, I have to fulfill promise to him. She says I have to think about my plan. He goes.

Vivaan breaks some sticks. Chakor passes by haveli and stops seeing Vivaan. She asks him why is he breaking sticks. He says my mum wants for some work. She says I will help. He asks her to go and get well digging done. She says you knew it, few things did not change in you. Tejaswini comes there. Chakor greets her. Tejaswini says Vivaan…. He says Maa you came back, see I broke sticks for havan. Chakor says Maa… Tejaswini asks did Chakor help. He says yes. Tejaswini says then I can’t use this sticks and throws. He asks what happened. She says I hate this girl’s face, this is enough for you to know. Vivaan scolds Chakor and asks her to be away from her, as he dislikes whom his Maa dislikes. He asks her to get lost. Tejaswini takes him.

Bhaiya ji is angry that Chakor is making him dig wells for villagers, when he made them bandhua for water. He asks Ranjana to look at his pale face. She smiles and asks him to see this event right way. She asks him to take it positive, as this will make his image good, its his decision to give water to villagers or not. He claps and laughs, praising Ranjana’s smartness. He thanks her for the explanation.

Chakor runs with her hurt foot. Chakor thinks the signs are made for well, but digging work did not start yet. Suraj comes there and steps on the foot bandage. He scolds her for acting smart, and she argues with him. She says she has gone very ahead now, and there is nothing that she would turn back and see. She leaves. Suraj smiles seeing her. Chakor says I have to find why this work did not start. Chakor stops seeing some people there. She sees Bhaiya ji with media. Bhaiya ji digs on marked land. Suraj comes and stands with Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says I will start digging the well with my labor friends. He looks at Chakor…. Chakor gets shocked.

Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that well and water will always be here, just think who won. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to get some letter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    but Charaj scene was superb. but i want Chavan scenes tooo
    I don’t know guys when will Vivan starts to love chakor

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  5. Mrng adit have a nyc day……ya we want chavan

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