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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji swearing and telling Ishwar about his clean visit to village, as he did not come here to ask for votes or threaten them. Chakor asks him to ask all villagers. The villagers tell everything in Bhaiya ji’s favor. Ishwar is surprised. Bhaiya ji asks him to see, he did not scare anyone, those people who are outsiders do this. Ishwar tells Ranjana that there can’t be any case to break election rules, I m sorry. Bhaiya ji smiles. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays……………..Ishwar leaves. Bhaiya ji sees Ranjana. Imli asks her to stay here as well if she wants. Ranjana talks to Kishori and says she won’t let Bhaiya ji. She says I won’t let Bhaiya ji spend night in the village.

Tejaswini asks the servants where did Bhaiya ji go, how did he go without

telling her. Girja says Chakor is not here. Tejaswini says I m asking about Bhaiya ji, you are saying me about Chakor, it means they have gone together. Girla says yes, I feel Chakor took him to village. Manohar asks the servants to find Bhaiya ji and scolds Girja. He says Bhaiya ji can never go with Chakor. Ranjana comes and says he has gone to Bhuvan’s home. She says he will be spending night there and smiles. They are shocked.

The villagers talk to Bhaiya ji asking him about Ranjana, who gave them a lot of school stationery. He asks him who did this for poor people. Chakor brings a plastic and covers Bhaiya ji to protect him from snow. Kasturi makes tea and asks Chakor to give it to Bhaiya ji. Chakor stops and does not go inside her house. She asks Imli to get the tea out. Kasturi asks why can’t you come inside. Kasturi recalls how she has taken Chakor to haveli against her will. She cries and asks what happened, are you still annoyed with me. Chakor says I m still girvi, everything will be fine once we get educated and erase the sign, then I will come inside the house. Kasturi smiles and wipes her tears. Imli thinks she will earn money soon to free Chakor and they can stay together.

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Chakor asks Imli to get tea. Imli says fine, and take the tea. The villager woman say Chakor trusts you a lot, and we trust Chakor. Bhaiya ji thinks they trust Chakor. Tejaswini asks Ranjana what is this nonsense. Ranjana says he is having food in their home and resting on the bad bedcovers. Tejaswini says you are lying. Ranjana says its all night stay, you can go there and see. She says what Bhaiya ji’s ancestors did not do, he is doing it. She leaves. Baa says I wish his ancestors spent a night in village. Tejaswini says you feel one night stay can change his heart. Baa says no, I don’t trust him, I just trust Chakor, maybe she can change him. She leaves. Tejaswini says how can he do this, having food with them is bad.

Bhaiya ji calls Tejaswini and says we will free all bonded labor, I m ashamed thinking I have done so much bad with them, they are leading a simple life, I have seen it today, they should get all comforts, money and education, I have just promised I will send their kids to school, I will fulfill this promise, I did this to myself. Chakor hears this and smiles. He ends the call. Tejaswini is shocked. Bhaiya ji turns and sees Chakor. He asks what happened. She says she heard everything, and promises him that he will win the elections whatever happens. He smiles. Bhuvan gives him food and says we don’t have much things to give you. Bhaiya ji sits to have food. Its just roti, raw onion and salt. Chakor claps and everyone is surprised. Kasturi asks Chakor to have food. Chakor says no, I will have it in haveli, I have to go back, take care of him. Bhaiya ji asks why is she going haveli, this is her home, why can’t she stay. Chakor says no, I can’t break your rules, my place is in your stable. She waves bye to her family and asks them to smile. They all smile. She leaves.

Chakor comes haveli and Tejaswini scolds her. Ranjana passes some taunts. She thinks to have an idea to make Tejaswini unwell, and Bhaiya ji will come running, then he will break his promise and lose elections.

Tejaswini gets unwell. The doctor asks Ranjana to get ECG machine. Ranjana says what, she got heart attack. Manohar comes to Bhaiya ji and tells about Tejaswini’s heart attack. He is shocked.

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