Udaan 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor worrying for Suraj. She prays that Imli reaches Suraj and saves him, but if Bhaiya ji’s men stop her then. Bhaiya ji’s goons stop Imli. She thinks how to go now, Chakor and Suraj need me. Suraj asks Yadav what are you doing, did you go mad. Yadav shoots at his hand and makes gun fall. He shoots again. Suraj runs and hides.

Bhaiya ji, Ranjana and Ragini are in haveli. He thinks I don’t trust Ragini, I will go and see if Suraj is alive or not, if he dies, my plan will be ruined. He says I m going factory to see Suraj. Ragini thinks to stop him. She says I messaged jailer, if you go there, Suraj will know jailer works for us. He says I m just going to see Suraj, I don’t care for jailer. She wishes Yadav killed Suraj.

Yadav asks Suraj to come out, as there

is no way to get saved now. Suraj says I m not your enemy, I want to save you, your enemies are Bhaiya ji and Ragini. Yadav aims gun at him and says now these talks will not matter, I have to do this. Bhaiya ji asks the man to drive fast. He thinks I can’t let Suraj die, else my game will be ruined.

Suraj fools Yadav and fights with him. Yadav shoots him. Suraj gets shot in his leg and tries to run. He falls down. Bhaiya ji asks driver to hurry up. Vivaan comes on time and stops Yadav from killing Suraj. He fights with Yadav. Suraj crawls. Yadav tries to suffocate Vivaan. Suraj hits Yadav to stop him. Vivaan gets free and beats Yadav up. Yadav faints. Vivaan asks Suraj are you fine, is there any other goon. Suraj says he is not goon, he is jailer Yadav, I saved him and he wanted to kill me, how did you come here. Vivaan says Chakor called me and said Ragini wants to kill you, she is stuck at Yadav’s house, I could not talk to Imli, what to do of this man. Suraj says we will tie him, we will make him conscious and ask why did he try to kill me. Chakor thinks to call Vivaan and ask him about Suraj. Her phone battery gets dead.

Chakor tries landline and its also dead. She sees the goons outside and says they are Ragini’s men, they will show me way to leave. She gets glasses from kitchen. She breaks the glasses. The men hear sound and open the door to stop her. Chakor hides and runs out. She locks the men. Suraj ties Yadav. Vivaan says Yadav has phone. Suraj says it means he lied. They wake up Yadav by throwing water on him. Yadav cries and says leave me.

Suraj says now you are crying, you were shooting me, why did you do this. Yadav says I did this on Ragini’s saying, she said she will kill my son, now she will not leave my son, Bhaiya ji is devil who came in my life, Ragini has forced me to do this, if you were in my place, what would you do. Vivaan says Ragini could kill Suraj, why did she ask you. Yadav says so that I get the blame. He tells them Ragini’s plan.

Suraj says so you did this on Ragini’s saying, fool did you not understand after you killed me, will she leave you alive. Ragini calls Yadav. Suraj says give call to me, I will say its not easy to kill me. Vivaan says no, she will kill Yadav’s family. Suraj says she will doubt if Yadav did not answer, if Chakor was here, she would have suggested something, she is very clever. Chakor runs on the road and prays for Suraj. She falls over a man’s cycle passing by. Her mangalsutra gets stuck. She frees it and thinks of her words to Suraj. Chakor talks to the moon and says I won’t let anything happen to Suraj.

She runs and comes infront of Bhaiya ji. He asks how did she come here. She throws stone at him and runs. He asks his driver to catch her. Driver says she has run way. Chakor reaches the factory. She calls out Suraj. She gets shocked seeing the blood. She shouts Suraj. Vivaan asks Suraj to be careful and takes him to Chakor. Suraj says I m here. She sees him injured and runs to hug him.

Chakor asks Suraj to stand quiet. Yadav says Suraj died, return my family now. Ragini smiles. Bhaiya ji sees Suraj on the floor and puts flowers on him. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sia

    Wow awesome episode and Vivaan in action 😂😂😂 but will they hug 😝????…eagerly waiting for Monday
    After 2 boring episodes we got to see some sukor finally today…..loved when chakor holding mangalsutra and praying for Suraj 😍 😍 and talking to chanduji and I feel Ragini has no chance to be paired with Aditya as her redemption is impossible now

  2. janu

    wow what a episode!!!!its totally unexpected!!! chakor worries for suraj!!!same as suraj their expersion worth watchable!!!chakor always ahead of kn!!!how she fooled him!!they thinking about each other safety before theirs!!! expersion when chakor called suraj name!!! and he wanted to go to her!!and chakor..that hug unbelievable…chakor ran to him and hugged him..their first hug…waited for long time…their love story will unique!!! totally its amazing episode!!!waiting for monday…

  3. Lalli

    Wow sukor I’m just loved it the way chakor is worried for Suraj it was awesome 😊 so cute they are and hope to bring chakor and Suraj together soon todays episode was fab
    Thank u team udaan

  4. Angel

    Omg what a mindblowing epi 😄and finallyyy sukor first hug 😍 and chakor was soo tensed for suraj😘 and suraj too he was thinking of chakor 😇and also said that she is very intelligent and misses her😉 and vivaan expression when chakor hug suraj😝 he too was shocked .,cnt wait for next week full of sukor scenes😆

    • Mona146


      |Registered Member

      I agree that vivaan was supporting suraj to stand but otherwise I wanted him to go from there leaving some privacy for sukor. Even I felt whatever you said.

  5. AmMz

    I like today episode soooooo much ……lam very happy to see chakor love toward suraj ….. I like the hug on today episode

  6. sonu

    I was keeping my fingers crossed…hoping for chakor to run to suraj and hug him…when she did…i was dancing on my toes 😛 today’s sukor was THE BEST <3 <3

  7. Tarn 💜

    Today’s episode was probably my favourite episode till date. Let’s start off with the part where Suraj was missing Chakor and actually complimented her. He would probably deny it to her face, but hey baby steps 😁😁. We also got to see how much Chakor cares for him repeatedly throughout the episode. My favourite part was when she glanced down at her Manglsutra and was talking to the moon. It goes to show how deeply she does care for him 🤗😍. Actually I lied, my favourite part, much like everyone else, was their hug. Seriously though, words can not describe how much I love them. Their romance is so perfect and cute and perfect and unique and perfect, and different, oh and did i mention perfect? They argue so much, but at the end of the day they would do anything for one another 😘😙😚. It’s like that quote: There are three guys in a girl’s life, the one she hates, the one she loves, and the one she can’t live without. At the end of the day they all end up being the same guy. I personally think this quote captures their romance perfectly ❤💜💝.

  8. sia

    Guys I got a doubt,Suraj who is son of kn and only a literate of ajaagunj after kn(so far I know) is using a dabba phone 📱(observe when yadav asked him phone yesterday) and our imli who was a bandua is using smartphone 😂 😂😂.cvs be logical

  9. ankur

    No sia i think normally he uses an iPhone but the phn he used in yesterday s epi was to be destroyed by the jailor .That’s why the have shown the phn.

  10. Tejaswiteju


    |Registered Member

    In spoilers it’s said that for Suraj, Chakor is special bcz as kn is his real father also he is trying to kill Suraj.but Chakor is protecting Suraj .and also said that Suraj is going to propose Chakor.lets see is it ckt or wrong.i think sia yadav beaks the phone know,that’s y they kept old phone.if it is smart or Apple means they really won’t work know. Before that Suraj uses Apple mobile know.

  11. sia

    Ya tarn the quote suits them perfectly…hmm”she will love him,hate him,but can’t ignore him”

    Even me too😝….Suraj /VJ❤

  12. Team Udaan

    How Was This Epirode? Hope You Enjoyed It. Dear Angel And All Sukor Fans You Guys Want Sukor Hug So We Made Them. Hope You Liked Their 1st Hug. Soon We Will Make Sooraj To Propose Chakor! Thank You For Watching Udaan.
    -Team Udaan

  13. Neema

    Vivaannnnn… Supbbb!!!…😎😎😎😎😎thank uuu..sooo muchhhh….🙏🙏🙏😗😙😘😍☺️😊 u r a real life saverrrrr!!!…👍🏻👌🏻 nddd…. Chakorrr!!!..cammonnnn!!!….ths is the bst tim🕰 2 xprssss ur luvvvvv..!!!!!…..💘💞💕💓sooo…juzzz run faster!!!…..2 huggg…. himmmmm!!!….my…dearrrr!!!…😘😘😘

  14. Angel

    Thanku soo much Team Udaan realy u made all sukorians sat and sun more exciting thankuuuuuu eagerly waiting for next week team udaan i also want to see couple dance between sukor i think all sukorians want it pls make it to

  15. nisha

    Awesome episode. chakor reaction when she looks Suraj in injured condition and hug is awesome. Definitely chakor has love to him. Unexpected moments also. Love you sukor.

  16. Team Udaan

    Dear Angel And Sukor Eans. We Will Soon Make Sukor Couple Dance But For It We Have To Make Situation Which Make Them Dance. So Soon You Guys Will See Sukor Dance Till Keep Watching Udaan.
    -Team Udaan

  17. Angel

    Guys meera aka chakor insta story in which suraj was climbing on the stairs of bus(which were on the back of bus to keep people laugage on top of the bus) and trying to stop the bus and someone is calling him mad and said that if u want to die go somewhere else and suddenly bus stops and he ran soo may be chakor was in that bus and thats why he was trying to stop that bus or may be he wants to go to delhi so he wants to catch it and suraj is wearing that same clothes which he has wore when he confront kn about chakor in that small video

  18. Neema

    Hey…guyzzz chakor hugged surajjj!!!ohhhh nooo…actually I missd yes epi nd in wrtten updat she runs to hug him…. so I thought da hug is nt happnd….heyyy…gyzz so da truth is she huggd himmm…nd I missd that sceneee….. ryttt….ohhhh nooo….. I want to see the huggggg….cant wait 4 mondayyy…. guyzz can any 1 plzzz give da linkkk…really guyzzz I don’t want to miss thir 1st huggg….ohhhh… whn I read team udaan’s commnt also I don’t undrstnd da truth that she huggddd…ahhh really!!! its very shocking!!!! Angellll….siaaaa….wr r u my sweety cuty chubby babiesss…👶👶👶👶👶mom is waiting 4 da linkkk…..hmmmm……hmmm…😭😭😭😭😭

    • varshu

      hey neema..just go to udaan instagram site u can watch clips of only sukor scenes.sukor hug is in 2 clips.

  19. Neetu

    I reallyreally dunno how many times I watched that hugging scene in voot 🙂
    Why can’t they show udaan on weekends also instead of other crap soaps

  20. Angel

    Thanku team udaan ur every comment give me soo much happiness waiting for there dance
    Neema if u r on instagram can see there first hug there on sukorfc and u can also watch it on yodesi.com where full udaan epi was telecast sorry dear but still there hug is not on youtube

  21. Angel

    Varshu i have followed meera deosthale aka chakor on instagram where she post her instastory and from there i got this and if u dnt believe u can see that in upcoming epi😃

  22. Neema

    Thank… uuu… soooo… much varshu nd Angel 4 ur kindful infoo…I vll search nw hooooo… really I can’t wait….gyzzz..

  23. Angel

    Riya and nithya i think chakor was in that bus thats why suraj climb on that bus so that bus driver stop the bus

  24. Neema

    Ooopsss…baddd luck gyzzz…oooooo..nooo…I want 2 wait till mondyyy..ohhhh really itz a big ooopssssss…bt Im happy with new promo wr chakor cares 4 suraj’s wound…itzzz juzzz wowww….hey guyzzz did anyone see tattt???

  25. Angel

    Riya the link u have given is for the image but i have seen a video dear in which vj said that he was trying to stop the bus bcoz of her dharampatni😍😘, so i think this is the reason as he wants to stop chakor 😇who was sitting in that bus and someone was also calling suraj mad 😝and said to him that he wants to die go somewhere else but he didnt stop so bus stoped and he ran towards bus happly 😄and his expressions were like as he has seen chakor in that video 😍
    Realy want to share the link but it doesnt give option😥😥

  26. Angel

    Riya still cant able to get link its not possible instagram didnt give rights to download or any links of instastorys

  27. warisha

    I don’t understand why chakor don’t talk or go to arjun sir nd bhagya didi who keep her 10 years to them nd make her establish.. nd also adi nd his mom ava is invisible in udaan…I want them back in this serial thn their will be a drama when adi will love chakor nd ava wants to make chakor her son adi’s wife. thn we sukor fans can see a jealous suraj who can’t tolerate his chakor with adi…nd will show his ri8 on his wife nd accept her as his wife nd we want many situation where sukor don’t want to come close but they will be…. situation will bring them closer… as lyk they don’t want to dance together but they have to do… coz situation will force them to do nd our sukor will do nd slowly they will realize their love for each other nd our sukor will be together

    • Kalika

      That’s just dumb… and very typical. We enjoy Udaan because it is different from all these soapies with love triangles and jealous lover BS. Go watch Swaragini if you want to see lovers in constant strife

  28. Angel

    I tooo want that warisha i want adi to come back in the show and also want to see suraj jealous from adi friendship with chakor but as team udaan said suraj is going to propse chakor so as for now i dnt think he will be back soon
    Neema u want to see sukor first hug here its dear its a sukor vm go watch it

  29. Neema

    Finally…😊😊😊I watchd da wholeeepiii in voot..guyzzz….hooo…tat hugging sceneee!!!…sukoryyyyy…. luvvvv uuu..my kiddies!!!…😙😘I think suraj vll huggg…hr backkk!!!…..😍😍😍nd Angel I’m confused dear…😦in that chakor is in pink Churidhar nd suraj is in white shirttt…itz promo ryttt???…😟😦😦😦

  30. Arrasukman

    I really love sukor. I’m from Indonesia so I don’t understand hindi, but this update always help me to watch on time, I cant wait So long for English subtitle in udaan YouTube. And also the recent episode will uoloade one day after its show.

    But, I follow udaan only because of sukor scene. I love their love story and the development of their feeling. I want to see their moment when they get jealous for each other, miss each other, feel sad when there is no sukor beside them. Please more hug scene and let them kiss by force like in front of yogesh Bay, but this time let it happens.

    Thank you so much udan team. Wish you all the best.

  31. dil dhanushi

    This epi was fab, recently i start watching this bcz f sukor. I like their uniqueness
    which is nt like others. Specially the wy story ws biuld up. Thnx a lot team udaan for fullfilling wishes of
    fan cz i guess u ppl r the nly team which wnt dissapoint fans.

  32. Neema

    Angel thank uuu… sooo… much… 4 the link… dearrr…bt I already watchd it in voottt…hw cn i miss tat hug scene!!…. itzzz…sooo…. awsmmm…nooo!!!….

  33. Angel

    Kalika u r right i too want adi to return but as u said udaan is very diff show and its writers also gives us shocking and unpredictable twists so why should we want our udaan to copy others shows plot if this will happen than there is no diff between others saas bahu shows and udaan😃😃

  34. Angel

    Neema Its doesnt matter from where u have watched sukor hug if something matter is that a true sukorian who loves sukor has finally watched his fav sukor first hug😄

  35. Nitjya

    Angel my dr……😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘 I hve seen tat the u told in udaan instagram Dr…. U r right

  36. Angel

    Guys new spoiler in delhi chakor and suraj will stay in hotel but tgere is only single room is available soo both agreed and share same room but whats new in that in haveli also they share same room but may be this time they have to share same bed may be there is no couch in hotel room or may be no option left for them .,realy excited to watch what happens when they reach delhi .,i hope chakor’s other girls partner or other girls competitors will go crazy for suraj and tease chakor by his smartness and good looks and chakor will be possesive for him

  37. tia

    Hi nithya angel all udaan family members how r u all?iam commenting on this page after a long time.hey nithya how was your exams?.is it go well?

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