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The Episode starts with Kasturi asking Chakor what is she doing. She combs her hair and says she packed her tiffin. Imli makes Chakor have food. Bhuvan asks them to hurry up, its admission day and Arjun is waiting. Kasturi forgets Kada. Bhuvan says your mum does not remember anything on time. Kasturi asks what did he say. He says nothing. She gives kada for Kangan. Chakor asks for Dadi and calls her fast. Dadi comes and says she has got holy thread for her, and no ghost will come near her. Imli says if ghosts catch her, then what will happen. Bhuvan says let her go first. Chakor hugs her family and leaves. They cry. The sports training centre is shown, where the girls are spoilt and fight with each other. The coach lady comes and asks whats all this.

The girl tells her to check her ID. The lady asks

whats the problem. The girl says she is Geetha, not Geeta. The man says whats the big issue. The other girl says its about respect of name. They say they will not practice till the name gets corrected. Geetha says she is gold medalist and asks Sir to do correction. They laugh. The man says he will make the corrections and asks coach Laxmi to deal with them. He leaves. Laxmi sees the spoilt girls and asks what do they think, they won gold medal from small places, so they became athlete, many girls come here, they will know when they meet the young girl, who is half their age, they will be shocked by her record. They ask who is she.

Chakor prays to Bapu and takes blessings. Baa smiles and says she has freed herself and also the villagers. Chakor says you taught me all this. Baa says when she freed the hen, she understood that she will take a big flight. She blesses her. Chakor hugs her and Baa asks her to win and come. Chakor leaves and goes to Arjun’s home. She gives kada for Kangan’s fever. Arjun says he will call doctor, he will not give this kada. Ishwar says Arjun can’t go with Chakor, he will take her to Lucknow and asks him to stay with Kangan.

Kangan says no, I m fine. Abha says Ishwar is right, he has other work also, it will be good if he goes. Arjun says I don’t know, fine if Ishwar says, and Chakor be careful and come back after doing the work for what you are going. Chakor says yes. Kangan says best of luck and hugs Chakor. Chakor hugs Abha, Bhagya and others. Aditya asks her to call them. Bhagya says she loves Chakor a lot. Chakor says even I love you a lot. She wave bye to them and leaves with Ishwar. He ties the seat belt to her.

He says the one who has to move ahead, never turn back and see, they just look ahead to their destination, where their dreams are waiting, if she wants to make them happy, think about training and victory in race. She says yes, but I will miss you all. Aditya and Vivaan are in backseat and says they are here to surprise her and leave her till Lucknow. Chakor says she liked the surprise. Ishwar says lets go to Lucknow and drives. The goon tells Babu that they left. Babu asks him to follow them and know where they are going. The goon follows them. Chakor sees a little cow tied and asks Ishwar to stop and the man hits his bike to the car by sudden brake. Ishwar apologizes to the man. The goon says I m fine and leaves. Ishwar sees Chakor with the cow. She frees the cow and sends it to its mum. She claps. Ishwar, Aditya and Vivaan smile seeing her good deed.

The girls wakes up in morning and have a talk. Ishwar talks to Chakor and asks do you know why is little cow baby kept away from the mum. Chakor says as it drinks the whole milk. He asks why did she free it then. She says she does not like tied beings. He says good, I m also trying to do the same. He gets her to training centre and does her admission. She says they are strict to make the students discipline and no rule should be broken, and welcomes

Chakor. Chakor thanks her. Ishwar asks her not to get tensed and go. Chakor hugs Ishwar and thanks him. He gets teary eyed and asks her to work hard, and move ahead whatever happens, she has to make her name shine in every race, think when she comes back after winning race, the villagers will be proud of her, people see dreams by their eyes, but I have seen dreams by your eyes, don’t let them break, be happy and smile, everything will happen on its own. She hugs and kisses him. he smiles seeing Chakor.

Chakor talks to the girls and asks whats this painting, my friend Vivaan makes good painting. The girls ask her to throw this painting and Chakor throws it. Geetha looks on and gets angry.

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