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The Episode starts Imli aiming gun at Suraj and stopping him. Chakor takes Vivaan with her. Suraj scolds Imli. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words and tells Vivaan that Suraj will not leave Imli, I have to go and see. Tejaswini thinks to talk to Ranjana about Imli. Suraj reminds Imli that she is his servant and asks her to get lost. Imli shouts on him and says I thought you will change, I loved you and that’s why I sat in mandap, but not for my sake, I wanted this baby to get your name, I should have aborted this baby when you said. He shouts you should have aborted the baby, don’t say about love, you love me, I don’t love you.

She asks why did you marry Chakor, you don’t even love her. He asks her to stop nonsense and get out. She reminds she is bahu of haveli, her baby will be born in haveli

and will be called Rajvanshi, and he has no right on her and her baby now. She removes the toe rings and gives him. she says I ended our relation forever now. Chakor looks on and cries. Imli says I get angry on me, how did I love you, you don’t know meaning of love, you are my brother in law, don’t forget this.

Suraj shouts Imli, you are challenging me, I won’t leave you. He throws the vase. Chakor comes there. She says you won’t get this thing back, you deserve this. He raises hand on her. She holds his hand and says cowards raise hand on women, you act brave, you are not brave, else you would have accepted your sin and Imli, you don’t value Imli, you don’t know what you lost today, you can never get such an innocent girl, she loved you so much, you rejected her, I pity you.

He says I don’t want your pity and your sister, she is good with Vivaan, he will take care of her baby. She says you will repent later. He says I don’t care for her. She says when Bhaiya ji’s man was shooting Imli, why did you come in between and got shot, answer this one question, then I will never ask anything. She says you have no answer, Imli will never come back to you, she has gone away from you. Suraj leaves. Tejaswini comes and says its good, that problem left. Chakor says you will be upset to know Imli is still in this haveli, Suraj could not make her leave, Imli broke ties with Suraj, she is Vivaan’s wife now and no one can make her leave now. Tejaswini taunts on Imli.

She gives shagun to Chakor and asks her to take this, else Imli will be in jail. She says its Haryali Teej, Suhaagans keep fast and do puja. Chakor says I won’t keep fast and won’t do puja, I did not eat food till morning, I m going. Tejaswini blackmails her and asks her to do puja for Suraj’s long life. Chakor gets angry.

Imli cries and recalls Suraj and his words. She cries and gets angry on herself for loving Suraj. She rubs her wrist to get rid of Suraj’s name tattoo. Her hand bleeds but tattoo does not go. She cries. She thinks she loved a wrong person and today by Lord’s blessings, the cover on her eyes got away.

Suraj drinks and recalls Imli’s words. He thinks how Chakor exposed him and says I will not leave Chakor. Imli gets dressed for Teej. Vivaan comes there and says you are here, I was finding you, I was worried for you. She says I have scolded Suraj. He says you said right, I m father of your baby, his future is my responsibility now. Sshe smiles. He sees her wounded hand, and worries. He says you know why Haryali Teej is done. She says yes, its done for husband and I will do this puja for you. She cries and he wipes her tears.

Suraj says you did not do right with me Chakor, you did big mistake and will get punished tonight. Ranjana and all the ladies see Suraj taking Chakor. He lifts Chakor and takes her to room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. He will be soon and i think vivan will go negative for chakor

  3. Chakor khodko surajko chune bhi nahi degi.

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