Udaan 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor joins Abhay

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The Episode starts with Chakor leaving Suraj’s hand. Suraj recalls her words. She goes. Abhay asks are you ready for briefing. Suraj says yes. Abhay says have a look at this girl, she is Colonel’s daughter Naina, he is going to do something big on Aug 15, we can easily stop Colonel by using this girl, just win her heart and act to love her. Naina is seen. She writes poetry. She sees a butterfly and tries to catch. Suraj says you want to make Colonel’s weakness our strength. Abhay says yes, but you have to be careful, you shouldn’t get caught. Suraj says I m an ordinary citizen, you made me an agent, you didn’t give me any training, I will try that Colonel doesn’t catch me. Abhay says you have to succeed. He asks Suraj to obey the agent and everything will get easy for him. Suraj takes gun from the

man and aims at him.

Abhay asks what are you doing. Suraj gives gun and says sorry, I was just seeing, if he will be able to save me on time, I don’t think he can guide me, I will manage on own, if you want someone to guide me, give me someone who understands me. Abhay asks who can it be. Suraj says my wife Chakor, she has all the qualities, she is smart and brave, if she is with me, this mission will be successful, she went inside the godown and came out alive. The man says his wife was foolish to do that, we would have got exposed because of her. Suraj says she is Chakor, if she got caught, she would have died but not let anything to happen to mission, if you want to make me part of this, you have to get Chakor with me. Abhay asks do you want to pressurize us. Suraj says no, I just want to succeed, do you want a bigger reason for getting Chakor.

Chakor asks what, I m chosen for guiding Suraj. The man says Suraj convinced Abhay, I told him that this is a tough thing, you both decide. She says its not good. Suraj says when Abhay agreed, why are you arguing. The man says you compelled Abhay, anyways Chakor come to control room soon. He goes. Chakor says you should have not done this. Suraj dances with Chakor and says I will not do wrong, if I do anything wrong, I know you will make it fine, we are like two wheels of a vehicle, I took the right decision of my life. Mahiya…..plays……. They smile.

Imli shouts in her room. Vivaan thinks whom is she talking to. He goes to see and gets a knife. He comes in and doesn’t see anyone. Imli says kill that man, he was questioning me. He says calm down, have medicine and get fine, stay in some corner. She catches him and says I will kill you. He asks her to leave him. The man says Chakor didn’t come till now, did we go any mistake by choosing her. Suraj and Chakor come. Chakor says sorry, I got late, I was taking an oath. He tells her about Naina. She asks what else can you tell me. The man says we are sharing whatever info we have. She says sorry, I think this mission can’t succeed. Abhay asks what are you saying. She says we have to know every single detail about her, everything. Abhay says she is saying truth, we have to know all details. She says I will help you. Abhay asks him to get their camera, she may need it. Chakor sees Naina and says you are really very beautiful….

Suraj sees Chakor’s pics. He says Saanvi, your mummy is really beautiful, she is stubborn, she wants me to fake love with some girl, I m scared for your future, Colonel is very dangerous, he can do anything, don’t tell your mum that I m scared. He sleeps. Chakor comes to room and sees them sleeping. She says your dad would have told you everything, I m also scared for you and family. She rests to sleep. Its morning, Vivaan stops Chakor. She asks how did you wake up so early. He says situation isn’t fine even here. He shows the marks on his neck. She asks what’s this, who did this. He says Imli tried to kill me, he is fooling us, she just wants to fulfill her motive, she is acting mad to kill all of us. She gets shocked.

Chakor hugs Suraj. They romance. Naina visits the temple. Naina asks Chakor for kumkum. Chakor gives her kumkum. They do the puja together. Chakor sees Naina.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I felt the episode was disjointed, I’m disappointed they removed the scene where Chakor brought the clothes for Suraj for the mission, I’d rather they removed the dance, it was bland and lacked passion and did I mention that I don’t like the happy version of Mahiya, it’s too loud.
    I liked Suraj’s words to Chakor, Sukor talk with Saanvi were great.

  2. I wonder what they plan to do with Imli, so far it seemed Imli was really mad but now Vivaan is saying she isn’t . I think she’s mad, her behavior didn’t change when she caught Vivaan.

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