Udaan 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tejaswini doubting on Ishwar. Bhaiya ji says he looks sad, lets see and calls him. Chakor meets her family. She says she feels she knows him. Tejaswini says he looks so scary. Bhaiya ji says its fine, he is mute, he will not tell anything. Ishwar sits in his feet. Bhaiya ji says I knew you don’t have money, come to haveli today evening, we will help you. Chakor talks to Dadi. Dadi says she is like Devi for them. Chakor says I just acted to come here, Bhagya is also not a Devi. Imli says I knew this. Bhuvan says so I was laughing. Imli asks why is she not making Bhagya run. Chakor says we are trying, we will think of something.

Bhavani thinks she is getting much chadava and is giving half to the taxi driver, she has to get the wall build. She asks Bhaiya ji to get it repaired,

as anyone can make Devi run again. Bhaiya ji says how will I get labor. She says she has an idea. Chakor says she will go with Bhaiya ji. Arjun and Abha stay there to help Kangan, and talk. Abha says she is scared of Ishwar, his men are in plain clothes here. Arjun says we have to be here. A man hears them.

Bhavani says she was some labor to repair the wall, and Devi will bless such people. Arjun signs Abha. Abha winks to Chakor. Chakor signs Vivaan and Ragini. The kids agree to repair the wall. Arjun and Abha also agree. Chakor tells Imli that they will free Bhagya by this excuse. Chakor tells Bhagya that today will be last day of this jail. Arjun also assures her the same. Bhagya gets glad. Chakor meets Imli and hugs her. They all have a talk. Aditya and Vivaan say why they failed to free Bhagya before. Arjun says we should get some idea and start digging soon.

Abha says Arjun and I will dig it, and they all can get together to measure. Arjun asks Ragini to act like they are making the wall. They all start working. Bhavani counts money. A man comes and says the wall is still broken, he is devotee. The man says kids are fooling her and they are digging. He says he wants to make the mall and he got the chadava. Bhavani says fine. The milk falls and she says she will clean it before anyone comes. Bhagya runs out. Bhavani goes to get water.

They all dig the pit. Bhavani stops everyone and asks whats happening here. Aditya says its one week work and her money will be spent. Arjun says we are doing this to save money, they will give the money to Bhagya as chadava. Aditya says maybe 10000rs will be saved. Bhavani gets glad. Chakor says we will tell Bhaiya ji that she stopped them. Bhavani says wait, no need to tell him, saving money is imp, you all can work here.

Chakor says she will not forget to give her chadava and Bhavani leaves. The men think Chakor can fail Ishwar’s plan, but he regards this girl as his daughter. The man says we will hide Chakor, so that his plan does not fail. Abha says they can get Bhagya out in afternoon. Chakor says this will take time. Imli sees Bhagya and says devi Maa. Bhagya smiles seeing them. Aditya says how did she come out.

Abha asks Arjun to take Bhagya and run. Bhagya holds his hand. Chakor hides Bhagya. Vivaan says why is she taking Bhagya back to temple.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode,arjun you look so handsome

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