Udaan 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Ronnie thinking to tell Bhaiya ji about Chakor. The guard does not let him meet Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets a call and tells Ranjana that he will bring minister, don’t worry, I have to bring baraat as well. He laughs and goes. Khanna wishes good luck to Chakor. The bullet rani show starts. Arjun sees the news of bullet rani act, and the little girl who runs faster than bullet. He gets thinking and says she can’t be anyone else than her. He says she is Chakor. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………….plays………

Chakor runs and saves Om. Everyone clap. Udaan hai……………plays…………… Chakor looks around for her family. Arjun says that’s Chakor. He calls out Bhagya and says I m going to rainbow circus, I have to meet someone whom you also know, if everything

goes fine, I will get her with me. He leaves. Tejaswini says I got a pataka for Ranjana, which will make me celebrate my diwali. She finds the door locked and asks someone to open the door. Vivaan asks someone to open door, and says I m sure Bhaiya ji trapped my mum, else how can she forget my Papa so soon, I have to go out from here.

Om puts the ladder. Chakor says I have worn Rajasthani clothes, now I will go to haveli and see my sisters and Vivaan, its important, as Vivaan’s mother is getting married. Om says I m scared. She says don’t worry, you be here. He asks her to take care. She goes by the ladder.

Bhaiya ji comes in his car along with baraat. Girdharilal hugs him. Ranjana is brought to the mandap. Ranjana and Bhaiya ji smile seeing each other. Chakor checks haveli and thinks where are Imli and Chunni. Tejaswini asks someone to open the door. Chakor hears the sound and goes to check who is locked there. She opens the door and gets shocked seeing Tejaswii. She runs from there. Tejaswini turns and sees the door opened. She asks who is here. She thinks door opened on his own and rushes out. Chakor thinks who locked Tejaswini.

Girdhari lal asks the people to get varmala. Suraj says its time I give my gift to Papa. Chakor hears the kids crying and coughing. She thinks someone is locked here. Suraj comes in haveli. Chakor hears Billu’s voice and says Bhaiya ji caught them again. I have to break this lock. She starts hitting lock with stone, and stops hearing Suraj. She hides. Suraj asks all the kids to make a line and come out. Chakor thinks what happened to them, their state shows they are not given food and water, where did Imli and Chunni go, they are not here.

Vivaan sees some guards and lights crackers to divert them. He runs out. Tejaswini asks a man about the varmala, in which varmala is the bomb, send it at haveli’s backdoor. She asks her to hurry. Chakor hears her and thinks what is Tejaswini doing, I have come here to find Chunni and Imli. She goes out to see.

A man comes at haveli’s backdoor and hands over the varmala to Chakor. The varmala has the bomb. The man says hold it, I m getting late. He goes. She says but Kaka… and smiles seeing varmala. She thinks she got chance to go inside. Tejaswini asks the man in which varmala is the bomb. The man says one with more red roses. Chakor takes the varmala. The man says its sensitive, it will not hurt people standing around, it should not get a jerk. She says it will be huge shock and smiles.

Bhaiya ji and Ranjana come to dance with the dancers. Varmala is kept close. Chakor hides her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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