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The Episode starts with Chakor getting shocked talking to Soham. Amma asks why did she get sad. Chakor says she has to go and runs. Vivaan stops Chakor. Chakor asks will he always be her friend. He says yes. Chakor runs. Amma says don’t know why she did not get happy by good news. He asks what. Imli and Kasturi talk to Chunni, and say they felt Chakor changed. Dadi looks on. Kasturi says when I saw you sleeping by my lullaby, I was sure you are my Chakor. Chunni asks Imli what she used to do every morning. Imli and Kasturi remind her what Chakor used to do.

Chunni thinks she can’t become Chakor, and they will find out. Kasturi asks her to make tea. Dadi says let her go, Bhaiya ji will get angry. Chunni says yes, and runs from there. Kasturi says what happened to her. Chakor is going village

to alert Chunni, while Chunni is going haveli.

CBI comes to find Chakor. Tejaswini informs Bhaiya ji. He asks how did CBI know she is alive. She asks what shall we do, you did not get property. He says let them take her, do as I say. Inspector says we came to arrest her, she has killed Vaibhavi. Chunni comes there. Tejaswini says you are finding Chakor, there she is. They see Chunni and see Chakor’s pic. Chunni thinks whether they came following her. The man says this girl is Chakor.

She thinks they are finding Chakor and says yes, I m Chakor. The man says madam, there can be bad consequences to hide her here. Tejaswini says we don’t know servants past. Chunni asks what past. Tejaswini says I want to talk to her for few mins. He allows her. Chakor meets Kasturi and gets to know Chunni is gone, it means police will catch her. Kasturi gets shocked.

Tejaswini tells Chunni that police will punish her like Chakor, Bhaiya ji will manage, don’t tell truth. Chunni says she will tell everyone that she is Chunni. Tejaswini scolds her. Chunni locks her inside the room and runs. Chakor comes there and stops Chunni. She says she has to talk to her, come with me. Lakhan, Kasturi and all villagers leave for haveli to take Chakor.

Kishori asks Kasturi not to worry. Dadi prays that Chunni should not be punished. Chunni asks Choka to tell fast, he will tell everyone that she is Chunni, Chakor’s twin sister. Chakor tells Chunni not to tell anyone, else Bhaiya ji will make her bandhua. She says Kasturi has kept Chakor bandhua. Chunni says its better than going jail. Chakor says no, your thinking, and soul will also get mortgaged, Bhaiya ji will make you do anything, that bandhua stamp cuts everyone’s feathers. Chunni asks how do you know all this. Chakor says I know as I m from Aazaadgunj.

She says everyone is bandhua here, I know as I also have the stamp. She shows the stamp on her hand. She says she knows all this as she is Chakor. Chunni gets shocked. Chakor shows her real look to her. Chakor says I m your sister. Chakor. Chunni holds her face and cries. Chakor says we both are same, just our names are different. Chunni recalls how Chakor saved her always. Chunni says great, you fooled everyone, even family did not doubt, everyone thinks Chakor is dead. Chakor says yes, but now they got their Chakor, you…..

Chunni says it is your profit, your family got united, I was hurt, when they call her Chakor, she gets angry, she does not like Chakor, I know you are my sister, I m getting angry on you, not love. Chakor asks her to show it when she comes back. Chunni asks what. Chakor says I will go with police, real Chakor. Chunni cries.

Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that Chakor locked her in room and run away. The officer asks inspector to find Chakor. Chakor comes and says I m here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Its a boring track.please end this and let chakor enjoy her life…we want her to participate in race…..we want old chakor back…..

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