Udaan 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj saying I will have food for your sake, so that I can fight with Bhaiya ji and protect you. Chakor smiles. FB shows Chakor saying I have to show my life is in danger, then Suraj will agree to me. She cuts her finger and applies blood on her face. FB ends. Suraj says I will have food to get back my physical strength. Bhaiya ji asks what did I hear. Chakor goes. Bhaiya ji says its good. Chakor looks on from far. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to keep his head on his feet. Chakor feels sorry to do this, and thinks I had no way to save your life, I knew you would not fall in Bhaiya ji’s feet in front of me, even I can’t see that, so I left you alone. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to come. Chakor thinks I m feeling bad to force Suraj to sacrifice his self esteem.

Vivaan says so this money

is for taking respect back from Pooja, what do you want in return. Ragini says see Imli, he is so smart, he has do same work, he has to work for me and Papa again, just say yes and I promise I will not hurt you and Imli. Vivaan takes the money bag. Imli asks what are you doing. Ragini says you took right decision. He handsover the bag to Ragini and says you took wrong decision, I will never work for you and your father, get out from here. Ragini asks are you mad, does anyone refuse to money, did you think the result, when you get child, when Imli does not have money to get milk, when you stay in jail, what will you go. Imli asks Ragini to stop it and get lost, Vivaan will not go jail, my child will not be raised on your favors.

Ragini says fine, one day you will ask me for work, Vivaan will beg to me, remember. He says its not possible in this birth. Ragini says we will see and goes. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to fall in his feet. Suraj recalls Chakor’s words. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj is he doing it or not. Suraj bends down. Chakor thinks this is not our failure Suraj. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to put head on his shoe. Suraj feels hurt and does so. Chakor cries. Bhaiya ji laughs.

Chakor says I will take revenge from Bhaiya ji for this, Bhaiya ji has challenged me to win. Suraj says give me food. Bhaiya ji says my soul got peace hearing this. He asks his man to record this and make video viral, everyone should see how a proudish son begged for food. He asks Suraj to whom is he asking. Suraj says Kamal Narayan. Bhaiya ji kicks him and says bandhua does not call owner by name, call me Malik. Suraj says Malik give me food. Chakor cries seeing this.

Bhaiya ji asks him to say again. Suraj says again. Bhaiya ji says Suraj accepted he is my bandhua, I will give what he wants, this is my promise. He sends his men. Ragini comes with goons. They keep the plates down. Chakor thinks Suraj should get some food. Suraj removes the cloth and sees empty plates. Bhaiya ji and Ragini laugh. Chakor and Suraj get shocked.

Suraj says cheater, I did what you told, give me food. Chakor comes and scolds Bhaiya ji, saying Suraj is hungry since 10 days, give him food, fulfill the promise. Bhaiya ji says people will decide to give food to Suraj or not. Suraj says as if you will listen to villagers and give me food. Bhaiya ji says I will see tomorrow morning. Chakor asks how will he stay hungry all night. He says he will not die in one day. He asks Ragini to come. They leave. Chakor cries and holds Suraj. He says I have stomach ache, get some food for me. She cries.

Chakor pacifies him. Suraj says I did what Bhaiya ji said, I bent down in front of him, I kept my head on his feet, he cheated me. She asks him to sleep and divert mind. He says I will die if I sleep. I did everything and did not get food. He screams in pain. Chakor cries and hugs him. They cry.

Bhaiya ji says the rule is bandhua will get food when Suraj repairs well, you all decide to help him or leave him hungry. Chakor says I m sure he will succeed, as I m with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Janani9789

    so sad episode!!!!thank god i didn’t watch today epi!!….i can’t able to tolerate this and fact that suraj fall on kn feet!!!and reading updates itself making me sad….one side kn and one ragini!!!when this torture will end???..
    only good thing is sukor hug in today epi!!!
    want suraj and chakor to take revenge on kn!!!! and also ragini for everything they did to them!!!tic for tac!!!without forgiveness..
    when we get good episodes….
    i only going to watch when this torture will end…
    can’t see chakor helplessness it a sad thing…she didn’t plan anything against kn and groups till now!!!!
    there is no new promo for udaan…till now ….want new intersting promo…pls team.udaan and end this torture!!!

  2. I literally cried seeing suraj in dis state. I hate u kn.. ????????

  3. ParulRajput

    I skip it .,but dnt get it why trp is not falling jab tak trp nai giregi tab tak torture chalega..hating udaan nowadays and i will not watch it tomo also..

  4. PlZ KUCH ACHA B DIKHA DO…. SUKORIANS K SABER KO ITNA MT AZMAO…. BAS AJKI EPI MAI IST ND LAST PART HI DAIKHNE K QABIL HAI ONLY SUKOR SCENES… BAKI EPISODE SKIP… Acha kl mai ne fb pages per sukor k ikk pic dakhi thi suaj ki rough shave nd hairstyle k sath ju ajkl hove hai.. Wo image kuch ache ki umeed de ra hai… I hope jld kuj acha hu jye… Hr koi extremely sukor love Story ka Wait kr ra hai
    …. Mre wish thi k sukor uss well ki bjaye kisi river ya kahi aur gir bahte pani mai gir jate… Jha ce wo ikk nayi jga jaga ja kr
    K. N K khilaaf plan krte aur sth sth inki love story b daikhne ko milty… Thodi leap mil jty.. Sukor b kuj storng hu jte..
    Muqabla kuj braber ka hu jta… Sukor nd K.N ka…. Hye sukor ki bechargi abb ni sahi ja ri….
    … ??????
    Isiliay ju dil mai tha wo likh diya…

  5. Mai tu ajkl written update parh k bas ache scenes daikh laity hu.. Pura, drama daikh k khud ko tkleef ni de jty… Mra start ce yehi formula hai.. Torture cell ko totally avoid… Ju drama b daikhu.
    ….. Isi formula ko apply krty hu… Ache scenes b miss ni hote aur Torture cell ko daikhne ce bach jate

  6. I hope valentins day k lite kung special ho

  7. This was such a hard episode to watch, oh such cruelty!!!
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a serial this cruel but I guess some times hard hitting storylines are needed to show that there are people living this life and that something needs to be done. Having said that with the state the world is now is it really necessary to have this level of torture and cruelty is a show, people watch shows for lightheartedness or a bit of drama but this is a bit too much I think.

  8. – hi everyone suraj posted a pic on instagram i think saying old times as suraj rajvanshi does this mean he is getting released this is so confusing does anyone know any spoilers about this track

  9. hi everyone suraj posted a pic on instagram i think saying old times as suraj rajvanshi does this mean he is getting released this is so confusing does anyone know any spoilers about this track

  10. So much sadness in this epi,i dont see this epi,just reading the update bcoz i cant see sukor helpness,its a big request to team udaan that plz end this track very soon so that we can the sukor lovestory…hey guys i am also watching udaan on rishtey,its interesting more than this epi…

  11. Epi.was painful bt i feel it a litle bit funy jst bcz of kn ji.suraj’s acting is toooo good n realy painful n kn ji’s acting is comic.jb suraj ko dekh k rone ka mn krta hai tb kn ji ka dialog hsa deta hai both r supb.thnku so much team udan.n last seen is fntastic.i feel very sad when suraj tch kn ji’s feet.realy tooooo good comic,painful n sukor lov epi.waiting for wt next.lov u team udan.

  12. One more thing gys ye ragini vivan se esa kya kam krvana chahti hain.monu m also wathing udan on rishtey bt kash yar yeh saturday sunday bhi chlta.

  13. vj’s acting was superb and the episode was so sad

  14. Urban is so nasty and disgusting stop either torture track or serial itself don’t show evil winning idiots

  15. Sorry Udaan

  16. Its ok sreenath it such lovly team. it always try to fulfil r wishes about udan bt in their way. have patience gys they’ll make sukor pair much intrsting very soon.

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